Which Golf Hat Do You Wear?

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The Wonderful World of Golf Hats

A long, long time, I played golf but I did not quite like it. No, it was not the game that I disliked, but it was the weather. Apparently, I played in one of the most arid areas of the world, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. One should be able to comprehend how hot it can be, despite playing late in the evening or early mornings. Believe me, it can get quite, I mean very hot, during the summer season.

Although, people who liked golf, didn’t mind the sun, and they brought with them their carts, drinks and other gizmos to beat the heat and exposure. Let me clarify, there is nothing like a perfect warm day at the course, but the UV rays can do a lot of damage, due to prolonged exposure. This is here where golf caps play an important part.

It must be noted that Golf caps and hats are not a fashion statement alone. You must also realize you have to push your way through a grueling 18 holes, which is never easy on a warm hot summer day. It is also a protection for your face, eyes, and head from the harmful UV rays. Besides, when you putt or tee off, the caps shade also helps you focus on the course.

An important aspect when choosing a golf hat is to select one that actually fits your head. This is important, particularly when you are buying online, as you don’t have a chance to try on the hat, and there is a likelihood that you could end up buying the wrong size. Another important point to note is that you should avoid buying those hats that state “one-size-fits-most.” Chances are, you would be one that it does not fit.

It is easy to measure your head. Just take a piece of string, thread, or a tape measure if you have one, and run it around your head just above your ears and eyebrows. This will just about give you an accurate measurement that you can use while selecting a hat. Most online stores will have a hat-sizing chart on their online stores, which you can use to translate your measurement.

Most men have the habit of wearing their caps, baseball style when playing golf. Although this could work great for men, most women’s hair gets crushed by baseball hats. By the end of the game and when you take it off, your hair will be all spiky and filled with sweat.

Of course, every PGA golfer wears a hat, and they get paid big bucks to wear a sponsor’s hat. Either way, if you consider wearing a hat, it is likely you will begin to play like a pro, if you’re really lucky and magical.

Taylormade Tour Split Hat – $25

Image Source: taylormadegolf.com

The Tour Split Hat is one of TaylorMade’s well-liked hat models. It is hundred percent polyester and provides exceptional ventilation and is also extremely durable. It is flexible and comes with an adjustable back strap that will not only fit the owner, but also any of his friends, even those with big heads. It has a multi textured moisture a loose twist of soft cotton fabric that will not only prevent the user’s head from getting drenched in sweat, but will also keep the head cool. It also has an underbelly that prevents glare from the sun. The hat blocks close to 98 percent of UV radiation, and is considered one of the best hats for UV protection. The Tour Split Hat comes in different colors and users can buy a specific color to suit their style.   Also, do not forget to check out the TaylorMade Tour Cage Hat. This comes in more colors, but a lower UPF.  TaylorMade is also promoted by the popular tour players, such as Dustin Rose and Sergio Garcia.

Image Source: discountgolfworld.com

Titleist StaDry Waterproof Golf Hat – $28.99

If you are one of those golf fanatics, who will hit the course, come rain or shine, then you have to try out the StaDry Waterproof Hat from Titleist.Although Titleist is a brand popularly associated with golf balls, they are also known for their waterproof golf hats, umbrellas, and bags. They are of course made from waterproof material that help to keep your head dry on rainy days, apart from keeping it warm.

Titleist’s bucket hat, which uses a simple black design, is a new model that is getting great reviews on Amazon. It has a simple, clean design that matches almost any golf gear. Most of their buyers are extremely happy with the product and have returned to buy an additional hat.

Image Source: irish-stuff.net

Guinness Ivy Cap – $21.95

The Guinness Ivy Cap only further accentuates the Guinness brand of Stout or beer. So, it is not surprising why loyalist go for the Guinness Ivy Cap. Not that it is in the old men league, on the contrary, the “Jeff” or better known as the Ivy cap, exudes the classic look. It is made from high quality fabric and to top it off, it is a perfect fit for most heads. The Ivy Cap is ideal for cooler climates, and has a sense of design that will get compliments from fellow players and friends.

However, it is not waterproof and does not offer much UV protection, nor does it have any of those modern features like other caps. It is ideal for those into the retro, classic look.

Nike Golf Tech Swoosh Cap – $20

Image Source: pinterest.com

The Nike Golf Swoosh Front Cap is one of the superior golf hats that is available on the market. This is of course based on quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, Nike has a huge variety of caps and hats, and they have a great presence in the sporting world. The hat is made of Nike’s Dri-Fit microfiber/polyester fabric. This not only helps keep the cap cool, lightweight, and comfortable, on any hot days, but also it is so light that the user might forget he or she is wearing a cap. Regarding the size: the cap is a one-size-fit-all, and comes with a hidden adjustable strap that can be customized to fit any head. To top it off, it’s also machine washable, and will not fade color after multiple washes.

Hence, it is not surprising that the Nike Golf Swoosh Front Cap is easily one of the best golf hats on the market, and easily a favorite of many golfers. It is colorful and comes in a wide range of colors (blue, red, black, white, and more). So, you can either pick a few or pick one to match your gear. No disappointments for sure, when you get a Nike Golf Tech Swoosh Cap.

Image Source: ratpackhats.com

Straw Golf Hats

If you are buying a straw-hat, ensure that it comes with a sweatband inside. As, this will help with aeration and absorption of any sweat, in addition to adding a level of comfort between your head and the straw. Costlier hats come with a removable, and washable sweatbands.Greg Norman’s Signature Straw Hat – $38

The straw hat was made popular by Greg Norman (affectionately known as The Shark). He was number one in the world, and this was his signature hat. Little surprise that an entire generation started wearing it.

It is basically made from lightweight Toyo Straw with an aerated top to keep the head cool and comfortable against the sweltering sun. It also has a wide brim with visor that not only protects the eyes and face, but also the back of the neck. The hat is a common size, which usually fits all. The underside has an elastic band that will stretch to your head; however, it may not fit well for people with exceptionally small heads. It is a bit more expensive than your standard golf cap, but this hat is definitely a fashion statement, as it gets a lot of attention. Hence, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then give it a try. You may start to love it, but don’t wear it in the rain!

The choice of hat is up to you. With so many styles, fabrics and options to choose from, the selection is virtually unlimited. You can select, cotton, straw, solid, pattern, narrow brim or wide brim, but make sure that it fits properly and protects you from the sun. The best golf hat not only looks good, but also keeps your head cool and dry so you can focus on the course.

As they say, a cool head is essential in golf. Therefore, it is imperative that you not only protect your head with a good golf cap or a hat, but also match that with a pair of good golf sunglasses. Whatever works for you!


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