Top Golf News All Golfers Should Be Familiar With

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Top Golf News Every Golfer Wants To Know About


No matter if you are just starting out in the sport, or if you have been playing for years, you obviously have an interest in the game of golf. You want to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the sport, and you certainly desire to keep abreast of what is happening on the professional tour. There are also new gadgets and rules that you need to stay on top of, as well as new course openings and special events that you might want to take part in. The top golf news for 2016 is sure to excite and amaze even the most advanced golfer, and will likely renew the passion that brought you into the sport in the first place.

In the end, there is so much information related to golf, that it would be virtually impossible for any one person to keep up with it all. In order to narrow it down for you, we have created five areas of top golf news that you will want to consider staying on top of moving forward. Take a look and determine what is new in the game of golf, and then go out there on the course and enjoy a game or two this coming week.

Are Leaderboards Important?

shutterstock_23909968You have likely questioned just how important golf leaderboards are to the game. The answer, of course, depends on whether or not you are interested in following the progression of the global professional tours in existence today. While the exact standings in decades past might not have carried much weight, there is growing emphasis placed on respective leaderboards today. In fact, the newly created world golf ranking determines a great deal within the game of golf today. In addition, the Fed Ex Cup leaderboard contains a great deal of money to be had at year end, so you can bet that the top golfers of the world look at the leaderboards very closely.

Today, golf leaderboards determine groupings in major golf tournaments. This means that if you want to see your favorite golfers, or the best, playing together in the same foursome, then they will need to be situated in similar positions within the leaderboard. Emerging news in this area, however, lies in how the rankings themselves are determined. At times, there is a debate over the system, as it employs a rather sophisticated and complicated methodology to arrive at the latest rankings. That being said, if you want to keep up with the best golfers in the world, the up to date leaderboard is definitely the way to go.

What New Gadgets Are Available for the Game of Golf?

Electronics are not the only area benefit from advancing technology. The game of golf has jumped on that bandwagon as well. There are new gadgets emerging on the scene annually that serve to make the sport more exciting and playable, for beginner and advanced players alike. May such gadgets now entering the scene are designed to enhance and improve the quality of your game, which will certainly impress those in your foursome the next time you are on the course. Look at some of the following top golf gadgets on the market in 2016 to spark your buying decisions.

• Golf Sense Sensor – Adding a new twist to the golf glove, this sensor attaches to the glove itself and can then be connected to either an Apple of Android power tablet. What is the point you ask? Well, this one gadget can enable you to visualize a precise rendering of your wing. This will help you better understand the mechanics of you swing, such as the angle that your wrists twists during the swing, and the posture of your club. Over time, this gadget is designed to help you improve your swing without having to pay for private golf lessons. Use the Golf Sense sensor and watch your handicap improve accordingly!

• Laser Range Finder – If you have struggled with estimating how far away the flag is from your current position, you are certainly not alone. While certain tools do accomplish this have been available for quite some time, their accuracy has long been called into question. Technology has finally advanced, however, as evidenced by the new laser range finders recently introduced to the market. These new gadgets are waterproof, and they provide novice and advanced golfers alike with the ability to accurately measure distance up to 500 years. It does this by making use of infrared technology that allows players to point the laser directly at the hold, or to any spot on the course for that matter, in an effort to determine how far away it is.

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• A GPS Golf Watch – The GPS is no longer reserved for driving a personal vehicle. The new gadget in this area provides a GPS golf watch

that is feature rich and highly effective. There are multiple functions available that can quickly enable you to estimate shot distance and to help you choose the club that you should use depending on the current distance you are away from the green. These watches are refined and the GPS features are highly accurate. As an added feature, the GPS golf watch comes with a pedometer, maps for more than 30,00 different golf courses, and a digital scorecard all in one handy location directly worn on your wrist.

• The Swing Tip – As a final gadget to consider when reviewing the latest golf news, consider the swing tip sensor. Similar to one that fits to a golf glove, this sensor is designed to clip direct on to any club, places about hallway down the shaft. Once you’ve done that, set your pone directly in front of you and your swing will be recorded automatically for later review. The analytics that are provided can prove invaluable in your effort to determine what is going wrong with your swing, allowing you to make adjustments on the course in the future.

What Are the New Rules of Golf That You Need to be Aware of?

While most of the rules of golf have been solidly in place for years, there are new variances and procedures introduced from time to time that you should be aware of. Even if you do not play in tournaments, it is helpful to remained updated of such rule changes in order to stay knowledgeable in the game and to better understand the matches you view on television. Here are two recent rule updates that are worth mentioning.

1. The rule relating to moving the ball after is has been addressed has been removed – Essentially, this rule change means that a player who moves a ball after is has rested on the course will no longer be automatically at fault if the ball ends up moving. A penalty of one stroke will now only be applied if it is determined that the player directly caused the ball to move.

2. There is now a limited exception to the disqualification penalty for submitting an incorrect score card – In the past, a player who submitted an incorrect score card, no matter the reason, was disqualified. There is now a limited exception to this rule when it can be shown that the incorrect score that was reported is the result of a penalty stroke that the player was not aware at the time.

This has just been a sampling of some of the latest new regarding the game of golf. This is a sport that continues to grow in popularity worldwide, so it is exciting to stay on top of what is happening. Check back frequently, both online and via various golf outlets, to learn about even more happening in the game of golf, and go out there and enjoy!


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