Top 10 Outdoor Golf Statues

After much research and consideration, our team at At The Tee has compiled a list of the current best indoor or outdoor golf statues to consider for your residential or commercial application. More on how and why we chose these golf statues can be found at the end of this list.


1. Bronze Golfer Statue “Victory” – Golf Garden Statue with Outstretched Club

victory-golfer-sculpture-bronzeThis life-size bronze golfer statute highlights a young man celebrating every golfer’s dream… a “Hole In One”. With his golf club raised high in the air, the bronze golfer sculpture is over 8 feet tall.

    • SKU #: RGD-RG1026
    • Height: Approx. 101”
    • Retail Price: $11,000.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $6,187.50 USD

2. Bronze “Straight Down The Fairway” Golfer Garden Sculpture

bronze-golf-statue-fairwayOne of the nicest outdoor gold statues for your garden. Perfect form and follow-through…straight down the fairway. 

    • SKU #: RGD-RG738
    • Height: Approx. 74”
    • Retail Price: $9,000.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $6,187.50 USD

3. Bronze “Golf Caddy With Lantern” Golf Garden Statue

Caddy golf garden statueThis golf garden statue showcases the young golf caddy, making it the perfect addition to any garden landscape or golf facility.

    • SKU #: RGD-RG1030
    • Height: Approx. 5’
    • Retail Price: $9,000.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $6,187.50 USD

4. “Male Golfer Putting” Bronze Outdoor Golf Garden Statue

putting golf sculptureAmazing golf sculpture! This golfer sinks the winning put! Amazing golf sculpture for any garden!

    • SKU #: RGD-RG739
    • Height: Approx. 65”
    • Retail Price: $9,000.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $6,187.50 USD

5. “Reading the Green – Kneeling Golfer” Bronze Statue

Outdoor golf garden statueThis outdoor golf garden statue sculpture showcases a man kneeling – chasing Tiger and Phil!

    • SKU #: RGD-RG1025
    • Height: Approx. 37”
    • Retail Price: $9,000.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $5,937.50 USD

6. “Golf Pro” Bronze Garden Golf Sculpture

Bronze statue golf sculptureThe next Jordan Spieth, with a bronzy post-vacation tan.

    • SKU #: RGD-RG643
    • Height: Approx. 74”
    • Retail Price: $8,000.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $5,249.95 USD

7. “Perfect Swing” Male Golfer Statue

perfect swing bronze golf statueLife size male golfer in with the perfect pose and form. It’s all in the hips, right? Another amazing golf sculpture anyone can have in their garden.

    • SKU #: RGD-RG157
    • Height: Approx. 62”
    • Retail Price: $8,000.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $4,687.50 USD

8. “Little Jack Golfing” Male Golfer Statue

Little Jack Golf SculptureJack, along with the other bronze golf sculptures, can be showcased in spaces such as country clubs, parks, and private gardens.

    • SKU #: RGD-RG740
    • Height: Approx. 49”
    • Retail Price: $4,500.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $3,374.95 USD

9. “Future Golf Champ” Girl Outdoor Golf Sculpture

Little Girl Bronze Golf SculptureUniquely designed for golf lovers and special bronze sports art enthusiasts – male AND female. Will she be the next Michelle Wie?

    • SKU #: RGD-RG641
    • Height: Approx. 36”
    • Retail Price: $3,500.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $2,533.33 USD

10. “Future Golf Champ” Boy Outdoor Sculpture

Boy Bronze Golf SculptureOur last but definitely not least reccomeneded handmade bronze golf statues crafted by The Randolph Rose Collection. May be siblings to golf statue #9.

    • SKU #: RGD-RG640
    • Height: Approx. 36”
    • Retail Price: $3,500.00 USD
    • Sale Price: $2,533.33 USD

Top 10 Golf Statues for Your Home or Business. 

Golf statues can be an exceptional addition to your landscape design. For the golf aficionado or sports lover, these display pieces can become the fundamental accessory to your already timeless garden, landscape, golf course, home, or gallery. There are a variety of different styles, poses, sizes, and brands of golf sculptures. But which item is right for you?

This Top 10 Golfer Statues List has been created with product quality, manufacturer reputation, and best price in mind. We specifically selected golfer statues from the Randolph Rose Collection

Why Randolph Rose Collection Bronze Statues?

There are many bronze golfer sculptures on the market to choose from. Since 1972, this family-owned and operated business is the leader in handmade bronze sculptures. This manufacturer is known around the world as the premier source for bronze statues not only because of their superior craftsmanship, but also because of their unmatched client service.

There's a likelihood that you've crossed a Randolph Rose...they can be found in Golf Courses, Public and Private Gardens, Municipal Buildings, Charitable Events, Art Galleries, Schools, Country Clubs, alll over the country.​

If you want an exceptionally detailed bronze golfer statue with timeless beauty and distinction, you'll want a Randolph Rose. Their golf sculptures are the perfect feature for golf facilities, backyards, parks, and sports fans.​

More on The Randolph Rose Collection:

Care and Maintenance: Dust with a damp cloth, Paste wax or lemon oil (one or the other) to shine and protect, or simply do nothing and let the piece age with time.

Additional Information: Hand finished with patina, making each sculpture one-of-a-kind in appearance. Designed using “Lost Wax” Casting Method.

Golfer statues outdoor spaces to consider: Municipal landscapes, recreational center fields, school yards, parks, golf facilities and more.

Which Golf Statue Is Your Favorite? Let Us Know!

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*Pricing and availability subject to change.


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