The Ultimate Guide to Golf Gloves

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Golfing continues to grow in popularity across the globe. It is an individual sport, yet it is highly social. As such, it is little wonder that men, women, and children of all ages continue to enjoy the sport and those numbers are increasing every year. There are many accessories that one must consider when playing golf, however, so that should be taken into account. While some of these are certainly not necessary for every golfer, others are a must. Golf gloves are one such accessory that you do not want to be caught without and this post explains some of the reasons why, followed up with a list of the best gloves on the market today.

What To Look For in a Golf Glove

While there are many types of gloves made for the human hand today, from glove made for gardening to those made for the snow and everywhere in between, golf gloves are unique in their texture and feel. The first component of the glove that should be considered is the type of material that you prefer. Leather is probably the most comfortable and it tends to last longer, but keep in mind that leather gloves run a bit more expensive than other material types. There are also advantages to choosing a synthetic based material for your golf glove, such as when the weather is rather hot or it is raining. Gloves made of synthetic components tend to provide golfers with a better grip on the club under such conditions, so that is something to consider. Many advanced golfers will have both types of gloves, leather and synthetic, available in their bag because of this precise fact.
When choosing a glove, you want to make sure that the pair you select fits tightly on all areas of your hand. Be aware that golf gloves do come in various sizes, and are made differently for men than they are for women. For individuals who tend to have wider hands, be on the lookout for cadet sizes that tend to mold and fit a bit more comfortably. In the end, try to select a glove that does leave a bit of material hanging over the ends of your fingers. Make sure there is not too much, however, as that would mean that the glove is a bit too big for your hand. You want to make for certain that the glove does fit smoothly, both in back of your hand and around the palm as well.

When putting on the glove itself, make sure that you do not neglect the importance of actually putting it on the right way. To do this, you want to insert all of your fingers, minus the thumb, into the glove. Then, put it all the way onto your fingers. After you have done this, you can then place the thumb inside the glove, continuing the process by gently smoothing the surface on both the front and back of the glove by pulling on the top. You can then close the glove by either attaching the snap or complete the Velcro closure, depending on the design of the glove that you have chosen.
As every golfer is a bit different, you also want to look for a glove that suits your particular needs. Some gloves, for example, have detachable discs that allow you to mark where your golf ball is on the green. Some designs actually create a half glove that will expose your fingers. Some golfers like this because it tends to get them more feeling as they make the shot. In addition, if you find that you really like leather but just can’t handle the expense, look for a glove that is made of leather in the palms with synthetic material on the back. For those that are into style, there are a variety of colors for golf gloves that will mix in well with almost any outfit. In essence, there is a glove for every type of golfer, so take your time and decide which one suits you best.

Why Golf Gloves Should Be Considered a Necessity

While there is certainly no rule that dictates you must wear a golf glove, it is certainly recommended. To be fair, there are even a few professional golfers that have gone their entire career w
ithout wearing a glove, Fred Couples perhaps the most well known, but they are few and far between. Most golf pros recommend the use of a glove for everyone, from those just starting out in the sport to the more advanced golfers among us.

The basic premise behind this recommendation that that the human hand simply is not designed to grip items such as golf clubs, particularly when they are sweaty. The glove itself provide a more secure grip on the golf club, and helps to prevent possible blistering on those hot days. For shots that do not require much swing action, such as putting, the glove can go in the back pocket. With the advanced made in golf glove technology in recent years, many styles feel so great on the hand that you might even forget you have it on.

The Expense of a Golf Glove Explained

As far as the game of golf goes, the glove is relatively inexpensive all things considered. You can aim on the cheap end for $6 or $7, or find the best ones on the market in the $25-$35 range. Depending on how often you golf, you can expect many gloves to last for quite some time under normal conditions. If you are an avid golfer, or you tend to wear things out a bit quickly, then consider having a few pairs on you at a time.

How Often Your Golf Gloves Should Be Replaced

There is no exact science to knowing when it is time to replace your golf glove. Really, it depends on how often you play and how well you take care of the glove that determines how often you will need to buy a new one. If you play a few rounds of golf every week, for example, you can plan on buy several gloves during the span of an average season. One way to make them last longer is to help them avoid getting wet. Take them off as you are waling the fairway. Do not hold a wet ball with your glove, and make sore you store it properly when finished playing.

Top Golf Gloves On the Market Today

Golf gloves are sold nearly everywhere that sporting equipment is on sale, so you do not have to necessarily visit your local pro shop. If you want the best, however, look for quality, dependability, comfort, and durability to be the key components that guide your purchasing decision. While there are multiple manufacturers and designs of golf gloves on the market today, there are a few that simply set the gold standard in the eyes of most golfers today. Consider the following list of 5 top golf gloves on the market today to get you started on your quest.

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Callaway X Spann

– Coming with a modest $20 price tag, golf giant Callaway has perhaps the best glove on the market right now. This model forgoes the traditional Velcro closure and opts for a more lightweight and breathable compression fabric on the back of the glove. This creates a vented and elastic opening at the cuff of the glove that effectively keeps in tight. The other main feature of this glove is that is provides textured fingers and the palm area is made of cabretta leather to help enhance the grip and feel of the club.


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If you want a glove that is even less expensive, this glove is a great alternative to Callaway, coming it around $14. The focus of this glove is on grip performance, and it accomplishes this with a textured feel on the palm and the fingers. The palm is made of leather, with mesh along the knuckles, rounded out by a soft and synthetic backing that is designed to stretch.

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Foot Joy Stasof

Coming in at $20, this slightly more expensive glove made by Foot Jot is composed of leather in the fingers, palm, and back. This is rated as the most popular glove on the PGA Tour at the current time, and it is designed to stay soft in almost any weather condition imaginable, without compromise the grip. There is a mesh material across the knuckles that are designed to help increase the range of motion.

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 Mizuno Retroflex Pro

 Priced at only $15, this glove actually makes use of an oil injected tanning process across the leather that is meant to repel any moisture. This helps the glove to maintain its original shape year round.


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Foot Joy Weathersof

This is the cheapest glove available on our Top 5 list, coming in at only $10. This glove combines a synthetic leather based material in the back and the fingers, with actual leather on the palm and thumb. The mesh that is inserted across the knuckles effectively helps with flexibility and airflow.

Conduct your research, try on a few gloves that might interest you, and then get out to the golf course and try it out. You might have to go through a few models before deciding on the one you like best, but you will be happy that you took the time.



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