The Top 10 Best Game Improvement Irons to Bring Out the Best Golfer in You

Game improvement irons were first introduced in the 1960’s and became quite popular with golfers.

Why, wouldn’t they?

After all, as their name suggests, they help a golfer improve their game, leading to more fun on the green.

What Are Game Improvement Irons?

Game improvement irons are specially designed irons for the purpose of “aiding” you to hit a golf ball higher, further, and straighter despite an inaccurate placing of the club surface on the ball.

Game improvement irons are mostly used by those with a handicap of 10 or more, which is the majority of golfers.

10 Best Game Improvement Irons for You to Consider

A golfer is only as good as the clubs he carries.

Your golf clubs are the best investment you can make towards your game, especially if you consider that they will last you on average 8 years.

So which game improvement iron should you add to your collection?

Ping G400

PING G400 MAX Driver (Left Hand 10.5° Regular Flex)

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Most game improvement irons fail dismally in the looks department. Not the Ping G400. Not only does it improve your game with its top-rail undercut cavity that gives you more ball speed, it does that while making you look good on the greens. If there is a golf club that was designed with you in mind, this is it.

TaylorMade M4

TaylorMade M4 Driver (Regular Flex, Right Hand, 9.5 degrees)

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The new M4 irons have new “Face Slots” and “Ribcor” technology that helps to reduce energy loss thereby helping you achieve maximum distance. The new hosel design is lighter yet doesn’t compromise on sturdiness, enabling you to swing better and with more power. As for mis-hits, the M4 gives you less reason to worry about them as its overall design is made to help your ball go straighter.

Titleist 718 AP1

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Titleist designed the 718 API to offer maximum distance and forgiveness. For those who love the classic Titleist looks and in need of its advanced game improvement technology, you’ll definitely appreciate these irons as they are easy to swing, hit, and stop at your behest.

Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal

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Another stunning design coupled to practical game improvement comes in the form of the Mizuno JPX900. Sculpted from a new material called Chromoly 4140M, Mizuno’s JPX900 has the thinnest cup face to afford you that much needed extra distance. The soft and pliable hosel makes for precise lie angle adjustments when fitting. The Mizuno JPX900 is all about power and precision, compensating for your limitations in swinging and hitting.

Cobra King F8

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The Cobra King F8’s design and build focus more on extending the distance of your shots. If you struggle with getting your shots to go further, the Cobra King F8 is your choice being one of the best game improvement irons out there. Though primarily built for speed, the hollow design gives your shots more speed. With only one shaft length, it helps you set up more consistently each time.

Callaway Rogue X

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Individual Iron, Right Hand, KBS Max...

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The Callaway Rogue X is another iron that helps cover more distance with every shot. Lightweight, yet longer and stronger and having variable cupface thickness give you greater trajectory, speed, and overall distance. This iron has urethane (with pockets of air) injected into the head to improve face flex and damping (which reduces vibrations).

Lynx Predator

Lynx New Predator Golf Cart Bag (Royal Blue/Black)

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Though the Lynx Predator is an entry-level irons, they offer a whole lot more than expected – apart from the cool looks of course. A very forgiving iron that drives balls high and far, this iron also feels more natural when it comes to grip. A very good iron to consider for your next purchase.

Benross HTX Compressor

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The Benross HTX Compressor driver utilizes a new “Compressor Technology Response Channel” which increases ball speed across the entire face of the iron. Heel and toe weight cells are used to maximize the Moment of Inertia so as to enhance forgiveness, while the center of gravity has been positioned at the back of the head to help increase your launch angle.

Wilson Staff D300

Wilson Staff D300 Irons - Steel Regular RH

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The Wilson D300 brings back the FLX face technology of the Wilson C200 irons that enable 76% of the face to be disconnected from the iron and “Power Holes” to improve flexing. According to Wilson, the “D” is for distance, and the Wilson D300 definitely proves its worth in that department. As for the looks, this is a stunner reminisce of the Transformers. Hopefully, it will help you transform your game.

Cleveland Launcher CBX

Cleveland Launcher CBX Individual Iron - Graphite Right Dual Wedge...

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After a lull from the golf club making game, Cleveland have come back with a spectacular club in the form of the Cleveland Launcher CBX, a golf club designed to launch your golf ball further while giving you a great feel, both for the club and the ball. The Launcher’s center of gravity has been moved closer to the center of the face for the purpose of improving consistency and feel.

Ready to Improve Your Game?

The technology packed into the above list far outweighs their size (and price) – making them just ten of the best game improvement irons in the market today.

Try them out and see how you can get a better shot at reducing your handicap.

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