Srixon Golf Balls Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Just about every golfer beyond the beginner level knows that the type of ball chosen can have a major effect on his or her game. Some balls are softer and some are harder, but repeated club impacts can potentially be damaging, to varying degrees, if a given ball does not have the right ratio of materials used. The levels of vibration absorption and resistance to damage are also very important golfers because they affect how long your golf balls will last while performing well. In this Srixon golf balls review, we'll address and evaluate all these concerns for this respected brand and a few others.

Our Srixon Golf Balls Review, which also features reviews of three other brands and types of golf balls, is intended to help you pick out the best ball for your expectations, style of play, and budget. This Srixon Golf Balls review focuses on the price, ease of use, setup, overall design quality, and warranties provided for these different types of golf balls.

What Are Srixon Golf Balls?

The Srixon brand is a mark of SRI Sports, which is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries. This maker holds a number of patents in the industry and offers a number of different ball styles and designs to suit different players' needs and preferences. For this Srixon golf balls review, we chose to feature this maker's current Q-Star balls, which are soft-feeling balls designed to launch high and have a low amount of spin. These features are intended to maximize distance and control, especially from the tee. 

Srixon Q-Star balls are designed with low compression, which helps produce greater accuracy on your shots when shooting from outside the center. The type we evaluated is a bright shade of white to ensure that they are highly visible at all times, even when in sand traps or at a long distance.

Product Specs

In performing initial research for our Srixon golf balls review, we noted that they feature a very soft core, which helps with aerodynamics and the level of control on the descent... again, especially from off the tee. They offer solid flight distance, thanks in part to the soft feel of their outer covers, and this also leads to minimal vibration transfer to the golf club. 

The recently improved cover on each Q-Star ball is relatively soft (with a hardness level of 60), but it still has plenty of stability and power behind it. There are 344 dimples to reduce drag, and this ball features an alignment arrow to assist players at all levels with aim and staying behind the ball when striking.

Our Srixon Golf Balls Review: How They Compare

We picked a few competitive options available on the market to see how they compare to the featured product in this Srixon golf balls review. All of these balls are available in boxes of a dozen, and in each case, we evaluated standard, white balls rather than any colored or other specialized choices.

  • TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls
  • Titleist AVX Golf Balls
  • Noodle Plus Easy Distance Golf Balls
Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls (1-Dozen)
  • SPIN, TRAJECTORY, ACCELERATION AND RESPONSIVENESS The process of precisely tuning a ball's performance to enhance total...
  • IMPROVED ENERGETIC GRADIENT GROWTH CORE Increasing the ball's launch characteristics while maintaining greenside...
  • 324 ADVANCED AERODYNAMIC DIMPLE PATTERN Reduced drag providing consistent trajectory, distance control and dispersion...

Ease of Use

Srixon Q-Star golf balls are designed to be very easy to use and very easy to hit, thanks in part to the bright green arrow alignment aid that provides a visual guide for finding the best place to hit the ball in order to ensure a greater distance. This also makes them easier to spot and quickly distinguish from other golf balls that may be found out on the fairway or on the green.


Thanks to their alignment-aiding arrows, Srixon golf balls are likely the easiest balls to set up on the green. They are also firm and soft, which makes them very pleasant to hold in one's hands and adjust on the tee before each hole.

Design Quality

Srixon golf balls have a well-considered, proven design that covers most of the potential concerns any golfer may have about their golf balls. They have a high number of dimples to improve aerodynamic performance, an alignment aid to make it easier for the balls to be set up and hit properly, a relatively soft (but still durable) cover, and a very soft core that helps maximize distance and trajectory. They are also bright white to make them easier to sport and find on the course.


Srixon golf balls do not come with a warranty.

TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x golf balls are designed primarily for traveling the longest possible distance off the tee and elsewhere on the course. They are designed with very high compression in order to ensure maximum distance, and they feature a whopping five layers packed into a small ball, ensuring great performance across your club set.

The outer cover is very soft, but the inner cover attached to it is semi-rigid, resulting in a high degree of momentum and very little spin. The newer TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls feel a bit firmer to the touch than this respected manufacturer's previous designs due to the number of layers packed into the ball.

Ease of Use

The numerous layers built into TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls result in a ball that is highly versatile and works with many different types of clubs. Since this ball has been designed to go high and far, your shots will likely be sharp, quick in feel, and descend with maximum speed. These TaylorMade balls are bright white, making them easy to find. They are also heavily dimpled, resulting in controlled aerodynamics on their descent.


The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls do not have an alignment aid like that of the Srixon Q-Star balls featured above, so they may be more difficult to hit properly for an inexperienced player looking to achieve maximum distance and control consistently. However, they are firm and easy to grasp, making them easy to control and keep in the proper place when placing them on the tee.

Design Quality

Given that their design is primarily focused on providing maximum distance, TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls are also amazingly easy and attractive to use. They simply have a nice feel to them in your hand and when coming off the club head. They are relatively soft, but yet they have a firmness to them that makes them practical and dependable.


Warranty information for TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x golf balls was not readily available.

Titleist AVX golf balls are designed to provide major distance and travel for various player levels, thanks primarily to their soft feel. They have a proprietary core and cover as part of an overall design emphasizing low compression. The casing layer is very flexible, ensuring a longer distance and greater speed in the descent when teed off. The balls have 352 dimples in order to ensure strong control over aerodynamics and a consistent flight pattern.

Ease of Use

With so many dimples and a soft outer layer, Titleist AVX golf balls are very easy and enjoyable to pick up and use. We noticed the low rate of spin, as advertised, and found them fairly easy to use, with each ball specifically being designed for consistent, long-distance flight. The maker's aim with this ball style was to deliver relatively low trajectory, which also maximizes distance from the tee or elsewhere on the course.


The high number of dimples and the soft outer layer means that the Titleist AVX will be easy for anyone to pick up and set up on the tee.

Design Quality

The various design elements of Titleist AVX golf balls make them easy to use for the average player. We appreciated a consistently low level of flight and the soft exterior with plenty of dimples for good, solid travel on the fairway or green. They are a bright shade of white to make them easier to find in rougher terrain, and the company's centered logo makes for a good alignment aid amateur players can utilize with ease. Their low compression makes them a great choice for golfers looking to maximize both distance and control.


Our research did not uncover warranty information or coverage duration for Titleist AVX golf balls.

Noodle Plus Easy Distance Golf Balls (1 Dozen)
  • Condition: New
  • Quantity: 1-Dozen
  • Condition Description :

Noodle Plus Easy Distance golf balls are different from the three brands of golf balls featured above as part of our Srixon golf balls review. They are specifically designed for the golfers with a slower swing (e.g., below 85 mph) and less power than some more aggressive, stronger players. This is a very soft ball design with a rubber-and-plastic-infused covering that is designed to be forgiving and still deliver solid distance.

The unique Noodle Plus cover is intended to provide distance for players who swing with average or less impact and force. This will allow the ball to travel further, and this makes them great for both still-developing amateurs and more experienced players who have gotten older and could use assistance with the distance factor in their games.

Ease of Use

Since they are specifically designed to go further with both slower and faster swings, Noodle Plus Easy Distance balls are (as the name suggests) very easy to use and strike with authority. They are bright white and have plenty of dimples, which allows the ball to travel well on its descent. They are soft on the outside thanks to the rubber used in the covering, which provides greater bounce and force, especially off the tee. Their spin rate is higher than the spin rate for typical golf balls from better-known industry players, which also assists with the level of distance you can gain from using them.


Noodle Plus Easy Distance golf balls should be fairly easy to set up on the tee, as they are soft and easy to grip. One potential issue is that they may potentially bounce a little further than the typical golf ball if dropped.

Design Quality

Given their unique design and intent, Noodle Plus Easy Distance golf balls are essentially well made. They may help provide a few extra feet of distance for players who cannot hit the ball as forcefully as they used to, and they are easy and attractive to use, satisfying their targeted customer base. These balls are oriented more toward the casual golfer, rather than the aspiring high scorer or ultra-competitive players.


Noodle Plus Easy Distance golf Balls do not come with a warranty.


We hope our Srixon golf balls review has given you plenty of valuable insight into the differences and potential uses of these four different brands of golf balls. For the golfer who is looking to simply gain a few extra yards and does not have the fastest swing, the Noodle Plus Easy Distance balls are a reasonable choice that may allow you to up your game. Options from established, highly regarded makers Titleist and TaylorMade have qualities that make them extremely worthy selections as well, depending on your goals.

For any player who takes golf fairly seriously and wants reliable distance, travel, and control, we think our Srixon golf balls review demonstrates why these balls have earned many loyal devotees. They have plenty of dimples, a handy alignment aid useful for amateurs and professionals alike, the softest cover of the bunch, and a soft core that offers good resistance to impact.

In summary, our Srixon golf balls review has brought us to the conclusion that even though all four of these golf ball brands are solid options, the one with the greatest amount of potential for any kind of player is the one with the handy alignment aid added to a proven, comprehensively strong design.

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