A Review of the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

The latest golf technology is no longer the hidden secret of the pros. One tool used by professionals and beginners alike is the skytrak golf launch monitor. Anyone who plays the game can now buy equipment and technology that can analyze, rate, and improve any golfer's game. Our SkyTrak review will analyze the many aspects of this technology.

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Golf and Tech

Technology has influenced the game of golf over the last decade. Being able to evaluate your own habits, optimize your movements, and visualize your improvement can all now be achieved from the comfort of your own home or with the help of a pro at golf courses in nearly every city. From the SkyTrak golf launch monitor, smart drivers, streamlined balls, and everything in between, any golfer knows even slight adjustments can add yards, which can be the difference between getting on the green or going right over it.

Golf launch monitors are one of the latest tools a golfer can use in the comfort of their own home or on their favorite course. Since golf is a game reliant on physics, it's important to have a way to analyze how you hit the ball in different situations. Weather conditions, hitting speed, launch angle, the design of the clubs, all have a tremendous impact on how you play the game.
For our SkyTrak review, we looked at these elements and how the data can be used to give you feedback and improve your game. Many golf instructors use these types of tools to teach the game, but they can now be purchased by anyone and used anywhere.

What Is the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor?

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The Skytrak golf launch monitor is a wireless golf swing analyzer that can connect to any compatible device and display your data in real time. It has high-speed photometric sensors making it one of the most accurate analyzers available. Swing accuracy is one of the most important elements in a golf launch monitor. The SkyTrak monitor also has a protective metal case to protect it from getting hit by errant balls or clubs. We'll go over the basics of using this monitor in our SkyTrak review.

You place the Skytrak monitor in front of your playing area so it can observe your swing from top to bottom. As long as the monitor is in the right position, it can capture your entire body as you take your swing. It then measures the trajectory of where your ball would go and bases all the measurements off the swing you just took.

Skytrak Review: Product Specs

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In our SkyTrak review, we found the high-speed cameras to be very precise. The range of data it provides for a swing analyzation includes: carry, total distance, launch angle, side angle, ball speed, club speed, backspin, and side spin.

It also includes access to some popular software including WGT, TruGolf E6, and The Golf Club. The Skytrak golf launch monitor can be used indoors in a home or office and outdoors in a backyard or on a golf course.

When setting up the Skytrak golf launch monitor in the home, most users set up a hitting mat at some distance away. The instruction guide offers exact measurements to use in order to get the best, most accurate, results. However, our SkyTrak review found that the software does not let you customize what type of club you are using, which some players may not like.


The monitor is available at retailers such as Amazon, Rain or Shine Golf, or Top Shelf Golf. Some brick and mortar golf stores offer the ability to test out the product in-store on one of their demos. Golf launch monitors are one of the more expensive pieces of tech used in the game, but its results are valued by avid and amateur golfers alike. Additionally, if you want to update the software for the latest offerings, there are extra fees to add new courses to your program

While conducting our SkyTrak review, we found the only other way to obtain this type of critical data about your swing is to hire a professional or coach who, in some cases, would also use equipment like this to analyze a swing.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to the Skytrack golf launch monitor:

  • Foresight GC2
  • Ernest Sports ES15
  • FlightScope Mevo

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

No products found.

Ease of Use
Once the unit connects to the compatible devices to view the data, it is simple to set up and utilize the monitor. The data pops up on the device within seconds and allows for instant feedback on your swing. Our SkyTrak review found the data to be consistent and reliable.

Assembly Time
The unit needs to be charged, and once it's connected to the device, it's ready to go. It's about as close to plug-and-play as possible.

The unit is compact and can easily fit into a small suitcase and be carried with one hand. It travels well and can fit into small and large spaces.

The warranty is six months or 25,000 shots, whichever occurs first.


  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility to use indoors or out on any course
  • Real-time data provides a range of details about your swing
  • The additional software packages offer new courses from all around the world that you can play


  • Price
  • Cannot customize clubs
  • Extra fees on top of original purchase price

Foresight GC2

Skytrak Launch Monitor

The Foresight GC2 all-in-one golf launch monitor has the benefit of being one, complete unit: no additional devices are needed to view the data. However, the data can be transferred to an external device if desired. The unit can be opened and set directly in front of the golfer to analyze their stroke. It measures ball speed, horizontal and vertical launch angles, spin, side spin, and carry distance. The Foresight also features a stereoscopic high-speed camera system, offering consistent, precise measurements for any golfer's swing.

This Foresight GC2 has been used by seasoned professionals as its accuracy is precise and consistent. The built-in display is also helpful so you don't have to connect it to other devices to view the data. Its compact design is useful for the golfer that likes to address the ball and get to hitting without much hassle.

Ease of Use
Once the unit is charged, it is easily set up and ready to go. Data can be transferred to other devices for further analyzation.

Assembly Time
The Foresight is assembled and ready to go. Once charged, the unit can be easily unfolded and set up in front of the golfer.

This unit is compact, easily transportable, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

This unit comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Precision and accuracy
  • Portability of the unit
  • Lightweight design
  • The durability of the materials
  • Consistency of data readings


  • Cost
  • Not widely available at retailers such as Amazon
  • Mostly geared toward seasoned professional golfers vs. beginners

Ernest Sports ES15

Ernest Sports ES15 Launch Monitor & Golf Swing Systems

The Ernest Sports ES15 golf launch monitor is designed for use on the driving range. This unit is designed to be purchased by golf courses and offered to their players. It features customizable panels that can feature logos, names, or any image the golf course might want to feature. It can also be used as a natural divider between driving range bays.

Once installed at a driving range, players can download an app to send their statistics to their smartphones or whatever device they choose. The unit is good for all levels of players from beginners to professionals. Because it is a bigger unit than the SkyTrak golf launch monitor, it can be placed in a larger area, enabling golfers of all skill levels to use it without having to adjust its angles or settings.

The company also offers 30-day free trials for this particular model in its ES series.

Ease of Use
If this unit is set up and available at your local driving range, it can be utilized by anyone who downloads the app. It is large and not great for small spaces, such as inside a home.

Assembly Time
Once moved into position, the golfer can connect to the unit via an app. The unit can be moved; however, it is heavy, and it's recommended for use in an outdoor setting.

The unit is large and heavy, making it tough to transport from one place to another. However, given the right manpower, it can be moved as much as needed.

This unit comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Great tool for coaching or teaching lessons
  • Golf courses can use this as an added feature for their driving range
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Durability
  • Customizable facade designs


  • Price
  • Designed for outdoor use only
  • Not easily portable
  • Primarily used by golf courses, not by individuals

FlightScope Mevo

FlightScope Mevo - Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

The FlightScope Mevo is one of the smallest sized golf launch monitors available. Considered an "entry level" monitor, this budget model measures carry distance, clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, spin rate, apex height, and flight time. The FlightScope Mevo also offers an app to compare the data from your swing on multiple occasions.

This unit uses radar-based technology to track the ball, which provides good results, but the results have been found to be inconsistent when it comes to launching angle. Many golfers know that their swing needs improvement, and this device can give the novice to intermediate golfer enough data to alter their swing in helpful ways. Professional golfers or golfers with low handicaps may want data that is even more precise; but this monitor is a great start for basic improvement.

Ease of Use
The unit is small and easily set up. Once the app is downloaded, it is ready for use.

Assembly Time
The FlightScope Mevo must be charged. Then, with the corresponding app downloaded on to your device, it is ready for use.

The unit is small enough to fit into a pocket making it very transportable. It is handheld and can be moved around with ease.

This comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty.


  • Size
  • Price
  • Good for beginning and intermediate golfers
  • Durable design


  • Doesn't work well indoors
  • The unit needs to be placed accurately in front of the ball in order for it to give a consistent reading
  • The results are not always consistent


After conducting our SkyTrak review, we've concluded the Skytrak golf launch monitor is a great value for the avid golfer looking for precise ways to improve their game. Its portability, data collection, instant feedback, ease of use, and compatibility with a variety of devices makes it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their golf game on their own, or with a coach. The variety of components that it measures is comprehensive and will be helpful for golfers of all skill levels.

The bonus of purchasing a Skytrak golf launch monitor is that you can golf anytime, day or night, rain or shine if you set it up indoors. Never miss a day out on the course when you're at home, honing your skills. The Skytrak golf launch monitor has also been voted "Best Value Golf Simulator" by Golf Digest for two years running.

We would like the warranty to be a full year as most other golf launch monitors offer a year of coverage. But as long as you use the monitor as instructed, most people find the results and accuracy of the unit satisfactory and helpful in improving their game.


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