Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are important not only for your golf game, but also your comfort.

From finding the perfect fit, to choosing between spiked or spikeless, a lot goes into choosing the right golf shoe.

If you know the right tips, however, shopping for a shoe can be a breeze. Follow our tips and tricks to choose the best golf shoe for your game and your budget.

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Golf Shoes

Choosing the right golf shoe is a lot more than looking for discount shoes, although that can also help you narrow your choices in shoe if budget is a concern. Some of our tips to help you find the best golf shoes include:

  • Test the fit: The last thing you want is to find out that your golf shoes are too tight on hole two. When you start shopping for shoes, be sure to measure your feet properly. While we all ignore the measuring tool at most sports stores, they can actually be really helpful. Get the exact measurement and choose a size that offers comfort and a secure fit.
  • Choose your style: Golf shoes come in a couple of different styles, and choosing one all depends on your taste. Traditional golf shoes, for example, offer a classic look and are often made of leather. While they are nice, they can be expensive. Athletic golf shoes on the other hand offer a more affordable design, and fit more like a running shoe.
  • Set a budget: Knowing how much you plan on spending for a golf shoe is a great way to narrow down your options. While you don’t have to only choose discount shoes, having a price point can help you maximize your purchase, and find a good quality shoe.
  • Test them out: Plenty of pro shops have an indoor driving range for testing clubs. This range can also be used to test your shoes. Try them on and take a few swings. This will give you a good grasp on the grip and stability you will get while driving and putting.

Spiked vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes

When it comes to choosing golf shoes, the biggest choice will be picking between spiked or spikeless shoes. Traditionally, golf shoes come with spikes, which help with stability and grip while golfing.

These spikes are traditionally made of plastic, and can actually be replaced, which make them a great option for golfers looking for a long-lasting shoe.

Spikeless shoes are quickly gaining traction as a popular shoe choice however. Why? The spikeless design offers a lot more versatility in regards to style and comfort.

Also, with spikeless shoes, you can actually walk around without having to change out your shoe. Additionally, as technology has advanced, the rubber nubs used in spikeless designs, now offer additional grip, which closes the gap between spiked and spikeless.

In the end, choosing between the two comes down to personal choice. Spiked shoes offer a classic and stable fit for serious golfers. Spikeless golf shoes can provide comfort and versatility, and also offer a shoe that can be worn casually.

Find Top Golf Shoe Brands Online 

While purchasing shoes in store is great because it offers a chance to try them on, shopping online offers access to discount shoes. Our online retailer of choice is The Golf Warehouse. At TGW you can find all the best brands at great prices. Some of our top picks for shoes out right now include:

  • Nike Golf Shoes: Nike is known for its high quality athletic gear, and their golf shoes are no different. The Nike Lunar Control Vapor golf shoes have been worn by the likes of Rory McIlroy, and offer great traction design for a more stable fit.
  • FootJoy Golf Shoes: FootJoy has long been known for its quality golf shoe design, and the HyperFlex II is a great example. Designed as an athletic style shoe, the HyperFlex is designed to complement the ligaments of your foot for added comfort. Because of their athletic design, they are also very lightweight, which makes them a great choice for a longer day on the course.
  • ECCO Golf Shoes: If you’re golfing in hotter temperatures, then the ECCO Cool is your golf shoe of choice. Designed to be breathable while still remaining waterproof, the ECCO Cool shoe offers a great balance of comfort and functionality.
  • Under Armour Golf Shoes: Want to wear what the pros are wearing? The Under Armour Spieth One is designed using feedback from tour pro Jordan Spieth. Offering quality fit and long-lasting design, these shoes are golf ready.

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The biggest benefit of shopping on TGW is that you get discount shoes that are still from some of the best brands around. From FootJoy to Nike, you can find golf shoes perfect for you.


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