Quirky Golf Tees to Suit Every Type of Personality

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Quirky Golf Tees to Suit Every Type of Personality

Many people out there believe golf to be a boring, individual sport that has no character. Obviously, us golfers know this not to be true, but it often difficult to convince others of that. Think back to the days of Payne Stewart and others on the PGA Tour. Now, those guys knew how to wear parents that screamed style and caught the attention of everyone on the greens and beyond. That same character and personality can be experienced on the neighborhood and community golf courses as well. You just have to think of ways to personalize the game of the golf, have fun with it, and leave your mark at the same time. This posting will discuss some of the ways that you can accomplish this with by simply adding a special touch to the golf tees that you utilize throughout the game.

The traditional white golf tee is ho-hum, unexciting, and quite frankly boring. Spice it up a bit and add that special flare that speaks to your own unique personality. There are glow in the dark tees, personalized tees with funny and down to earth messages, and there are even tees that can spark a discussion on the golf course when others see what you have to say. The sky is truly the limit. With golf tees being one of the most inexpensive components of an otherwise costly individual sport, why not take some time to determine the tees that make you laugh and enjoy the game even more? Even a personalized golf tee will only add a few bucks per order to the cost. 

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Flavored Golf Tees

To literally add a bit of flavor to your fold game, consider purchasing one of the new created flavored golf tees. Coming in a variety of flavors such as orange, apple, and strawberry, these tees are made of wood and can really make people see your crazy side as you lick the tee from time to time! Coming it at roughly 25 cents per tee, they are a bit more expensive than your traditional tee, but the enjoyment you can get out of them is definitely worth the price. Mix up your game from time to time and introduce these tees at sporadic moments to spark some enjoyment amongst your fellow golfers.

Golf Tees of All Colors

When golf tees were first developed, most came only in white or a brown wood color. You get to wear different colored pants and shirts on the golf course, so why can’t you introduce some new colors on the fairways in the form the tees that you use? You can really have some fun with this. Depending on the season, you can use some bright colors in the Spring, more mellow colors in the fall, and then introduce some off the wall colors to better reflect your personality. There are even multi-color tees for the really daring golfers out there.

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Personalized Tees For Men, Women, and Children Alike

No matter if you are a man, woman, boy, or girl, you certainly have a unique personality that suits you just fine. Make that character inside of you come alive through the golf tees that you select on the course. Perhaps you are a Disney fanatic. There is a tee for you. Perhaps you are just out with the guys and want to let you manly nature be known via the tee itself. There is a golf tee for you. Or, perhaps you are 100% lady and you want to communicate through a personalized golf tee. You guessed it – there is a golf tee out there for you. The best part is that these tees can be customized with the message of your choosing. Many companies offer this service, with prices starting at only $12.95 per 100 tees. That will keep you swinging for quite a few golf games, while effectively spicing up your presence on the course at the same time.

Holiday Themed Tees

Many areas of the country allow golfing year round, which means that there are quite a few holidays to be had. Grab some tees that highlight each particular holiday and show off at the same time. Show you patriotic sprit around the Independence Day Holiday with some special red, white, and blue tees. These will leave the other members of your foursome wishing that they had gone and purchased some as well! Around Christmas, look for tees that highlight Rudolph, Santa Clause, Christmas trees, and more. Your golf tee no longer has to look boring. Make it a critical part of your golf accessory bag, and one that draws attention to you at the same time.

Spark Some Great Discussion

Image Source: cityofcaseyil.org
Image Source: cityofcaseyil.org

This is where you can really begin to have some fun with your choice of golf tee. Perhaps you are an inspiring comedian. Opt for some golf tees that have catchy sayings or some jokes on one nature or another. Others in your group are sure to have some fun with these as a well. Naturally, you can also have some tees made up with more serious sayings that spark some great discussion on the golf course. Highlight causes that are important to you, or a charitable organization that you belong to. This is a great way to promote a great cause while playing the game that you love, so don’t be shy here.

Promotional Activities

Naturally, golf tees can also be used to promote any number of important events or activities in your life. You can make up some to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. You can design some tees for your children to make them feel extra special and make them the envy of their friends. In addition, golf tees are a great way to promote your business. Design a great logo that looks good on a golf tee, have a few hundred created, and hand them out to other golfers that you know. This is literally spreading your business message all over the golf course. You just never know who you might come into contact with because of something as simple as a golf tee.

So, there you have it. These are practical suggestions that can really add some extra character to your golf game by focusing on the tee itself. Have some fun out there, develop your golf tees with your unique personality in mind, and enjoy the adventure!


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