Everything You Wanted to Know About Nike Golf Camp for Juniors

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For junior golfers aged between ten and eighteen, Nike Junior Golf Camps that are located at Boyne Highlands are regarded as the one of the best summer golf camps. Their serene location in beautiful Northern Michigan make these camps dedicated to providing detailed and quality golf instruction in a safe and fun environment. There are four world-class golf courses namely: Donald Ross Memorial, Arthur Hills, The Heather and the Moor. The expansive practice facilities available at Boyne Highlands make it a perfect place where you can learn and shape your game.

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Nike Golf Camp offers customized lessons for each camper. The lessons cover a lot and are helpful to both beginners and medalists. You do not have to get scared of your level regarding golfing since the qualified trainers will understand your situation and coach you individually. There is no given point that one student will slow down others due to the difference in their levels. No camper is left behind as far as golf training is concerned.

This camp has house-style housing that allows for a relaxing and a safe atmosphere for all people. It is worth noting that this camp can large groups and golf teams. The camp counselor provides twenty-four-hour supervision to all individuals to ensure that everything goes as planned. This is a perfect place for socializing. Whether you arrive alone or with your team, you can rest assured that you will meet new friends and have an experience that you will never forget. As far as training is concerned, it is a good place for exposure or conducting team building activities.

Advanced player camps

Its weekly advanced player camps offer a competitive curriculum that is designed to maximize the capabilities of each golfer. The training that is offered to advanced players is focused on individual improvement where the trainers learn your weakness and turn it into strength. There are unique individual and team competitions that challenge each golfer’s determination and skill. This prepares them to play like a champion in big competitions or tournaments.

AJGA Exemption

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There is always a single annual exemption into AJGA’s coca-cola championship for juniors at Boyne Highlands. This is one experience that most junior golfers will want to have because it will inspire and motivate them to become better players. The experience also gives them a chance to see other players and interact with them as they share skills and knowledge. In the AJGA Exemption, one willing camper from the advanced player’s camp tests his or her game against the most experienced and best players in America.


At Nike Junior Golf Camps, there is an emphasis on a well-balanced diet and the right approach to nutrition. Care is taken to reinforce the vital role of nutrition in maintaining physical fitness that is necessary to excel in the course. Throughout the camp, golfers are encouraged and offered with a menu that helps maximize their energy potential both mentally and physically. A breakfast buffet is offered at the Main Lodge each morning with dinner and lunch hosted at other Country Club facilities and restaurants.

All inclusive packages

The package includes two practice facilities, personalized instruction from trainers at Boyne Golf Academy, a nine-hole par three courses and unlimited golf that is offered at Boyne Highlands’ golf courses. Campers also take part in organized tournaments. The golfers are provided with four lunches, five dinners, five breakfasts, and snacks all day long. Lodging is provided for four nights. It is important to note that taxes are included in the tuition fee. This makes the charges favorable to most people. Camp activities include mental strategy sessions, on-course instruction, a take home recording of all lessons offered and video swing analysis. The recording that you will take home covers the PGA camp staff including Brian O’Neil, Northern Michigan PGA Teacher of the year, Brian Schulte, who is TPI certified golf fitness professional and other PGA instructors such as Barry Redmond and Mike Fay.

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Half day camp

The half-day Junior Camp is offered on a weekly basis during summer. This camp starts in the second week of June and during spring break each year. This happens around the 3rd week of March. This half-Day Camp runs for five days (Monday through Friday). Two sessions are available each week. This program may be beneficial to those golfers that are quite busy because they can arrange their time and spare some for the training.

The Half-Day camp incorporates comprehensive instruction and on-course play that covers all aspects of golf. Areas covered include the short game, full swing, sportsmanship, rules and etiquette and scoring among others. The Half-Day Camp focuses on improving and introducing fundamentals of golf in an enjoyable, fun atmosphere. The camp lays emphasis on team-building skills and confidence in a positive learning environment. At the beginning of the camp session, all campers are given a Nike Junior Gift Pack with golf balls, golf shirt, a hat, a golf glove and much more.

Full day camp

The Full-Day Junior Golf Camp is usually offered during the summer. This Full-Day camp runs from Monday through Friday from 8 in the morning to 3 in the evening. All the campers participate in instruction and on-course play throughout the week. Comprehensive instructions on various aspects of golf are offered during camping. The training focuses on individual weaknesses, strengths, and personal goals. There is greater emphasis on individual instruction and development during Full-Day Camp than the Half-Day Camp. If you plan to be a Full-day camper, you should prepare to enjoy the game on the golf course daily. This is an advanced junior golf camp that is recommended to juniors who have previously been golf players. Each camper receives a Nike Junior Gift Pack after the sign-up. The gift pack contains golf balls, a golf shirt, a hat, a golf glove and much more. Green Fees are usually included in the charges of the camp. It is important to note that lunch is not included. Campers are allowed to bring a bag lunch, which can be refrigerated if necessary. The campers may also feel free to buy lunch at Bunker’s Grill every day.

Advanced Half-Day Camp

The Advanced Half-Day Junior Camp is usually offered on a limited schedule. It is offered during summer. It runs from Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm daily. This is different from the standard Half-Day Camp juniors who play golf throughout the week. Campers participate in intense instructional programs that include functional performance; physical development training that is incorporated with traditional golf lessons. Advanced Half-Day camp is recommended for advanced or intermediate juniors who aspire to play in big competitions. A nine-hole play tournament that is held weekly helps expose juniors to severe and strict tournament golf conditions. Each camper also receives a Nike Junior Gift Pack.

Elite Full Day Camp

This camp is offered during summer on a limited basis. This Full-Day camp is offered from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm daily. It is worth noting that only 16 campers are allowed per session. Interested juniors must receive approval from RYG junior staff. The Elite Full Day program is designed for campers who are interested in playing in huge competitions in High school or college. The camp offers a daily on-course play with demanding functional performance and physical development training. The individual instructions that are offered focus on evaluating the game of each player. This helps form a comprehensive individual lesson plan that is customized for each junior. All golfers engage in Trackman swing analysis. They then engage in Trackman Junior combine. Each camper also receives a Nike Junior Gift Pack with golf balls, a golf shirt, a hat, USGA rule book and a golf glove and much more.

Nike Golf Camp Scholarship

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Nike Golf Schools and Junior Camps offer junior golfers a chance to play this great game for a lifetime. Once you attend the camp during summer, you will advance your skills and learn more. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, Nike Golf Camp offers such opportunities. The scholarship is applied online. Scholarships are provided to individuals at any level. You might be advanced or just a beginner and get an equal chance to get the scholarship. US sports camps provide $5000 of scholarships to Low-Income Students.

Nike Golf Camps has operated for twenty-two years. The camps also provide golfers with tools needed to enjoy and improve how they play. It has more than one hundred locations at local golf courses, prestigious golf resorts, and prominent universities. The best thing about Nike Golf Camps is that they offer individualized training that focuses on teams as well as individuals at all levels. Beginners, as well as those in advanced and intermediate levels, have an equal chance of joining the camps. All the levels are adequately taken care of regarding training, time, and facilities. Since 1994, more than one hundred and seventy junior golfers have attended the camps.


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