Masters Golf Tournament Predictions

The Masters Golf Tournament is shaping up to be a special one. It will be the first of golf’s four major championships and will likely be filled with prime talent from all over the world. The 82nd edition of the tournament is set to take place from April 5th to the 8th and should be a fun time for spectators and players alike.

With so many popular names taking the course, fans may find themselves wondering, who has the best shot at winning? In this article, we will cover three of the hottest names in golf to discuss why they, above all others, have a real shot at taking home the illustrious trophy and joining other past Masters winners.

The Best Golfers at the Masters

1. Dustin Johnson

The first, and perhaps most obvious, pick for this year’s Masters is Dustin Johnson. Not only is the 33-yeard-old currently ranked number 1 on the PGA Tour Leaderboard, but he also has a wide range of skills that continue to propel him to positive results. In terms of Masters Odds, Vegas has him at 8/1, and there is a real case to be made that he would have taken the Masters title last year if not for a freak and unexpected back injury.

Johnson won three events moving into last year’s Masters, and while he may not have that type of streak going into April of this year, his last two finishes at Augusta (T-6 and T-4) show that he knows the course. His first five trips to the course did not go as well as he would have hoped, but he continues to get better and better on the big stage. At world number 1, he could easily finish the tournament on top.

2. Jordan Spieth

Right behind Dustin Johnson in terms of Masters Odds, Jordan Spieth is also 8/1 to take down the Masters. He is currently ranked number three in the world and is playing at a very high pace. While his sound mechanics are a reason to like him into April, another factor that Spieth has going for him is his past success at the Masters. He has been to the tournament four times and finished T2, Win, T2, T11. That is an incredibly impressive streak that shows no signs of slowing down.

Many times, big tournament wins come down to factors that go beyond the game. Spieth feels right at home in Augusta, an element that could push him above tough holes where less experienced or more easily rattled competitors falter.

Spieth combines a strong history with current success in a way that few other players can. If he comes out of the gates strong and proves that he can keep up a consistent pace, he will likely be atop the leaderboards once Masters rolls around. A win for him also comes with the added bonus of stopping both Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy from reaching the coveted career Grand Slam before him.

3. Rickie Fowler

While as not as big of a name, or as popular a pick, as the above two players, Rickie Fowler has a real chance at winning the Masters. That statement may be met with some skepticism but, like Spieth, Fowler is a great choice to win because of his past success. He has finished in the top 15 of the tournament in three of the last four years.

During that time, he has also learned to play well when things don’t go his way. This is another external factor and one that could give him an edge over the competition. Fowler showed adversity when he wasn’t hitting well. When things are going his way, he should thrive.

Another reason Fowler could win the tournament is because he has shown in the past that he knows how to score around August National, and he finished number 2 in putting at last year’s PGA Tour. His swing could improve, he ranked 147th best ball-striker on Tour, but if it does he could be a serious contender come April.

Three Solid Picks to Win the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament and Masters Golf Predictions

All three of the above players have the makings of Masters Winners. It is not easy to take down any tournament, and that goes double for ones chock-full of skilled players. Johnson, Spieth, and Fowler all have their work cut out for them, and they know what steps they need to take to leave April on top. While there are many shifts that could occur in the next few months, if these three can continue their current pace, they all have a chance at victory. At least these are the masters golf predictions for this season.



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