7 Best Junior Golf Clubs to Take on the Next Kids Golf Camp

Despite being considered to be the toughest sport in the world, many parents still introduce their kids to golfing during their early years and help them develop their skills over time.

It may be frustrating to both you and your child, but golf is an extremely rewarding sport that allows young golfers to compete with others, and more importantly, themselves.

There’s nothing like that addictive satisfaction that comes from getting brilliant shots into the air and improving their skill levels with constant practice. That’s why you need to get the best kids golf clubs.

Many golfing parents shudder at the thought of buying their children new clubs, probably because of the cost and how quickly the kids will outgrow them.

But this shouldn’t be the case. The perfect junior golf club will ensure that your kid is comfortable to take shots, take the distance and he/she will eventually love the sport more and more.

Finding the right set of clubs for your young golfer can be a daunting endeavor if you do not know where to start. Don’t fear, cost-conscious folks, here are the best affordable youth golf clubs for your children:

Top 7 Affordable Junior Golf Clubs of 2018

1. Wilson Men’s Junior

If you are looking for something from a popular golf brand that offers top quality golf club sets but at a favorable price range, this could be an ideal club for you. The whole Wilson set comes in a stylish carrying bag with sturdy graphite clubs. There is also a girl's version of the set available. 

It is a right-handed set that includes a hybrid, driver, pitching wedge, putter, as well as two irons. It is available in small (ages 4-7), medium (ages 7-10), and large sizes (ages 10-14).

2. Tour Edge Boys Golf Set

This Tour Edge junior club set is perfect for kids between the ages of 4-7 years old. The set comes with two irons, a 29-degree hybrid, a 15-degree matrix driver, and a putter. The stand bag is spacious enough for all your kid’s golf items.

The junior clubs are made of stainless steel for the fairway woods and the graphite shafts, make it easier for the young golfers to swing the clubs and hit the ball, even longer distances with the proper technique. The feel, the grip, and weight of the clubs were just right for kids who are just starting to play competitively.

The stylish hybrid design will provide your child with top-of-the-line technology geared to improve their swings, and the titanium drives will allow them to launch the golf balls farther and higher.

3. Golf Girl Junior Set, Pink

More and more young girls are getting into golf. But most of them wouldn’t prefer playing with the best kids golf clubs as their male counterparts. These clubs are not only masculine in design, but are also a bit heavy for the girls.

The sturdy construction of the clubs means junior golfers will not worry about breaking them with every hit and whack — and that’s what the first swings will feel. The light feel, comfortable grip, and right flex of the clubs will work to her advantage as she learns the swing basics, too.

The Golf Girl Junior is the perfect junior club set for young girls between 4-10 years. It comes with a driver with extra loft, 3 titanium matrix irons, and a pink putter. The package is completed with a rain hood, Velcro glove tab, an umbrella holder, and four exterior pockets.

4. Intech Future Tour

The affordability of this intech junior club set makes it appeal to a great number of parents. With this set, you get a 9-iron, a 5-iron, a driver, and a putter.

The graphite shafts add to improved swings and, thus, better aims. The set already comes with almost everything for a beginner and intermediate golfer, including a stainless driver, a 4/5 iron, an 8/PW iron, and a junior putter. The golf set is suitable for kids age 8-12 yrs.

Even though it doesn’t come with a built-in stand, this junior golf set it does have a comfortable carrying strap. Its small size will also offer you more space in your golf cart.

5. Nitro Blaster Kids Golf

This right-handed junior set of clubs is not only affordable, but it also has an appealing black and red design.

The whole set comes with a quality bag,  a 9-iron, 7-iron, a 3-hybrid, a driver, a putter, as well as golf head covers to protect your clubs. The bag has a lot of pockets to keep your golf items and other golf equipment neat and in order.

6. Paragon Rising Star

The Rising Star junior golf clubs have both right-handed and left-handed sets which come with 5 well-made clubs, an oversized driver, a 5-hybrid, and a mallet-style putter.

The toddler golf club set has a lofted fairway wood, an oversized iron, and a mallet-style putter, which can be kept inside a carry bag. The oversized driver has a large sweet spot, while the irons have a wide sole, both of which contribute to the more natural hitting of the golf balls, and even for longer distances.

The bag has an incorporated stand and you get a free golf hat for every purchase you make.

7. EPEC Upgradeable Golf Clubs for Kids

This set of golf clubs is a lifetime investment – they can be upgraded as your junior grows. You don’t need to worry about buying new golf clubs ever. Its high-quality bag also has an interchangeable color panel to mix and match colors.

The junior golf set includes two irons, a driver, putter, and utility wood. However, it only has a right-handed option.

The set includes two irons, a driver, putter, and utility wood. However, it only has a right-handed option.

Enroll Your Kid in a Golf Course Today!

According to the National Golf Foundation, there are over 17,500 golf courses in the country. This means that you can easily find golf lessons for kids close to your home.

One of the best kids golf clubs in the United States is the U.S. Kids Golf. It offers a serene environment for your kids to learn the art of professional golfing. The best time to enroll your kids is when the camps are least crowded – it will reduce the pressure on your young Tiger Woods!


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