How to Grip a Golf Club That’s Right For You

how to grip a golf club that's right for you

Golf is a complex game. There are many different aspects of the sport, and one of the most overlooked is the way to grip a club.

It is easy to forget that grip is important, but the right handling is key when it comes to accuracy, distance, and overall club control.

How To Grip A Golf Club

Grip is a fundamental part of golf.

Not only can it allow you to shoot straighter, but, as it determines the overall swing outcome, it can also lead to more solid shots. In this guide, we will go over how to grip a golf club and look at a method that can be used by new and more advanced golfers alike.

The Basics of a Strong Golf Grip

When learning how to grip a golf club, you first want to stand in a natural position and let your hands hang at your sides.

Next, use your left hand (all directions should be switched depending on what side you’re dominant on) and take the handle of the golf club in a way that positions it square to the target.

From there, you want to rest the butt end of the club right below the heel pad of your hand so that it extends diagonally across the fingers. During this stage, the club should touch the base of the pinkie finger and sit right above the index finger’s fist joint.

Note that while many people naturally hold the club in the palm of their hand, you actually want it to sit across the fingers of the left hand. This will enable you to swing with the most amount of control.

​Getting the Correct Finger Position

how to grip a golf club that's right for you

The next part of setting up the grip is correctly positioning your fingers.

You first want to place the thumb of our left hand on the grip of the club at one o’clock and grasp it.

At this point, you should be able to see the knuckles of your first two fingers of the left hand. That sets up your left-hand grip.

Once you’ve done that, you want to move to your right hand.

Place the pad of your right thumb over your left thumb in a way that makes sure the club rests diagonally across the fingers of your right hand. Then, place your thumb at 11 o’clock to finish the grip.

Once you’ve placed both of your hands, you can check to see if you’re in the right position by noting if the “V” created by the thumb and forefinger of each hand points inside your right shoulder.

The Three Types of Golf Grips

​Once you get the basics of a proper grip, you next want to choose the one that best suits you.

There are three options and the Vardon grip (also known as the overlap grip) is the most popular. Here, the pinkie finger on your right-hand rests between the index and middle finger.

The next grip is the interlock grip, where the pinkie finger of your right-hand hooks beneath the index finger on the left to rest between the index and middle fingers.

The final grip is the baseball, or 10-finger, grip. This one is used mostly by beginner golfers or those with small hands. Here, you place your left hand at the end of the club with your right hand directly below it.

All three of the above grips have different uses. Use the one that feels the most comfortable to you.

The Importance of Positioning and Pressure

how to grip a golf club that's right for you

​A big error many people make when trying to achieve the proper way on how to grip a golf club, is holding the club too far up. You want to be careful to avoid this problem because it will lead to a loss of control.

Rather, you want to leave an inch between the top of your grip and the end of the club.

Many grips mark where your bottom thumb should go, but they can be a bit high. Moving your hands slightly down the shaft can greatly improve overall consistency.

Another tip is to pay close attention to the amount of pressure you apply to the club. The general rule is if you can feel the tension in your forearms you’re probably gripping it too tightly. Such restriction will prevent you from fully turning your shoulders and affect your swing. Do your best to have soft hands.

The Best Way to a Strong Swing

how to grip a golf club that's right for you

​While playing golf you will generally grip a club between 70 and 100 times around. As such, it is important to know you’re doing it right.

This is one of the simplest parts of the game, but it is extremely important.

Learning how to grip a golf club will make it so that you have a consistent swing, which builds the foundation of making you a better golfer.


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