How to Drive a Golf Ball Like a Boss

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Learning how to drive a golf ball like a boss means more than hitting the ball far. It means more than hitting it straight. Driving the golf ball like a boss is about being in charge of the ball.

It means you can hit the ball where you want, when you want. A boss drives the golf ball with control in any situation.

What Makes Driving Your Ball So Important?

Learning how to drive a golf ball is important on many levels. Your tee shot is the first shot of every hole and it sets the tone, mentally and numerically, for the rest of the hole. A flubbed drive or a tee shot in the woods is deflating and hard to overcome.

However, when your tee shot is in the middle of the fairway just a short iron away from the green, your mental state is much more likely to to carry you to par or better. It is crucial to land your drive in a position that allows you to get close to, if not on, the green in two shots.

If you are only 100 yards from the green but you are behind a line of blue spruce pine trees, you are not likely going to be putting for birdie. If you are 170 yards out with a clear line to the pin, your chances have greatly improved.

How to Drive a Golf Ball

Learning how to drive a golf ball like a pro means being the boss of your whole body. It is easy to concentrate so much on your arms that the rest of your body becomes a rooted tree.

Your Hands

The placement of your hands will affect many aspects of your swing, including ball trajectory. Consider adjusting your left hand inward with your knuckles pointing toward the pin.

Be sure to hold the shaft of the club primarily with your fingers and not the palm of your hand. Also, do not put a death grip on the club. When you swing, your right hand should turn over as you make contact with the ball. This generates extra club speed and gives the ball longer distance.

Your Arms

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When learning how to drive a golf ball, you can also increase your distance by keeping your left arm straight. Many coaches talk about keeping your left arm straight to avoid slicing the ball, but it is also useful for adding distance.

Ultimately the clubhead travels a greater distance with a straight lead arm, thus gaining more momentum and speed.

Your Shoulders

Do not forget about your shoulders as you learn how to drive a golf ball. It is important that your shoulders remain aligned during your swing. Many golfer have a tendency to drop their right shoulder, but keeping your shoulders aligned positively affects your arms and hands.

Your Back

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Keep your back straight. Do not address the ball by bending with your back. All bending should be at the waist and knees. Not only will this improve your drives, it will keep your back healthier and less likely to suffer injury.

Your Hips

As you consider how to drive a golf ball, think of your hips as the mechanism that pulls your club through its downswing. Your hips always pull substantially more than your arms.

As your swing “winds up” during the backswing, your hips launch the “unwind” and release your club for the follow-through.

Your Knees

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Your knees should not bend so far you feel as if you are squatting. Neither should remain unbent. Your knees should find a comfortable location between a straight position and a squat position.

Remember, knees are easily injured in the game of golf, so always listen to what your knees are telling you.

Your Head

As your hips turn and your aligned shoulders rotate, your head should remain relatively unmoved during your swing. If your head is jerking or rotating, you will not drive the ball effectively.

Your Body Working together

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As you begin your backswing, all parts of your body should work together. Remember, for a right-handed golfer, your right hand is not dominant in the golf swing.

Your left arm, remaining straight, is dominant in the backswing. Imagine that your left arm is the club, and the back of your hand will have to make contact with the ball.

It is a good idea to warm up before your round by swinging only with your left arm. Your wrists should turn as you draw the club, along with your hips. Your hips and torso create the torque that will explode in your follow-through.

With your upper body coiled you are ready to shift your momentum and begin the downswing. Your left leg often starts the downswing. Your left knee should move toward your target.

Your left-hand knuckles should also aim to the target as your wrists move through the downswing. Remember, you are picturing the back of your left hand striking the ball.

Again, the right-hand remains subservient to the left. Do not allow your right hand to push your club downward in the downswing. At impact, hit through the ball. Do not stop your swing when you make the impact, but continue with a meaningful follow-through. All of your body members need to complete the follow-through together, including hands, arms, hips, and legs.

Best Clubs to Drive Your Ball

As you continue learning how to drive a golf ball, you need to choose the best driver for your cause. A recreational golfer's driver will probably vary between 9 to 11 degrees of loft. A driver with a 10.5-degree loft is perfect for a golfer just learning how to drive the golf ball. Though more loft on the driver will sacrifice a bit of length, it will you more control to be the boss of your drive.

Callaway Epic Flash

Like the original Epic, the Epic Flash has “jailbreak” technology with titanium bars connecting the sole to the crown. It also has a very stable head and an adjustable weight track.

The driver comes with your choice of 9, 10.5, and 12-degree loft.

Mizuno ST190G

The Mizuno ST190G uses beta titanium alloy and carbon-fiber crowns to create a low center of gravity. The club also features “waves” on the sole to grow the sweet spot up to 50 percent.

It also has a steel weight deep in the sole adding stability along with parallel sliding weight tracks. The driver comes with your choice of 9 or 10.5-degree loft.

TaylorMade M6

This club is one of the most forgiving top-of-the-line drivers. They fill the sole with carbon composite along with a flanking weighted center. It features a fast face, and they inject the head with resin. The driver comes with your choice of 9, 10.5, and 12-degree loft.

Titleist TS2

This driver has a unique face design with a very thin titanium crown. It creates more ball speed than past Titleist models.

The weight of the club is primarily in the lower portion, and it is forgiving to mis-hits. The driver comes with your choice of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, or 11.5-degree loft.

Ping G400

The Ping G400 has an internal ribbed structure that gives the club a great feel. While still offering a large sweet spot, this driver has a thin, flexible face to generate ball speed.

The club boasts “Dragonfly technology” that allowed lightweight components to leave more weight at the bottom of the club. They added a tungsten sole weight to create a low center of gravity.

The driver comes with your choice of 8.5 or 10-degree loft.

When Not to Use a Driver

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Learning to drive a golf ball involves learning when to keep your driver in the bag. Driving like a boss means hitting the ball where you want it and not necessarily as far as humanly possible.

Among many of the best golfers, accuracy trumps distance. Other times, such as a long hole with a wide-open fairway, you are all clear to grip it and rip it.


Learning how to drive a golf ball like a boss is an important part of your golf game, and with practice and persistence, you can do it.

Your tee shot will be critical to your final score on any hole. A drive with a long distance that lands in the fairway dramatically increases your chance of leaving the hole with a par. It is imperative you give yourself a chance to reach the green on your second shot.

Each part of your body plays an important role in driving the ball, and as you master each of them, they come together to make one efficient swing.

If you are serious about learning how to drive a golf ball, an investment in the best driving clubs may be wise. But remember, the wisest golfers know when to use their driver and when to keep it in the bag.

You now have the information you need to start learning how to drive a golf ball like a boss. Make this the season you follow through on your desire.


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