Enumerating The 8 Health Benefits Of Golf You Should Know

Saying that golf is fun is about the same as saying that water is wet and the sky is blue. Known as the gentleman’s game, most people play golf for recreation or networking while on the greens or both. It’s safe to say that most people don’t pick up golf clubs to stay fit and increase their lifespan. Well, it is a good thing that golf is not just a good recreational activity but it can offer various health benefits, and can even improve mental health and increase life expectancy. Today, we’re going to enumerate some of the best health benefits of golf.

8 Health Benefits of Golf

​​​​While it may seem like a relaxing game for spectators, you can actually have a good workout while playing golf. Well, that’s granted that you play on foot while carrying a golf bag in your back. Here are the benefits of golf that you should know:​​​

1. Outdoor Exposure

Exposing yourself outdoors can already make you feel better and more positive. The nature of playing golf necessitates that you play in courses as large as 200 acres. Being outdoors can provide many benefits to the body and mind. Spending time outdoors causes your vitamin D levels to rise which helps fight certain conditions from cancer to osteoporosis. Plus being in green areas can relax your body and reduce stress levels.

2. Heart Health

Any form of physical exertion will help in pumping blood to your health. While playing a game of golf, you are constantly walking, swinging and carrying a bag. All of these activities are good for reducing the risks of heart diseases, and also for lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. The Norwegian Golf Federation found that playing a standard five-hour golf game will give you an average heart rate of 100 beats per minute.

3. Weight Loss

Walking 30 to 200 acres for every game means a lot of walking. An 18-hole round can easily have you walk more than 10,000 steps, and that’s a lot of calories burned. In fact, according to the experts, an average golfer burns around 2,500 calories by doing a standard 18 hole round. So we highly recommend that you carry your own bags and skip the golf cart to keep those calories burning.

4. Mental Benefits

Increased heart rate also means that blood will flow to the brain, stimulating and improving nerve cell connections. Doing this on a regular basis can keep mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease at bay. Golf is also a very competitive sport and you’re not just competing with your golfing buddies but with yourself as well. Aiming to beat your personal scores and improving your game can help boost self-confidence. You also employ mental alacrity for tallying scores and improving strategies.

5. Improved Vision

When playing golf, you always have your eyes on that little white ball, even when it is many yards away. So golfers will need a pretty good vision to keep their eyes on the ball. Playing golf on a regular basis allows you to hone the keenness of your vision. Hand-eye coordination is also improved while golfing.

6. Better Sleep

According to a study, regular exercise can lead to a 65 percent improvement in sleep quality. As mentioned, playing golf can give you a good workout during the day. Later at night, your body will thank you for all the exercise and the well-deserved rest. Golfers find themselves falling asleep faster and achieve a far more restful sleep. Deeper sleep means better cell regeneration and muscle repair. Plus, better sleep can do wonders for your next game.

7. Reduced Stress Levels

We already know that a round of golf is a great way to relax and unwind. Being outdoors and under the sun while playing with your buddies is always a good way to forget any troubles. Playing golf almost always put you in a good mood (probably unless you have a bad game) as the natural, mood-enhancing chemicals called endorphins flood your brain. So pick up that golf bag and bust your stress.

8. Low Risk of Injury

There’s a reason why many older adults love to play golf. You can play the game at a leisurely pace and the risk of injury is low since it’s not a contact sport. Although golf mainly requires coordination, strategy, and accuracy, there’s still a good amount of physical activity involved while playing. You can play a game without worrying about injuries.

In Conclusion

Golf is not just a leisurely sport that you can play to chill and unwind. The health benefits of golf are greater than what most people think. So keep swinging that club for a better health and improved quality of life.


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