Why Golf Towels Are An Important Part Of Your Equipment (And Some Popular Options)

Why Golf Towels are an Important Part of Your Equipment

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When asked to list the most important tools for golf, some people neglect to mention towels. Your golf towel is a vital piece of your golf toolkit. It serves many purposes, and most golfers would be lost without it. But because they use it so often, they don’t give it much thought. Not having your towel can result in discomfort and poor shots. If you forget your towel, it could even cost you the round.

Purpose of a Golf Towel

However, having your towel will keep you comfortable and help you maintain accurate shots. This article is going to go into detail on the importance of keeping your towel with you at all times. You are going to learn how many towels you should bring with you and the type of towel you should buy. Finally, we are going to go over the different price ranges so you can find the best towel to suit your needs.

What Are Golf Towels Used For, Anyway?

Your golf towel serves the following purposes: keeping your clubs clean, keeping your clubs dry, and weather protection.

Golf towels are for absorbing moisture and drying objects like your hands, clubs, balls, etc. This is especially helpful when the green is wet from rain or a dewy morning. It is important to have a clean, dry golf club when golfing. If you don’t have a clean golf club, your shots will be less accurate and precise. You become accustomed to holding your golf club in a certain way and with a certain grip. This grip becomes a habit over time. After you get accustomed to holding your club in a certain way, anything out of place can through it off. If dirt or water get on your club, it will

make it difficult and challenging to maintain your normal grip. Not having a towel means you won’t be able to clean the dirt or dry the water of your golf club.

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However, having a towel enables you to keep your golf club clean and dry. A clean and dry golf club allows you to maintain the grip you have become accustomed to. This means you will be able to maintain your accuracy and precision. Enhanced precision will give you a better overall score, and it will enhance your odds of winning each match. A clean golf club could make the deciding factor in an otherwise closely matched round. Part of a solid strategy includes putting as many factors as possible in your favor.

Your golf towel can also be used to protect you from the weather. It can be wrapped around your neck to keep you cool on hot days. While wrapped around your neck, towels help protect against sunburn. Towels are also useful during the rain. When it’s raining, they can be placed over your head to keep water out of your eyes.

Materials Used In Golf Towels

Different materials serve different purposes. Towels that are made from microfiber are great at absorbing water. As a result, they are a popular choice for keeping golf clubs dry. Other materials are not as effective. If you go with a less effective material, you risk not being able to dry your clubs.

Now, microfiber might not be the best choice for cleaning dirt off your golf club and other equipment. Microfiber towels are great for absorbing water, but they were not designed to clean mud and dirt. If you try to use microfiber towels to clean dirt, they could break.

For cleaning dirt off of your golf equipment, you want to use Pima cotton. Pima cotton is strong and durable. It will not easily break or rip. This means it will not have to be replaced often. In addition to keeping your equipment clean, knowing which towel to use for each task will save you money.

How many Towels Should You Keep in Your Golf Bag?

You should have at least two or three golf towels in your golf bag at all times. You need one towel for drying your equipment and another towel for cleaning dirt and mud off your golf club. The optional third towel can be used to protect you from the weather. Now, it is

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recommended to keep at least one backup towel with you. You never know what could happen.

You could drop or lose a towel, or your towel could get damaged. If you lose the towel for drying your clubs, you could be in a bad situation. Even a little moisture can throw your swing off. If you don’t have a backup, it could cost you the round. You don’t want to risk losing a round because of something that is easily preventable.

Caring for Your Golf Towel

Caring for your golf towel is easy. However, it is important to check which material your towel is made from. Some materials can be washed in a washing machine but can’t be put in a dryer. Standard microfiber golf towels can be put in both the washer and dryer. It is important to use the gentle setting when washing your towel.

You can also use a gentle fabric softener on your microfiber towel. Your towel should be washed after every match. Dirty towels are not as effective at cleaning and removing dirt from your equipment. Dirty towels will only move the dirt and mud around without actually removing it from the golf club.

How Often Should You Replace Your Golf Towel?

If you ask ten different people how often you should replace your golf towel, you will get ten different answers. Not everyone agrees on this topic. Many people overthink this topic, so let’s keep it simple. There is not a mathematical formula that dictates how often a towel should be replaced. It is best to

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use your judgement. If you towel is in good condition and it still does its job, then you can keep it. If your golf towel looks like it is in bad shape and it does not get its job done, then it is time to consider getting a replacement.

Golf Towel Prices and Trends

You can find golf towels at a variety of prices. Some are $5, and others sell for $20 or more. Again, when picking a golf towel, go with one that meets your needs. Pick a quality towel that will last a long time. The Nike 14 x 14 Microfiber towel is currently trending. It is lightweight but durable. Because it is designed to be used by golfers, it will not damage the finish on your clubs. This towel is currently selling for $15.90.

Greenside by G-Towel is also trending. You can currently get a three pack for $15.95. Three towels for the price of one is not a bad deal. This towel also has a snap attachment, so you can easily attach it to your bag or cart.

While you can find discounted towels, some buyers prefer to purchase brands such as Burberry golf towel or Lacoste. Or, you can always go for the popular golf brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, or Titleist.

Golf Towel Accessories

Golf towels accessories are also available. You can get a ring or clip so you can keep it with you on your bag or caddy without having to worry about losing it. Sometimes you can even get matching gloves. You'll see this with the pros or at tournaments (Such as the BMW tournament or Masters) since they get sponsored and branded golf accessories to use

Best Golf Towels Reviews – Cool Golf Towels: Brands, Ideas, and Personalization

Depending on your style, price range, and brand preferences, there are a variety of different cool golf towels you can choose from. We have compiled some of the most popular, unique, and top-rated golf towels currently available. We have segmented them into related categories below. From there, you can decide the right towel choice for you!

Monogrammed Golf Towels

golf towel monogrammed
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This is a super popular trend for women. This would make a great gift for the female in your life that loves golf (and monograms!). You can custom order these online. Depending on the site, you can actually find them for pretty cheap surprisingly. Shop Monogrammed Golf Towel's on Amazon

Patterned Golf Towels

camo pattern golf towel
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They also make golf towels that come in various patterns. You don't just have to stick to a blank color. They have camo, argyle, and checkered patterns (among others). You can also get towels that are embroidered! Shop Patterned Golf Towel's on Amazon

Cooling Golf Towels

Via Alfamo Cooling Towels on Amazon.com (see all colors here)

Under Armor, Puma, Wilson, and Adidas are all brands that make golf towels for their purpose. They are usually waffle material. These are more affordable than some of the more popular brands, but still have the same function. They are classic and sharp looking and can be used on hot days to keep your cool, literally. Shop Cooling Golf Towel's on Amazon

Random / Funny Golf Towels

funny golf towels
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If you love movies like Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore, maybe you should consider getting a golf towel with a funny phrase or quote. Or it could have something weird and random on it like a frog or a Guinness Beer. Or just a bright,  obnoxious color so you stand out at your next golf outing. Either way, you can get something that will strike up a conversation. Shop Funny Golf Towel's on Amazon

Sports Team Towels

Shop other NFL sports team golf towels on Amazon here!

You can get customized towels that have your favorite sports team on them. Say you're a Dallas Cowboys fan or Steelers fan you can get a towel to match your passion! But this isn't just for NFL football, it can be for any sport (ex. Liverpool soccer team) and any level (collegiate such as Clemson). You can get whatever you want with this personalized golf accessory! Shop Sports Team Golf Towel's on Amazon


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