Scoring In the Rain: Golf Rain Gear that Keeps You On the Green

Scoring In the Rain: Golf Rain Gear that Keeps You On the Green

“Be it rough, trees, sand, water, wind or wild animals, the golfer must contend with everything nature can throw at him” – Author Unknown.

It does not take much convincing to invoke the passion in an avid golfer to hit the fairway when the morning sun glistens off of the emerald carpet and there is not a cloud in sight. But try to get him out during a light mist or snow shower and you may find that you and your peers are giving new meaning to the term “water hazard”. There are little-known benefits, however, to taking advantage of inclement weather that are worth considering.

Head out when the sky is overcast and you just might find you have more control over your pace by avoiding the crowds. You are less likely to get stuck behind a group of duffers out for a Sunday stroll, and you have the added benefit of taking your own time as well. Consider revisiting golf as a leisurely habit again. Stranger things have been happened.Taking advantage of your newfound freedom isn’t the only potential benefit to heading out when others shy away from the weather. You’ll likely have less of an audience for a flub, yes, but even better, consider the probability that the moisture will lend itself to a softer course and more control over where your ball ultimately lands. A ball that strikes on wet, spongy ground is more likely to stay exactly where it lands. This means that any handicaps you suffer from the weather can be countered by keeping your ball out of unsavory territory.

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Do yourself a favor and do not hit the fairway without golf rain gear that is going to keep you dry, comfortable, and, as a result, focused. After all, this is a game, a competition. If not against your peers, certainly against your internal voice.

If you are caught unprepared for rain or snow, there is no rule stating you cannot play, but you may forsake some creature comforts that offset the benefits. Up the ante instead, by stocking up on golf rain gear that doesn’t break the bank. Wearing golf gloves to avoid blisters and callouses has the added benefit of keeping your lead hand warm and dry when weather strikes.
Aim for a glove manufactured in a knit that will protect your hands from moisture by drying quickly or wicking it away- whether it’s a gentle mist or summer perspiration. These are available in black only, so if you are hoping to make a statement, you may want to do a quick search elsewhere, just keep your fabric choice in mind.

While it is still a little unorthodox to golf in the snow, you can don the same type of gear and expect to maintain an acceptable level of comfort, even if the actual game itself evolves when the white stuff falls. Thermal wear can bridge the gap between rainwear and heavier, more cumbersome snow gear. It is also easier on the wallet than two separate wardrobes in addition to your usual gear.

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You will not need, nor will you likely be comfortable in, boots on the course. Golf shoes with soft spikes will suffice, just plan to protect your feet against the elements with a pair of breathable, warm sports socks. Drymax socks boast that they keep feet 25 times drier than the competition.
Remember when you were promised a less costly rain suit? Look no further than the Nike Golf Men’s Storm-Fit Rain Suit priced below $300, not only is it well-rated, but the suit in its entirety runs about the same as some of the higher end components, where you will find that kind of price for each jacket and the pants, separately.
Colors, oh the issue of colors. Traditionalists will make the case for your yellow or black rain gear. Not only is it on par with the admittedly foregone bylaws of golfing attire, but if one piece of your gear wears out or is damaged, it is easier to replace a standard black jacket than to try matching funkier colors or styles that may be more elusive. You will be hard pressed to find designer, funky duds that serve the dual purpose of keeping you dry and warm, but if you are considering it, it may be wise to take into account the course’s dress code before you spend a lot of money on snazzy new gear.
As options abound, it is not complicated nor does it have to be expensive to outfit yourself for a day on the course in inclement weather. Let us not belittle the joy perfect can bring to an avid golfer. There is something to be said for a comfortable, dry, day and the knowledge that the only moisture you’ll see is that of your sweaty palms as you hunt down the elusive birdie. But if it is perfection you seek, why not step outside of your comfort zone? Who knows, you may just find that a challenge and your newfound versatility (and wardrobe!) will likely give you the edge you need to bring your “A” game.
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