“The Intelligence Distance Golf Training System” by Alex Fortey

fortey-picMr. Fortey is a pro golfer, former champion, and major coach to all types of players, from professionals to weekenders, he’s coached them all. He runs his site AthleticGolfTraining.com and TheArtofSimpleGolf.com to spread the knowledge and the love of golf. The IDGTS is a part of his philosophy/website “The Art of Simple Golf.” The site is all about making golf simple enough to be fun again.

What is the IDGTS??

Alex program was designed to simplify golf and bring back the fun in the game we love. The website has an array of great programs and products that I encourage you to check out. The IDGTS includes 40 drills and 40 exercises to make sure you build the right muscles and form the right habits to hone your skills to increase 40 yards in 40 days. It even includes material for study to avoid certain myths and common pitfalls of common golfers and even an equipment report to make sure your clubs and equipment are working with you, and not against you.

What am I buying?

The program is an online membership with access to an archive of infographics, pages of easy to understand reading material and excellent video aids. Mr. Bowden boldly offers three simple guarantees. The first is of personal support. Member who aren’t seeing the results they want will get his personal attention until they get it. The second is a 60 day money back guarantee. And finally, the satisfaction guarantee. Even if you’re already a long drive kind of golfer and you don’t see the extra yards you were hoping for, he’ll refund your money. No questions. Find out more   The program includes a 4CD pack with the drills and a manual for the 40 drills. It also includes a couple excellent bonus materials like “Be Deadly from 100 Yards In” which focuses on great golf tips for improving your short game. Whether it’s from the fairway with a chip shot or busting out of the sand bunker.“Bulletproof Golfer” is a great book on how to stay in optimal shape to keep golfing for years and minimize the chance of injury. “7 Minutes to Power and Performance” is an eBook and CD set to enhance your pre and post game routine. Finally it includes “Putting Tips and Drills from the Tour” which is a very simple approach to the most important part of the game. If you’re still uncertain you can take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. Click here to try it! Try it for 40 days and you are guaranteed to increase 40 yards to your swing! Or your money back!


I have lost 20 pounds and increased 20 plus yards on my tee shots with the performance program from Alex.