So who is this guy?

David believes that the traditional concept of creating your golf swing leaves us overthinking our swing, which invariably ruins our swing. His program isn’t about teaching you how to swing like Tiger, or Mickelson, or even John Daly. Actually he thinks you shouldn’t. Those golfers have developed those swings specifically for THEM. Instead his point is to teach you how to build YOUR swing, which works with your body. This makes the swing feel more natural, leaving fewer distractions in your mind. If you can limit the distractions you’re going to improve your swing.

What do I get?

Mr. Nevogt program comes with an eBook and video presentation. The program is designed to save you on three points. Save money, because let’s face it, you can drop hundreds of dollars on lessons and only become more frustrated. Save Time, those lessons aren’t cheap and they certainly require a time commitment. Save Sanity, bad strokes can drive you mad. In truth when the Scots invented golf I’m sure they named it a “stroke” for a reason. So keep it simple. It also includes a plethora of bonus material on everything from working your short game, to putting, to golf fitness exercises. Plus a lifetime upgrade guarantee, so when new material comes out it is automatically yours. The biggest bonus for the buyer is how accessible everything is. With the system online you can study and train from anywhere you’ve got your phone. It also includes a few bonuses like how to alter your swing for your short game and tips on putting.

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“I’m making solid contact on every shot.” Immediately, I cut 7 to 10 strokes off my scorecard. My lowest score ever is a 75 when all aspects of the game came together on a Saturday morning. But I’m shooting in the low 80’s more consistently. -Carlos