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If you're anything like me it's good to get a tune up on your whole game. Especially during the winter months. Check out these golf training programs that will hone your skills in everything from fitness, to perfecting your swing, to improving your short game.

“The Intelligent Distance Golf Training System” by Alex Fortey

Who is Alex Fortey??

Mr. Fortey is a pro golfer, former champion, and major coach to all types of players, from professionals to weekenders, he's coached them all. He runs his site and to spread the knowledge and the love of golf. The IDGTS is a part of his philosophy/website “The Art of Simple Golf.” The site is all about making golf simple enough to be fun again.

Learn how to make your swing better and make the game fun again!

 What is the IDGTS??

Alex program was designed to simplify golf and bring back the fun in the game we love. The website has an array of great programs and products that I encourage you to check out. The IDGTS includes 40 drills and 40 exercises to make sure you build the right muscles and form the right habits to hone your skills to increase 40 yards in 40 days. It even includes material for study to avoid certain myths and common pitfalls of common golfers and even an equipment report to make sure your clubs and equipment are working with you, and not against you.

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What do I get??

The program includes a 4CD pack with the drills and a manual for the 40 drills. It also includes a couple excellent bonus materials like “Be Deadly from 100 Yards In” which focuses on great golf tips for improving your short game. Whether it's from the fairway with a chip shot or busting out of the sand bunker. “Bulletproof Golfer” is a great book on how to stay in optimal shape to keep golfing for years and minimize the chance of injury. “7 Minutes to Power and Performance” is an eBook and CD set to enhance your pre and post game routine. Finally it includes “Putting Tips and Drills from the Tour” which is a very simple approach to the most important part of the game. If you're still uncertain you can take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. Click Here to try it!

Try it for 40 days and you are guaranteed to increase 40 yards to your swing! Or your money back!

The Intelligent Distance Golf Training System

By Alex Fortey


  • 40 Swing Drills
  • 40 Golf Specific Exercise/Stretching
  • ”7 Minutes to POWER and PERFORMANCE”
  • ”Bulletproof Golfer”
  • ”Be Deadly at 100 yards In”
  • 5 Common Faults
  • 5 Common Myths
  • Bonus Equipment Report
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

David Fuller

I have lost 20 pounds and increased 20 plus yards on my tee shots with the performance program from Alex.

“Body for Golf” by Susan Hill

Who is Susan Hill??

Ms. Hill has written 8 books and featured in publications like GolfersMd, and SELF Magazine, not to mention that she used to write for Golf Illustrated. If that doesn't speak to her authority enough, she's also interviewed on ESPN for her knowledge in golf fitness. If you want to get advice from the best, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone better than Susan Hill.


What's her program about??

Her program isn't some quick fix, but it isn't some insane P-90X for golfers either. Instead, her workouts are about maximized use of time. This also isn't about becoming super ripped or buff; it's about building lean, flexible, and powerful muscles that you can use in your swing. Learn what exercises work and what exercises to AVOID in her 6 week program. She even includes a nutrition program, because fitness doesn't just come from exercise. It starts with what fuel you put into your body.

What do you get??

The program includes a copy of “Body for Golf” by Susan Hill. Plus three bonus books: “Golf Experts Tell All” where 6 experts discuss everything about everything, “Ultimate Stretching Guide” learn which are the best stretches for your pre-game routine to give you the best range of motion without hurting yourself, “Most Burning Questions” which is a compilation by Susan Hill of her most frequently asked questions and their answers. Click here to try it!

Learn the TRUTH that the professionals know, and 99% of amateurs don't.

Body for Golf

By Susan Hill


  • 6 Week Program
  • “Body for Golf” Book
  • Includes a Nutrition program
  • Learn proper stretching and flexibility exercises
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonus Book: “Golf Experts Tell All” (value of $97)
  • Bonus Book: “Ultimate Stretching Guide” (value of $39.95)
  • Bonus Book: “Most Burning Questions” (value of $39.95)


I really got a lot more flexible. My shoulder turn improved about 30-40% at least… The wholeness of stretching improved my wellness feeling immensely. I just feel better now – bottom line.

“The Simple Golf Swing” by David Nevogt.

So who is this guy??

David believes that the traditional concept of creating your golf swing leaves us overthinking our swing, which invariably ruins our swing. His program isn't about teaching you how to swing like Tiger, or Mickelson, or even John Daly. Actually he thinks you shouldn't. Those golfers have developed those swings specifically for THEM. Instead his point is to teach you how to build YOUR swing, which works with your body. This makes the swing feel more natural, leaving fewer distractions in your mind. If you can limit the distractions you're going to improve your swing.

What do I get??

Mr. Nevogt program comes with an eBook and video presentation. The program is designed to save you on three points. Save money, because let's face it, you can drop hundreds of dollars on lessons and only become more frustrated. Save Time, those lessons aren't cheap and they certainly require a time commitment. Save Sanity, bad strokes can drive you mad. In truth when the Scots invented golf I'm sure they named it a “stroke” for a reason. So keep it simple.

It also includes a plethora of bonus material on everything from working your short game, to putting, to golf fitness exercises. Plus a lifetime upgrade guarantee, so when new material comes out it is automatically yours.

The biggest bonus for the buyer is how accessible everything is. With the system online you can study and train from anywhere you've got your phone. It also includes a few bonuses like how to alter your swing for your short game and tips on putting. Click here to try it!


The Simple Golf Swing

By David Nevogt


  • ebook “The Simple Golf Swing”
  • Video “The Simple Golf Swing”
  • Bonus: Simple Golf Swing Short Game Video
  • Bonus: Golf Swing Driver Video
  • Bonus: The Simple Chip
  • Bonus: Mike Pedersen's “Fit to A Tee” eBook
  • Bonus: At Home Valuable Training Aids
  • Bonus: 3 Valuable Putting Tips
  • Check Circle
    Bonus: How to get out of the Sand
  • Check Circle
    Bonus: Lifetime Upgrades
  • Check Circle
    Bonus: Mental Preshot Routine
  • Check Circle
    Bonus: Secrets from the Game's Longest Hitter (Mike Austin)


Immediately, I cut 7 to 10 strokes off my scorecard. My lowest score ever is a 75 when all aspects of the game came together on a Saturday morning. But I'm shooting in the low 80's more consistently.


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