Who is Jaacob Bowden?

Jaacob was a personal student of Dan Shauger and was even introduced to Mike Austin (who holds the Guinness World Record for longest drive). Mr. Bowden’s system is simple, it’s all about that speed. The faster you swing, the more torque you generate, the more force you deliver. Simple physics. Now anyone can go out, grab a club, and smack it with whatever force we can muster. The real trick is learning how to really use your body to create awesome speed and control. This doesn’t even require building a whole new swing from scratch. Instead Jaacob focuses on several simple adjustments anyone can make.

What am I buying?

The program is an online membership with access to an archive of infographics, pages of easy to understand reading material and excellent video aids. Mr. Bowden boldly offers three simple guarantees. The first is of personal support. Member who aren’t seeing the results they want will get his personal attention until they get it. The second is a 60 day money back guarantee. And finally, the satisfaction guarantee. Even if you’re already a long drive kind of golfer and you don’t see the extra yards you were hoping for, he’ll refund your money. No questions. Find out more