Rory McIlroy’s Coach Reveals Simple “10-Minutes-Per-Day” Technique
To Your Perfect Swing And Reach Your Best Potential
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Who is Michael Bannon?

Michael Bannon has been the personal coach for Rory McIlroy ever since Rory was a kid. He’s been there ever since keeping him tuned up and winning. If that wasn’t enough proof for you, try this. Michael Bannon was awarded European PGA Coach of the Year!

What are the 6 tips about?

Michael’s main point is that most of us are overloaded with things to think about when getting ready to swing. So the system is about building muscle memory so your swing becomes subconscious and automatic. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Using 10 minutes a day anywhere, you can perfect your golf swing. Each step builds on top of the last to effortlessly ingrain the motions to your subconscious.

What do I get?

A virtual format to help you visualize the 6 step program. The program also includes two speed-learning bonuses. First is a transcript manual so you can highlight and take notes on the golf tips that are most crucial to your game. The second is an audio recording you can listen to on your ipod or in your car. The reason for these aids is simple. The more senses you can involve in your learning, the more it will stick. These lessons coming to you from a gentleman who is normally only accessible to professional tour players, and it’s backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.

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