Golf Exercises to Keep You in the Swing of Things

Golf Exercises to Keep You in the Swing of Things

It’s not always possible to get to the green, but you can still build your base and improve your game even if you can’t get out and practice. It’s time you stop thinking about your golf game as a location-specific event that requires acres of exquisitely-trimmed grass. The following exercises and techniques will help you improve your game and become a more effective player.

It’s All In Your Head

Before discussing specific exercises for developing your physical strength, it’s important to realize that golf doesn’t require super-human strength. While you need to be in decent physical condition and you must have a good overall level of tone, the majority of the game is mental.

Visualization techniques can be practiced anywhere and they genuinely increase your effectiveness on the course. Imagine yourself holding the club and taking that swing. Aim to feel the full complement of sensations, including the grip, weight and resistance of the ball. By visualizing the type of stroke you want on a daily basis, your mind will be better able to make the swing in real life.

The Importance of Stretching

Before each workout, it’s important that you get a good stretch in. Make sure you stretch your arms, legs and glutes. You’ll help to prevent injury if you stretch properly before each workout. Additionally, you’ll be able to get a better more fluid swing by completing a few basic stretches.shutterstock_49108966

Band Walk

This simple exercise requires two mini-bands. Place one about three inches above your knees and another just above your ankles. This will create tension when you open your legs to walk. Open your legs about shoulder-width apart. You may need to use bands with more resistance if this exercise is too easy for you.

Walk forward and use small steps. Keep your knees bent at a slight angle and swing your elbows to power you through each step. Make sure to keep your back straight and your knees in line with your toes throughout the duration of the exercise.

Perform from 10 to 15 reps and complete two to three sets two to three times per week. The legs are the foundation for your entire body, so it’s important to get regular leg workouts. When you’re finished with the for

This exercise does wonders to strengthen your glutes. Without a strong set of glutes, you won’t have a stable base from which to swing. Perform this exercise a few times a week, and you’ll begin to get in golf-ready shape in no time.

Inverted Hamstring Stretch

There are plenty of exercises to exercise your core, but you also need to get those hamstrings in top condition. Many injuries occur as the result of weak hamstrings, these simple exercises will greatly improve your endurance and help you to maintain good posture throughout the movement. Tight hamstrings may also cause lower back pain.

Standing on your left leg, you’ll want to extend your arms from your sides. Place one foot just slightly behind you and begin to bend at your waist. Keep your upper body rigid, and maintain the arms parallel to the floor. As you bend at the waist, begin to raise your back leg until you feel the burn in your hamstring. Use a slow and controlled movement throughout the exercise. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

The exercise should be completed on each leg with six reps on each leg. Complete one set until this exercise is extremely easy for you. Once you can do 10 reps easily, it’s time to get some ankle weights to increase the resistance. You don’t need much weight, but adding some five-pound weights to your ankles should give you plenty of extra resistance.

Hip Crossovers

When you twist the lower body, you’re better able to stretch tendons, muscles and ligaments in the hips and lower back. This not only helps you maintain better flexibility for a more fluid swing, but it also helps you with your follow-through. You’ll be more limber and have the strength to last the entire day on the course.

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Perform the exercise by lying face up on the ground. Put your arms to the sides and bend your knees. Place your feet wider than shoulder-width, and place your heels so that they are touching the ground. You’ll want to twist your bent legs to the left so that the reach the ground as well. Then, twist your bent legs to the right. Keep your shoulders on the ground throughout the exercise and make sure you maintain a strong core. You should be activating your abs throughout the entire exercise.

Complete six reps in each direction. You only need to complete one set every two to three days. This exercise is very effective, and it can greatly help improve your ability to last the entire day.

This exercise is great for improving your core strength. It will also help you to maintain a more fit body and avoid injuries during actual games. You’ll be able to hit farther and have more control over your swing when you perform this exercise regularly.

Glute Bridge Exercise

This exercise does wonders for strengthening your hamstrings and lower back. You’ll be able to mimic the thrust of your hips during the game as you move your body upward from a straight line. The exercise helps you develop the ability to thrust the hops all the way through the range of motion and increase your ability to create a greater impact on the ball.

Perform the exercise by lying down on your back. Hold both your arms out to the side in a cross-like pattern with your body.Bend your knees, and keep your toes facing up off the ground. Squeeze those glute muscles and bring your hips straight up to form a line from your shoulder to the knees. You should feel this exercise in your glutes and your core muscles.

This exercise will help you go the distance. You’ll want to perform one set of 10 to 15 reps two to three times per week. Depending on your level of fitness, you may wish to add extra weight to your stomach. However, the best method for improving your overall endurance is to add additional sets and reps until you are unable to complete any additional exercises.

Quad Rocking

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Playing well requires limber hips. Many of the exercises you’ll perform require you to flex those hip muscles. You’ll want your hips to be able to perform well throughout the entire swing. This exercise is also good for strengthening the lower back and taking some of the stress of it during your game.

Start by sitting on your hands and knees. Keep a straight back and place your toes curled under your ankles behind you. Push back as if you’re trying to push someone off you. Make sure you’re pulling your belly button into your spine and maintain that natural curve in your lower back. Move the hips backward. Stop only when you feel your pelvis starting to rotate. The goal is to hold your pelvis still through the entire range of motion and make sure you maintain regular breathing throughout the exercise.

This exercise can benefit from additional reps. You should aim for one set each week. Complete at least 10 reps per set. Add more reps as the exercise begins to become more comfortable. Keep a strong motion throughout and keep all your muscles tensed to get the best possible workout.


You’ll want to include some pushups in each workout. Not only do pushups increase your overall upper body strength, they help make your shoulders more resistant to injury. There are a few different pushups you should be including in your exercise routine. Aim to complete as many pushups as possible before you fatigue.

Military Style

The pushups will place a heavy emphasis on your triceps. Place your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Avoid the temptation to stretch your arms out. This may be more difficult than other types of pushups, but it will build strong arms.

Diamond Pushups

Place your arms in front of your chest and spread your legs out to the sides. Your legs should be wider than shoulder-length apart. With your hands, form the shape of a diamond directly in front of your chest. Complete as many of these as possible.

Open Fly Pushups

With your legs together, place your arms below you slightly wider than shoulder-length apart. Complete the pushup. You’ll feel your shoulders working during this exercise. Complete at least 10 reps.

Final Considerations

When you’re trying to improve your game, light exercises are the best way to go. You don’t want to become a body builder, but you should have the strength and muscle tone that is necessary to play at a high level. Building a good base may result in some soreness at first, but this should go away as your muscles begin to become used to the exercises. The goal is not to become exhausted after each workout. To play effectively, you need a body that can support its own body weight. It’s a very commonsense approach to fitness, and it will help you grow as a golfer.


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