Top Golf Club Differences Every Golfer Should Know

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Golf is more than just a physical sport, in that there are multiple ways to get down the fairway, and each method requires its own golf club.

Because your shot depends greatly on the club you’re using, it’s important to know the difference between them.

Once you have a good handle on your golf clubs, Golfer should know the Top Golf Club Differences and which to use for every situation, you can improve your game exponentially.

The Right Golf Club for Your Shot

Your typical golf club set comes with 14 clubs. These sets are then divided further into five categories including:

  • Woods: The wood is the club you use to drive the ball down the fairway. Typically the first club you use, it’s known for its large head, which used to be made of wood, hence the name. You use this club to drive the ball from the tee, and also hit your long-range shots. A typical golf club set will have anywhere from three to five golf drivers, with varying lofts, for different angles.
  • Irons: Irons come in numbered sets from three to nine. You may hear a golfer say, “hand me my 9-iron,” which means the ninth iron in a set. While woods are used for long distances, irons are used for shorter, more precise shots, from anywhere less than 200 yards.
  • Hybrids: Used to replace irons, hybrids are the newest category of club being used by golfers. Irons have notoriety for being difficult to use, hence the popularity of hybrids. While you may have the best golf irons around, you can still benefit from the use of a hybrid. Designed to be more forgiving, and using a large head, a hybrid can help any golfer get down the fairway.
  • Wedges: A wedge has an extreme angle, which is used to “wedge” the ball out of tight spots. These are the clubs you would use if you were trapped in a bunker, or if you were trying to hit over a particularly dense patch of grass. These are also generally used from a downhill position, as the wedge pops the ball up and over instead of through the green.
  • Putters: Most people are familiar with putters because they are used in miniature golf. In the traditional game, however, these clubs can be used with extreme precision to finish out a hole. Putters are either wedge or mallet shaped depending on the preference of the golfer.

The most important thing to remember when determining which golf club you will use, is the fact that all clubs are designed slightly different. Whether it’s the loft, which is the angle of the club, the length, material, or weight, all these factors change the direction of your shot and ease with which you can hit it.

Through course time, you will learn which club is best for which situation. In the simplest explanation however you should always remember that a wood gets you down the fairway, irons and hybrids are for middle range shots, wedges are used to get out of difficult situations, and putters are to close out a hole.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Golf Clubs

Whether you’re looking for the best golf clubs, or a complete golf club set, knowing what your looking for is critical to making a good purchase. Some shopping tips include:

  • Buy a Full Set or Half Set: For beginners, having a complete set is easier than purchasing individual clubs. It keeps the selection process easy, and provides you with a great foundation for customization.
  • Set a Budget: When you get to buying golf drivers or golf clubs individually you can easily rack up a high bill. By setting a budget before shopping, you can get everything you need without settling.
  • Get a Good Fit: Golfing is all about finding the perfect clubs for you. Whether you’re an experienced golfer, or a beginner, asking your local pro shop for help is a great way to find the perfect clubs. A pro will be able to help you with choosing the material or length of a club.
  • Find the Best Golf Clubs: Every year manufacturers come out with new technologies to help golfers improve their game. That is why having the ability to shop for individual golf clubs is key to elevating your game. If you have difficulty with your drive, find a new driver.

Once you have a handle on what club to use in each specific situation, finding the best golf club sets that complement your style and deficiencies can be a great way to increase your score and shoot under par more often.

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