Golf Cart for Sale! Should I Buy New or Used?


Golf Cart for Sale! Should I Buy New or Used?

Buying a golf cart for the first time is an exciting moment. It can also be a very confusing endeavor. From the super basic to the totally

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tricked out, there are so many different kinds of cars available these days, it’s easy to feel spoiled. But all of this variety can also make it very difficult to choose the perfect golf cart for you.

The first thing you need to know in order to make your decision is how you want to use your cart. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that golf carts were solely within the realm of golf courses or country clubs. Even today, most people still think of lush green hills and valleys when they think of golf carts. However, these days people are getting more and more imaginative with just how they use their golf carts and where they take them. Golf carts have left the green and can now be found in a variety of terrains and performing a wide range of tasks.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city, the ‘burbs, or even on a farm, golf carts can provide fun and convenience to help simplify your life. Even so, you’ll want to take where you live in consideration when deciding what kind of cart to get. After all, the type of terrain you expect your cart to encounter will make a difference in which cart is the best for you. Harder terrain will naturally require a more powerful vehicle. For example, golf carts are great for seaside vacations with the family. Just make sure you have the right tires for the job.

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Also, take stock of what kind of tasks you expect to engage in frequently. Will you be using your cart to assist you in maintaining the land on your property? Landscaping and gardening are popular ways to use a golf cart precisely because it makes it easier to get more things accomplished in less time. You can take all your tools with you without making frequent trips back and forth to your shed or garage. Just know that how large your property is and how heavy the loads you’ll be carrying will determine which kind of cart you will need.

After you make note of the ways you think you’ll be using your cart, you’ll be faced with the same question that comes up with any vehicle- new or used? The benefits of buying new include a guarantee that there is no serious wear and tear as well as access to all the latest and greatest features. At the same time, the benefits of buying used include a lower cost and access to vintage models that have been discontinued. If you are purchasing one for the very first time, a used cart can be an excellent way to get introduced to the world of golf carts without a significant investment.

Importantly, if you decide to buy used, a certain level of caution is warranted. The last thing you want is to inherit someone else’s old junk. When it comes to buying used golf carts, going to an authorized golf car dealer, especially for new owners, is one way to help avoid some of these problems. Not only will they be knowledgeable about service, they will also be more likely to offer a generous warranty for their inventory. This means you’ll be able to rest assured if any unforeseen issues pop up.

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However, just as when going to shop for any kind of vehicle, it would be a mistake to go shopping without any kind of idea of what to look for. That’s why we’ve prepared this list to help you know what to check out before your buy. A quick study of this list could save you from big expenses later.

Before you begin looking at golf carts, the first thing you’re going to want to decide is wherever you want a gasoline or battery powered cart. There are pluses and minuses to each.Gasoline powered parts have much more power. This makes them exceptional choices for hauling loads or using as a utility vehicle.  At the same time, they do use quite a bit of gas and can be loud while giving off an unpleasant exhaust odor. Battery powered cars are so quiet, they’re stealthlike. In addition, they have no noticeable odor. The downside is they have a very limited range in between their charging cycles. Once the batteries have been drained, you’re stuck until you get a chance to recharge them. A charge cycle can take up to 8 hours. After carefully weighing these concerns, you’ll be able to decide which type of cart best fits your needs. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to drive off into the sunset. Once you find a good candidate, you have to give it a thorough once-over to see if it’s really what you’re in the market for. Make sure you know what you’re getting before you take it home.

Tire wear. Take a good general assessment of the tires and what they look like. How is their condition? Are they all from the same brand and do they appear to have similar and even signs of wear? If the wear looks uneven, this can be a sign of a serious problem with alignment. It may even mean a bent frame or steering components that are completely busted. If the tires are from different brands, this might indicate that the cart has been excessively used or possibly even rebuilt from junk parts. Although this is not always the case if you see these signs, it’s important you keep them in mind when you go looking for a cart.

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Steering. This may go without saying, but never buy a car without having first taken it out for a drive. What you may not have considered is the need to drive it over different kinds of terrain not just a smooth parking lot. If the steering is sloppy, that should immediately cause concern for you. If the rack and pinion steering box is worn out, it will be expensive to replace. In addition, if the rack and pinion is already worn out, it isn’t too far fetched to expect the steering rod ends and spindle bushings to be in a similar condition. These components aren’t cheap to replace either. If the steering wheel pulls to the left or to the right, this may mean that there is uneven pressure in the tires or they are not matched sizes. If you notice that the cart pulls, adjust the tire pressure first to see if the issue goes away. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the spindle that is on the same side that it pulls to possibly has a bad wheel bearing. This is what will cause it to drag.

Battery age. The battery age is one of the easiest things to inspect on a golf cart. The majority of golf cart battery manufacturers mark the date the battery was manufactured on the top of one or both of the battery posts. Even with the battery cable still attached, you should easily be able to see ’07 or ’09 or whatever the actual date of manufacture is. If you see that the battery is more than 3 years old, expect to have to replace it sometime soon. Regardless of the configuration or the voltage, a new set of batteries is going to cost you somewhere around $600 or more. As a result, you want to be aware of exactly how old the battery is. This is why you should never simply assume that the battery is the same age as the model year of the cart you are looking at, even if the cart is only a year or two old. Another key point of inspection is to see whether the batteries are from mixed years. This could be a sign that the card has seen extensive service in a fleet environment, such as with a logistics or parcel company.

Brakes. Another important place to pay attention to is the brakes. They should be firm and steady and stop the car quickly without any grinding noises or sharp squeals. Brake shoe replacement should typically be a simple process. However, if service has not been properly maintained and the brake drum is gouged or damaged in some other way, it will become a much more difficult and costly project. If there is an excessive amount of rust and corrosion near the break backing plates, which are located behind the rear wheels, this can be a sign a further neglected maintenance.

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Integrity of the frame. Steel frame are great because they are so sturdy. At the same time, they are very susceptible to rust, particularly under its battery compartment. Although the cart might look like a winner otherwise, it can easily snap in half if battery acid leaks onto the frame and causes it to corrode away. Be sure not to get so smitten with a cart that you fail to check its frame.


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