Picking a Good Golf Caddie

Golf caddies make golfing easier and more enjoyable, but they do more than just carry your golf bags. From offering suggestions on the best clubs to determining the yardage, caddies play a huge role in determining the success of your round of golf.

The three fundamental rules of all golf caddies are “show up”, “shut up”, and “keep up”. Choosing a caddie can be the best or worst decision that you make on the golf choose.

A good golf caddie should know what to say, and most importantly when to say it. He/she should help you focus after a good round and help you rebound after a very awkward shot.

Part confessor, friend, psychiatrist, nursemaid, and valet, a caddie is an absolute mix of personalities who sticks next to you on the golf course through thick and thin.

Qualities of a Good Golf Caddy

1. Pick the Right Golfing Tools

Your caddy should be able to help you decide on which golf club to use from a bag full of different types of quality clubs. They should also present the clubs in a way that allows you to easily pick one after every shot, except on the green.

2. Know the Golf Course

One of the advantages of using a caddy is utilizing his/her knowledge of the golf course. A good caddie is especially important if it’s your first time to play on a particular course.

With a great understanding of the ground and terrain, your caddie knows the most appropriate line for your drives, the distances to hazards, and the slopes on the greens. This will save you lots of strokes and give you more information on your game.

3. Help You Assess a Situation on the Course

A good caddie should give you good golfing advice that is specific to your style of play. Once he/she has seen you play a few holes, he/she will have a good idea of when you should lay up, when you should go for a carry, and when to offer other course management tips.

Sometimes, you may need some help in assessing the difficulty of a hole. A caddie should have a better understanding of the golf course and can offer you useful insights before making that crucial shot (and avoid sand traps).

4. Provide the Much-Needed Support

On the course, you might have your loyal fans politely cheering you on, but the real support will come from your caddie. They are the ones who’ll be with you on the course the whole time. Their help and push should make reaching the 18th hole a reality.

A caddy serves as an on-course psychologist, and this will tremendously boost your morale and help you think positive even when things are tough. They should complement your best swings and shots – these little things make the most difference.

5. Should be Experienced

Get a caddy who has been on the golf course for several years.

For instance, if you are playing on a new golf course, reading the greens can be a stressful endeavor.

However, an experienced caddie should have seen every possible putt on that specific green and should be able to advise you on speed and line. This will save you a lot of shots on the putting surface.

6. Have Abundant Knowledge of the Locality

Notably, if you are looking for something to do locally, why not ask your caddy? Stuck and need help? Ask your caddy. Do you need to know the best locations for taking photos on the golf course? You caddy knows them. Do you want to go shopping for your golf attire? You guessed that right – ask your caddy!

Having a caddy with immerse information of the area around the golf course is definitely an added advantage.

Etiquette Towards Your Golf Caddie 

For the best golfer-caddy relationship, here are some guidelines you need to follow:

  • Always introduce yourself to the caddie. Let them know a thing or two about you and what you love during your golfing sessions.
  • Do not engage your caddie if you are going to spend your round discussing private or business matters with family or other associates.
  • Respectfully listen to what your caddy has to say, even if you won’t follow their advice.
  • Always let your caddy handle the flagstick.
  • Tip your caddy if you enjoyed your rounds. This will motivate them to offer better services next time.

Golf caddies are valuable to anybody who wants to have a good time on the golf course. They can also make or break your rounds. In some cases, you may develop a long-lasting friendship with your caddie that goes beyond the golf course.

With these tips, you can be sure to find the best there is.


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