Choosing a Golf Bags: A Guide for Beginners

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Choosing a golf bag is an important part of the game as it protects and holds all the items needed for a good round of golf. Most bags do not include any additional items, but there are some places that will include small incentives, such as towels and golf balls, along with the purchase. Personal preference guides what price range and types of features are best for choosing a golf bag. Choosing the correct golf bag will help enhance the experience of the overall game.

Golf bags can come with many features, or just a few. Some bags have straps for carrying, others have wheels for rolling, and some have self-standing legs, or even a mixture of these features. Pockets are found on most if not all bags, but the amount will vary between types of bags. Depending on how often the bag is carried, pulled, or pushed, weight of the bag may be a very important feature to consider. Leather golf bags are not as common as they used to be, now most golf bags are made from synthetic leather, nylon, and polyester. Benefits of these synthetic materials is that they tend to be more durable and weather resistant than leather, as well as tending to cost much less. Finding the right bag depends on personal style and need.

There are a few options of where to look when purchasing a golf bag. Going to a Proshop to purchase a bag will ensure experienced advice, but this will most likely ensure a higher price tag. Proshops have employees that are knowledgeable about the game and they can match needs to a product with ease. Sporting Goods Stores will also give the chance to try out bags to ensure the feel and weight are correct, but they may not have the high level of expertise of a Proshop. Online shopping will provide a greater variety of bags as well as a chance for better deals. As with most online shopping quality and feel for the product will not be known until after the bag is purchased and delivered. Going in person to test a bag and then buying online, or vise versa, may also be a good option to find the perfect bag.

A new golf bag is a good investment if just starting out as it will help keep equipment safe as well as organized. Although the price range on bags can vary, it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to find a quality bag. Using a bag that is too old and to the point of falling apart could be a dangerous and expensive mistake. If a pocket or bottom rips open on the bag, items such as golf balls, wallets, and clubs could be lost or damaged. New golf bags can last from a year up to a dozen years since longevity depends on many different factors. The quality of a bag will help it last longer, but usually comes with a higher price tag. Some lightweight bags will not have as heavy duty material as the ones that have thicker material and weigh more, so they may not last as long. Taking care of the bag and not putting unnecessary stress, such as packing in more clubs than recommended, will help reduce wear and tear. The frequency of use of the bag will also have an effect on how long it will last. Since some used bags are sold for much less than purchased, it may be a good idea to search for used bags as well as new. When searching for a used bag it is important to check the current quality of the bag in its entirety. Choosing a quality bag whether it new or used, and taking good care of it will help to extend its useful life.shutterstock_238546465

Most clubs do not have rules excluding certain bags, bags with wheels, certain colors, etc. Many clubs have certain places where bags should not be taken, such as the restaurant and bar area, as well as rolling or placing the bag on the greens. Some clubs consider having a bag a necessity to play on their course. Since clubs can vary, it would be a good idea to call or search their website for any pertinent information regarding their rules and regulations if unsure.

What to look for in a new golf bag all depends on personal preference. Carry bags are perfect for those that like to walk the course instead of relying heavily on a golf cart. Since carry bags are meant to be lighter they often lack some of the amenities other bags, such as retractable legs. Half Carry by Nike is a good example of a carry bag and has a reasonable price of $80. Most carry bags will fall between $30 and $150. These types of bags are also perfect for beginners that are not sure how much they want to invest in golf as they tend to be on the lower side price wise.

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Stand bags are usually a bit cheaper than cart bags, but the are both the middle of the price range falling between $80 and $300 on average. Stand bags have self-standing legs for those that wish to carry their clubs and then set down to play. A good starter stand bag is Anchor Stand by RJ Sports priced at $88. This is a good starter stand bag as it is on the lower side of the price scale but does not skimp on features. This bag includes a 6 way divided top, harness strap, and a handful of easy access pockets. As the name implies, cart bags have a very specific purpose of being strapped onto the cart. Although the bag will remain fixed to the cart, the clubs can be accessed easily when it is time to pick and put away clubs. Most cart bags will have more pockets than stand bags, like the Wilson Nexus Cart Bag dawning 9 pockets. Cart bags are not recommended for those who want to walk the course often, like stand bags or carry bags, but are perfect for those that use golf carts for the majority of their golf game.

Staff bags are usually associated with higher end golf bags. These types of bags are usually used by professionals when they are on tour. Since staff bags are made of higher quality materials and additional storage, they are usually heavier than other types of bags. An example of a high price bag is Tour Staff by TaylorMate priced at $400. On average high end bags can start around $300 and continue upwards to over a few thousand dollars. As a beginner it is not necessary to start with a staff bag since the price may be unreasonable.

Choosing the correct bag is not as challenging as it may seem. Testing out the feel and features of a bag to make sure it meets all needs will help ensure the correct choice is made. A good bag on the course will make the game easier and more enjoyable.


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