Evolution Of Golf Attire Over The Years – Golf Attire Started To Establish

The surviving record of Golf rules dates back the year 1744, which was created by the Golfers of Keith. All other regulations on golfing existed except for the attire. The same cloth was worn for all sports, which was suits and skirts.

In the 1900’s there was the emergence of new attire commonly known as knickers; these were merely shorts and loose pants.

A few decades later, there was a transition to the athletic look that took center stage, and around that, time golf attire started to establish itself in the fashion world.

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1990- 2000

The Millennium

The millennium seemed to play to the 70’s with the introduction of the loudmouth in 2000, with the flamboyant golf pants and a selection of brazen colors and patterns.

At this time, golf clothes were endowed with advanced features. Shirts with stretch panels and fabrics that block sunlight became popular.

Sneaker-like golf shoes have replaced the old saddle shoes. Celebrities like Camilla Villegas wear form-hugging gear in colors that stand out while other champions like Tiger Woods have stuck to dark hues and open armholes to allow for a full swing.

To Date

The evolution of golf attire undoubtedly is ever-progressing. Today golf attire has grown to be more athletic and flexible. Social attitudes and fashion have seen tremendous growth in the kind of apparel that is used by golfers.

More and more companies have emerged to offer a variety of this attire. There is less of an emphasis on conservative wear nowadays, giving investors a smooth run in the industry.

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