Custom Golf Carts: How to Pimp Your Golf Cart


At one time, golf carts were seen as a standard, somewhat boring utility vehicle. Not anymore. Today, more and more people are discovering all the exciting possibilities afforded by customizing their golf carts with a new paint job, upgraded wheels, a customized body and so much more. Golf carts can even be customized to suit the needs of children or people with disabilities, allowing nearly anyone to get in on the fun. Below are some of the most popular and inventive ways to get the most out of customizing your golf cart!

Custom Paint Jobs to Pimp your Cart

Probably the simplest customization available, many people begin by giving their golf cart a brand new custom paint job. If you’re interested in giving your golf cart a fresh new look, the easiest option is to have a professional paint your cart. This will ensure the best results possible. However, if you’re the hands-on type, you can also choose to paint the cart yourself. For best results, sand the body thoroughly before using acrylic paint and a spray gun to create the look you want. This is also a great time to inspect the body for any damage, which should be repaired before painting if possible.

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Golf Cart Skins

In lieu of painting, if you want pimp your cart you can turn now to golf cart body skins to customize their ride. Golf cart skins are thin sheets of vinyl that can be easily and quickly applied over the body of your golf cart to create an entirely new look without the cost and hard work of painting. Vinyl skins can even be purchased pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your golf cart body to ensure the perfect fit. Another advantage of vinyl golf cart skins is that they can feature a virtually unlimited number of colors, designs and patterns to create exactly the look you want. High-quality golf cart skins are also durable and resist cracking, scratching and fading better than paint.

New Wheels and Tires

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Standard golf cart wheels are reasonably functional, but let’s face it: they’re boring. Fortunately, there are a tremendous number of options to upgrade your wheels and tires for both form and function. One popular upgrade is a flashy new set of rims, which are often available in an assortment of sizes, patterns and finishes including everything from matte black to chrome spinners. Along with your new wheels, you’ll probably want new tires as well. One important choice is whether you want street or off-road tires. Street tires as well. One important choice is whether you want street or off-road tires. Street tires are generally required on most golf courses, and they work especially well on paved surfaces such as roads and cart paths. Off-road tires feature deeper treads and more aggressive tread patterns, which is ideal for rough terrain and other situations where better traction is a must.

Lift Kits

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Another popular modification is a golf cart lift kit. As the name suggests, a lift kit uses all new hardware to lift the body of the golf cart higher off the ground. This is useful for several reasons, including increasing ground clearance for off-road driving and providing more room for bigger, beefier wheels. Additionally, many lift kits are designed to increase the stability and responsiveness of the golf cart, improving the handling and making it more fun to drive. There are many options to choose from, with the most popular lift kits ranging from two to six inches.

Luxury Seats

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Golf carts may be convenient and fun to drive, but many of them aren’t particularly comfortable. Of course, you can easily change all that with some new luxury seats. Often featuring plush cushions, headrests, armrests and supportive, contoured designs, luxury golf cart seats are a fantastic way to upgrade the style and comfort of your cart. Many new seats are also available in two-tone colors for an added visual statement. Alternatively, you can totally change the look of your existing seats with a seat cover.

Bluetooth Speakers

Have you ever wanted to blast your favorite music while you’re wheeling around in your golf cart? Well, you’re in luck! Bringing music to your golf cart is easier than ever with the help of Bluetooth speakers, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and mounting options to fit nearly any cart. These speakers are often designed to mount onto the dash or one of the roof struts to provide excellent sound without getting in the way, and they’re specifically designed to handle the weather and wear that comes along with outdoor use. Combine these speakers with a specially designed mount for a smartphone or other electronic device to create an affordable, full-featured audio system right at your fingertips.

Drink Holders and Coolers

All that golf is a good way to work up a thirst, so why not bring some ice cold beverages along for the ride? There are many accessories available for making your golf cart more drink-friendly, ranging from simple clip-on drink holders to convenient coolers that attach to the front, side or rear of your cart. Many coolers are designed to hold more than a dozen drinks at a time, along with enough ice to keep them nice and cool during your drive. Some coolers also feature pouches on the outside for sandwiches and other foods, making them an ideal choice for longer outings.

Handicap-Accessible Options

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A disability doesn’t have to prevent you or anyone you know from enjoying the fun and convenience of a golf cart. There are more options than ever for making golf carts more handicap-accessible. One of the most popular handicap-friendly modifications is a wheelchair ramp, which allows easy wheelchair access for either the passenger or driver. An even more convenient option is a drop deck modification, which allows the golf cart to lower nearly to the ground at the push of a button. Another modification includes hand-operated controls, which is an outstanding option for those who cannot operate a cart with their feet.


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