9 Outrageous Tricked Out Golf Cart Accessories

9 Outrageous Tricked Out Golf Cart Accessories

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You love to golf, and you love your golf cart almost as much as the sport. Show your golf cart how much you care by snagging some sweet accessories that will make all the other golfers at the club ultra-jealous. From vanity license plates to tricked-out accessories, this list will make your golf car even more exciting than your actual car.

The items on this list range from slightly funny to totally crazy. Not all of these are considered practical for the country club golfer, yet many would make for a hysterical gag gift. Some are more appropriate for the golf cart owner who just wants a little extra attention. Yet some of the items are perfect for safety at night.

Most of these tricked out golf cart accessories can be purchased online and some need to be special ordered. Talk to your golf cart mechanic about installation and the right type of accessories to fit your particular model of golf cart.

Vanity License Plate

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One of the most popular golf cart accessories on the market, vanity license plates can personalize your golf cart and make it your own. You can get vanity plates to celebrate your marriage, your affinity to a particular sports team or to show your love for your pet. If you’re really into vanity license plates, you can get crazy and opt for the license plate covers too. These come in a variety of different colors, patterns and styles, so you can show off your true self. Gold se plate covers can show off a heart of gold, while pink license plate covers would be perfect for the female golfer.

 May the Course Be with You Keychain

Every golf cart needs keys to drive (except for electric ones), so anyone driving a golf cart will need a key chain to keep their keys intact. “Star Wars”  fans will especially love the ‘may the course be with you’ keychain. A snappy little motto, a little picture of Yoda and a sure-fire way to keep your keys together is all it takes to promote a great game of golf. If you’re not a huge “Star Wars” fan, there are plenty of other golf cart keychains to float your boat. Other styles include the evolution of golf (shown as an ape turning into a golfer) and the famous weed whacker keychain.

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 Golf Cart Stereo

Your car is already decked out with the best sound system available. Why should your golf cart be any different? Set your golf cart above all the rest by installing a killer golf cart sound system. Golf carts can be fitted with most types of sound systems that fit in cars. All you need is a mechanic that has a little ingenuity and some know-how to get the job done. You can set your golf cart up with a CD player, sweet speakers and fit everything to play MP3s. You can even set up a Bluetooth system, so you don’t even need to hook your phone up to the speakers. Ask your mechanic to set up a JL Power wedge subwoofer to add plenty of bass to your already rocking system. The entire golf course will know you’re coming and probably encourage you to play through.

Golf Cart Seat Warmers

You love golfing so much you’re even willing to play on a chilly day. Impress your golf buddies by installing seat warmers into your golf cart. Your warmers will keep everyone’s tushies nice and warm between holes. The only downside is that you won’t want to leave the cart to go play some golf. Heated seats are available in a few styles. You can go for the cheaper option, which is to install seat warmer covers on top of your current golf cart seats. These can be specially made in different colors and sizes to ensure your golf cart looks as sharp as possible. Or, you can really splurge and get golf cart seats that are already outfitted for cooler weather. Both options generally run on exterior batteries, so you’re not sucking the precious battery life from your golf cart.  These seats and covers can be purchased at nearly any store that sells golf cart accessories and supplies.

 High Performance Golf Cart Motors

Your golf cart is already looking pretty sweet. What could possibly make it better? How about its performance? Your cart looks, sounds and feels pretty good now that you’ve added some high-end accessories. It should probably drive relatively fast, too. Grab the keys, and get your golf cart down to the mechanics; it’s time to install a high performance golf cart motor. These super specialized engines can start at around only $400 and can go for up to a few thousand dollars. They can add speed and torque to your car, so you can get to the next hole in less time. Other ways mechanics can intensify your golf cart’s speed is by increasing your battery power and stamina. Talk to your mechanic about increasing the size of your tires or gears, too. With a little tweaking, your golf cart can go from zero to 60 in less time than you can say, “Golf cart.”

 Golf Cart Rims

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Once your golf cart has the best motor for optimum speed, it’s time to make it look as fast as it drives. Golf cart rims can be made with all the same fancy materials as car rims. You could show off your luxury style with gold rims. You could show everyone how class you are by installing a pair of titanium alloy rims. You can even show everyone that you’re a little rougher than you look with a pair of floater rims on your golf cart. You could even install rims in the colors of your favorite sports team, your favorite comic book hero, your favorite city or state or your favorite college. Flashing lights rims could make your golf cart look even more pronounced – and keep you even safer at night.

Tricked Out Golf Cart Wheels

Before you get too excited about rims, you should probably think a little about your tires first. Your tires can be just as awesome as the tires on your car or truck. You can get tires for your golf cart that have great traction for off-roading capabilities. You can get tires that can get your golf cart through some snowy or slippery conditions. You can even stag monster golf cart tires to make your golf cart look as though it’s lifted of the ground. Add some specialty shocks to your wheels, and you’ve got a golf cart that looks like it should be staring in a big pimpin’ video – instead of taking you from hole to hole.

 Colored Dome Lights

Just as your car’s dome light shines the way when you lose your keys, your golf cart’s dome lights are equally important. Give your golf cart a little style and class with dome lights that reflect your personality. You can opt for a colored dome light that gives of a hazy blue, purple or reddish hue. You could even snag a disco ball dome light. Strobe lights let everyone know where you’re parked in the dark. Just make sure to turn off your crazy dome lights when you’re driving. You don’t want to get pulled over or get into an accident because you were distracted by your sweet lights. You could go the simple route and install a dome light that turns on via Bluetooth censor or through an app on your phone. That way, your cart is lit up when you are near, and you don’t ever need to worry about finding it.

Custom Golf Cart Enclosure

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The best way to stay dry on the course is with a golf cart enclosure. These enclosures are generally made of a plastic, nylon or mesh. They can keep out rain, bugs and mud. They’re perfect for conditions that are a little less than perfect. Pair them with a golf cart air conditioning system, and you have the perfect climate-controlled space to get out of the heat during a serious summer session of golf. Many golf cart enclosures range in price. The least expensive ones start at around $65, and the most expensive enclosures can go up to a few hundred dollars. You can even buy enclosures with added safety measures, like reflective tape, to ensure your cart stays safe. This can be especially helpful when driving at night or ensuring other cars or carts don’t hit your parked cart.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your golf cart, add a few custom touches or play a mild prank on someone, these crazy golf cart accessories are sure to bring you some attention at the country club. From disco ball dome lights to golf cart rims to high performance golf cart motors, these items are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little flash, pizzazz or class to any standard golf cart.

Golf cart safety

While golf carting can be great fun, safety is most important while enjoying your sporty cart. Always drive responsibly keep arms and legs in the cart at all times. If your cart is equipped with seat belts, they should always be fastened.
Don’t try to squeeze in extra passengers. Only carry passengers you have enough seating for. Very importantly, never drive intoxicated or under the influence of any drug or narcotic.
Avoid distractions while operating your golf cart. Stay alert, avoid talking, texting, reaching for objects, applying makeup, or eating.
Do not allow anyone to stand up in h or on the cart platform or in the back of the vehicle. Avoid excessive speeds, sudden stops, and avoid sharp turns at fast speeds, yield to pedestrians.
Do not leave keys in the golf cart; always make sure to set the parking brake. Always yield to pedestrians. Very important to avoid driving in inclement weather if you can.


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