The Callaway Epic Driver Review: Great, Big, Epic, And Definitely Drives

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When it comes to a good game of golf, distance is a major factor.

And that is why golfers are always looking for that innovative driver that will help them hit the ball far.

As for manufacturers, they are happily spending millions in research and development of golf clubs – chasing that sweet spot of weight, center, of gravity, moment of inertia, and thickness. The tricky part is that their designs and innovative ideas have to be within the USGA standard regulations.

But amidst all the furor and fanfare of producing an epic driver, Callaway did just that. They have produced the Callaway Big Bertha Epic driver – and epic it is.

Let’s take a closer look at it and see if was aptly named, or if it needs to be re-christened.

The Callaway Epic Driver Review: Great, Big, Epic, and Definitely Drives

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver (Right-Handed, Cypher 40G, Ladies,...
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When Callaway announced the release of a new groundbreaking, game-changing driver, the golfing fraternity went into an excited frenzy awaiting its arrival.

That driver is the Callaway Big Bertha Epic, a driver touting Callaway’s new “Jail Breaking” technology – which actually fueled the buzz even more.

The Callaway Epic Driver features an “Exo Cage Construction” that allows more carbon fiber to be used in the clubhead for more efficient weight distribution.

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic – Main Features

So what makes the Callaway GBB, as it is affectionately known, so epic?

What sets it apart from other drivers?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to uncover in this Callaway Epic Driver Review. Here are the driving features behind the success of the Calloway Epic driver.

Jail Break Technology

Callaway’s innovative Jail Break technology was engineered to change how the head and face behave at impact, the result being more speed across a larger area of the face.

Jail Break technology solves the problem of the crown/sole divergence at impact as the face stretches vertically and loses energy.

Callaway’s Jail Break technology works by casting two 3g titanium bars into the GBB Epic’s body behind the face to connect the crown and sole. This design stiffens the structure of the head causing the face flex more.

The result is an increase in ball speed.

Exo-Cage and Triaxial Carbon Construction

The extra light titanium Exo-Cage, or the outer frame, and the Triaxial carbon crown and sole give unprecedented forgiveness for high-launch, low-spin shots.

The Triaxial Carbon crown is 30% thinner than its predecessors and is extremely light, giving you more distance on your drives.

Easy Weight Adjustment

Callaway 2017 GBB Epic Star Driver

The Callaway Epic spots a sliding track where a 17-gram weight can be shifted between heel and toe. 17 grams may seem insignificant but it greatly helps in correcting those who mis-hit to the left or right. This is a great improvement to the previous model that only compensated for players who missed to the right.

High Performance Shafts

Coming in 4 weight classes (40g, 50g, 60g, and 70g), the Callaway GBB Epic’s shafts offer optimum grip and feel. Add speed, power, stability, and control and you have the perfect shaft coupled to the perfect head, creating an epic driver.

OptiFit Adjustability

Yes, the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic is big on technology, and the hosel is no exception. With 8-way adjustability for loft and lie angle, helping you compensate for your swing flaws.

Now that’s a feature worth spending money on.

How Does the Callaway GBB Epic Driver Fare on the Green?

Woman play the Golf

Everyone wants to improve their game on the green, not just on paper.

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic doesn’t just look good on paper, it does a great job of translating all the facts and figures into your style of play and enhancing your performance. This is something many modern drivers can’t pull off well, they usually make claims they can’t deliver on.

Not only does the Callaway Epic deliver well on its claims of speed and distance, but it also has a nice touch added – the acoustics. It looks good, plays great, and sounds like a dream.

Sure, sound doesn’t improve your game, but it sure makes hitting a golf ball something to look forward to.

The combination of an adjustable center of gravity, adjustable angles, and lightweight construction put the Callaway GBB Epic in a class of its own. Your afternoon on the greens has just been made a whole lot better. That’s if you’ve done your research enough review on Callaway Epic Driver added the Callaway GBB Epic to your collection of drivers.

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