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The Most Forgiving Irons You Can Get: Buyer Guide And Reviews

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Forgiveness is one of the key features of elite irons available on the market. We’ve taken a look at five of the Most Forgiving Irons that we think are great for mitigating this problem – not every one is a professional hitter.

Bear in mind that although these clubs were created to "forgive," if you hit poorly, they will not eliminate the mistakes made - they will only control damage. Improving your golf swing should be the first thing you hope to do, even when using these.

Wilson Staff Men's D200 Golf

Wilson Staff Men's Stiff D200 Golf Hybrid, Right Hand, 19-Degree

The first iron on this list comes from Wilson Staff, known for producing magnificent irons. As a company, they have a great reputation and long tradition of producing great products for the market. As you can imagine, that each new product they make is one the money.

The D series are one of the most forgiving irons. The Two weight pods, as well as the toe and the heel work together to ensure minimum twisting when hitting off the center shots.

  • Options include hand orientation as well as shaft material and flex
  • Technology Speed Sole
  • Recoil Technology

Adams Golf Blue Combo 

Adams Golf Right Handed Combo Irons 3,4, 5-PW Graphite

This iron is great for those working on their swing, hoping to minimize the number of mishits. Many golfers who have tried the Adams Golf Blue Combo irons have said that they make games more enjoyable and are some of the most forgiving irons around.

Also notable is that the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to choose the right or left-hand orientation, a really great option for the modern golfer. You can also decide between shaft materials of graphite for hybrid and iron or hybrids and steel.


  • Pick hand-orientation and shaft material
  • Flex includes regular, stiff, senior/mature
  • Low and backset center of gravity
  • Velocity Slot Technology

Cobra KING F6 

2018 Cobra King F8+ Driver Nardo (Men's, Right Hand, Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60, Reg Flex)

The Cobra KING F6 is also very budget friendly, but also comes with quite a price hike. Still, as some of the most forgiving irons, these should definitely be considered if you have no qualms about putting down a little extra cash.

Again, with the Cobra KING F6, the supplier offers a selection of right or left orientation, as well as a balance or flex that is regular or stiff. The iron is crafted from steel – there isn’t any other option to choose from.

The clubs also have chrome plating, which increases their durability and gives them a beautiful aesthetic, which may serve to up your confidence when on the green. If you are looking for optimal forgiveness, but also a nice-looking set, then the KING F6 is perfect.


  • Chrome plating makes them super durable
  • Channel sole positioning makes for greater speed
  • Spin optimization includes 4-6 Irons with V-grooves and U-grooves on 7-PW

Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Club

Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Club Iron Sets, Steel, Stiff, Right Hand

This iron set is one of the most expensive on the list but offers some great features.

The first thing you'll notice is that the Mizuno JPX-EZ has been created for people who are right handed, so that caveat is worth noting if you golf with your left. If your strong hand is your right hand, then know that you can choose the shaft material (steel or graphite) and a two-flex rating (normal or stiff).

These are definitely no slouch when it comes to having some of the best forgiveness on the market. Most people will tell you that the main difference between a center hit and a miss-hit is the sound the club makes when it hits the ball. These clubs are able to convert your shooting information, whether it’s a miss or a center hit, without affecting distance and height.


  • Regular or stiff flex options
  • Sound relays feedback on contact
  • Big sweet spot with pocket cavity
  • Maximum COR

Callaway Men's XR OS 

Callaway XR OS Hybrid (Men's, RH, 4H, Graphite, Senior Flex)

The Callaway Men’s is definitely a pricey option. However, it is clear that the money you spend is an excellent investment for customizing your clubs the best way possible. The options available are great, the only thing to think about is whether it will suit you personally.


  • Plenty of way to customize
  • A low centre of gravity that is set right back
  • Soles have more width
  • Cup 360 Technology is a huge bonus
  • Ideal for players with a higher handicap

Finding the Right Iron

Finding an iron that not only matches the way you play, but also allows you to make some mistakes without too much hassle is key to enjoying your time on the green. The selections above are ones we think will help you do this the best way!

TaylorMade R15 Driver Review: What You Need To Know

taylormade R15 driver

TaylorMade has been producing top quality golf club for more than 15 years and they’ve done it again. They’ve taken all the good things about their previous models and combined them to present us with the R15 Driver.

The R15 Driver may not have a lot of similarities with its predecessor, the SLDR driver. But they’re both built with the same philosophy in mind – low forward center of gravity. They were also both available in 430cc and 460cc sizes.

  • 460cc head with a low-forward center of gravity that aids with low spin.
  • Front Track system that minimizes the spin while creates a larger sweet spot.
  • 12.5 gram sliding weights.
  • 12-position loft sleeve with four degrees of adjustability.
  • Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution shaft and Lamkin UTX Grip.

TaylorMade Men's R15 Driver, Right Hand, Stiff, 9.5-Degree


Good drivers need to have outstanding distance, trajectory and penetration – traits that the R15 has in abudance. The R15 features the new Front Track system which is longer and closer to the edge.This improves the ball speed and the distance, but it can also reduce the precision. The sliding split weight is the company’s answer to this problem. It also solves the lack of precision that the SLDR had with insufficient swing speeds.


  • The R15 has the same shaft as the SLDR, the Fujikura Speeder 57g. This is a lightweight shaft that perfectly complements the R15 driver since it can provide outstanding trajectory and speed.
  • TaylorMade decided to take R15 to a whole new level by giving it the best grip in the market today.The Lamkin UTx grip has the perfect balance between shock absorption and response. It also provides good grip even during rainy days and it is very comfortable to use no matter the weather


The R15 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to distance. In fact, it’s one of the longer drivers that you can find in the market today. The low forward center of gravity philosophy that it inherited from the SLDR give it good distance.You can adjust the sliding weights. As well so that both are in the middle, giving you a solid hit and much more distance.

Thanks to the movable weights, you’ll still be able to get the ball in the fairway even with imperfect hits. You can increase the forgiveness by separating the weights. This will improve the stability while providing good distance and more spin.You can also adjust the loft options to further increase the accuracy. In fact, compared to the SLDR, it is relatively easier to a catch a part of the clubface with the R15.

This golf club is so good that even before the TaylorMade R15 Driver review. We already know that it is a crowd favorite for a good reason. It has the best feeling out of all the TaylorMade drivers. It has incredibly good weighting as well. You’ll also get excellent feedback, so you’ll know right away where you missed.


The R15 is made with more than 15 years’ worth of technology so it isn’t surprising that it has great performance. It has strong customization features and requires full understanding of the loft angle setting to be used to its full potential.It will also require a bit of tinkering and some practice on your part but once you get used to it, you’ll be impressed with its performance each time you use it.

Unlike other drivers which can sound too high-pitched, the R15 has a pleasing sound that is neither too high-pitched nor loud.

Even before I started this TaylorMade R15 Driver review, I knew at first glance that this bad boy means business. You can get the 460cc version of this driver in either white or black, but both look equally good.It also has a cleaner look compared to its predecessors and you can see the difference right away when you increase the loft.

The R15 has great playability and can deliver outstanding performance. However, it is best suited for professionals and amateurs with high levels of skills.

In Summary

The R15 has surpassed their previous release, the SLDR, and is currently one of their best drivers.

It looks great and feels great. It’s also long and has a good level of forgiveness. This driver has outstanding performance as well as should it be considering its price.

The TaylorMade R15 driver is a must-have for golfers who enjoy tinkering with the loft and weight. It’s also a good choice for players who need to tweak their ball flight with a low-spin driver with an adjustable face angle.

The 3 Best Golf Shoes of 2018: Buyer Guide And Reviews

No matter what sport you’re playing, the equipment that you use can make or break your game.

In fact, when it comes to playing golf, shoes are just as important as the club and the ball itself. There are hundreds of golf shoes that you can choose from in the market today.

It is always important, however, that you pick the one that suits your needs best.

Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

Golfing footwear are specially designed to provide stability, flexibility and comfort. They also offer support and breathability which are paramount in reducing the strain on the golfer’s feet and keeping them sweat-free. There are two basic types of golf shoes that you can choose from.

  • Spiked Golf Shoes – As its name implies, this type of golfing footwear has spiked soles that offer good grip and traction, allowing you to make a stable swing as you strike the ball. However, since they can damage the golf course terrain, a lot of golf courses ban their use. As such, you should check first with your golf course whether they allow their players to use spiked shoes.
  • Spikeless Golf Shoes – This type of golf shoes is typically cheaper than spiked golf shoes. While they do provide comfort and support, they can’t provide as much traction and grip for obvious reasosn. However, there are some models that have rubber studs instead of regular golf spikes.

The Best Golf Shoes

The Best Overall - Skechers Performance Go Golf Pro 2

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Pro 2 Golf Shoe,White/Gray/Blue,11.5 M US

The Skechers Performance Go Golf Pro 2 may have a simple design, but they have some great features. They boast a H2GO Shield waterproofing that seals both the leather uppers and its seams for ultimate protection against the rain and other wet conditions.

They also feature a dynamic traction plate outsole with nine spikes, so you can have a stable swing each time.  The spikes can also be replaced once they get worn out.

What really makes the Go Golf Pro 2 shine is the level of comfort that it provides. Featuring 5GEN, a highly responsive cushioning foam and a super soft fabric for maximum comfort, the Sketchers Go Golf are designed to be surprisingly lightweight.

These features, along with its budget-friendly price, make the Go Golf Pro 2 some of the best golf shoes of the year.

The Best Spiked - Adidas Tour360 Boost Spiked Golf Shoes

adidas Men's Tour 360 Boost WD Ftwwht Golf Shoe, White, 7.5 2E US

If you are able to use spiked shoes where you golf, look no further than the Adidas Tour360 Boost. It has a good combination of style, quality, performance and comfort that will provide ample support to your feet as you play golf.

It features a thick midsole foam, a more natural heel shape and a light and flexible saddle material for ultimate comfort. The same goes for its collar and tongue foam and its torsion tunnel, which can provide you extra flexibility too. It also has 10 spikes that will give you the stability and grip that you need in all types of weather.

Let’s not forget that the Adidas Tour360 Boost is made with waterproof microfiber leather and ethylene vinyl acetate. It even comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty that guarantees dry and cool use during its lifetime.

The Best Spikeless - FootJoy Pro/SL

FootJoy Pro SL BOA Golf Shoes 2016 White/Black Medium 13

The FootJo​​​​y Pro/SL is a popular choice for golfers who prefer spikeless shoes. In fact, it’s a good investment if you’re looking for a shoe that will provide you with support, grip and comfort.

This golfing footwear features a dual layer of lightweight fine-tuned foam. The first layer will cushion your feet while the second layer has been engineered for support and balance. In fact, it’s so comfortable to use that you won’t even get blisters during your first few uses since it doesn’t require breaking in.

It has a waterproof design as well that is backed by a 2-year warranty. There are also many color variations that you can choose from - you can even design your own.

One of the greatest advantages about the FootJoy Pro/SL is that even though it is spikeless, it has a trick up its sleeve. It may not have your standard spikes, but it has a special design that gives it a firm grip while not being as destructive as regular spiked models.

Final Words

These three models are some of the best golf shoes currently on the market. Consider every factor such as comfort, stability, grip, durability, price and design. Soon, you’ll be wearing golf shoes that will give you the perfect swing each time.

Callaway XR Driver Review

callaway xr driver review

The most important equipment in golf is the club. Skill and technique play a big role. Thus there's no doubt a good club will help add speed to your swing and distance to your shots. Let's find out in this Callaway XR Driver review if this is the right one for you.

There are thousands of models to choose from, but few come with the reliability and power of Callaway XR Driver.

Here's Our Full Reviews Of The Callaway ​XR ​Driver 2018

callaway xr driver

This driver by Callaway is one of the most advanced and brings a range of exciting features. In this Callaway XR Driver review we will break down the different parts of the club to show what makes it so special.




A Faster Swing for Better Power

Faster Swing

The biggest reason to choose the Callaway XR Driver is because of its numerous features. Though there are several impressive upgrades built into the club, one of the most important is its emphasis on speed.

The model is the fastest titanium driver ever designed, which works to maximize both club and ball speed. Not only that, but it is equipped with a speed step crown design that works to create a faster head and reduce drag.

Those traits are all important when it comes to enhancing speed, but they would not be as beneficial without the XR Driver's special R-MOTO Face technology. This feature reduces face weight by 10 percent to create even more ball speed.

R-MOTO also lowers the center of gravity by 17 percent, a key feature that generates a much higher moment of inertia.

All of the above features give you a quicker swing to help you achieve the distance that you want. However, the XR Driver does not stop there.

The club also has a specially designed Speed Step Crown, as well as an optimized aerodynamic head shape. Both of these work together to allow your driver to move faster through the air. Moreover, the head increases speed, while the step holds air close to the crown to allow for a more efficient swing.

The model also is equipped with a Project X LZ shaft that produces maximum load during the downswing loading zone to generate large amounts of energy transfer to the ball. You can also look for other shaft options for no extra cost.

The XR Driver's Mix of Distance and Accuracy

Distance and Accuracy

There is no doubt, as covered in this Callaway XR Driver review, that the club is fast. As a result, the club can knock the ball incredibly long distances and gives you the ability to hit much further than you would with other models.

That increased performance is mostly tied to the club's reduced drag, which amps up the head speed and enables you to swing much for much greater distances.

While some people may worry that the increased power sacrifices accuracy, you do not have to worry with the XR Driver. This club enables you to have a good amount of control over your shots without losing any power. Accuracy is always going to shift based on a golfer's skill, but it doesn't hurt to have a bit of extra help.

​The XR Driver's Grip, Feel and Sound

XR Driver's Grip

Another extremely important aspect in choosing a club is its feel.

Feel is key to making sure your equipment works with your style of game, and the XR Driver is perfect for any type of player or style.

Not only does it feel amazing in your hands, but the club offers a great mix of balance, weight, and sound that all come together to generate an amazing experience with E1 wedge.

In addition to the feel, the club also had a slightly tacky grip to perfectly complement its incredible balance. That feature is then enhanced by the club's amazing sound, which reverberates nicely off the club. Even on shorter hits, the noise rings out as if there is a lot of power throughout the swing.

Callaway XR Driver Review: Additional Features

Callaway XR Driver

As helpful as the above traits are, the Callaway has a few final features that help it shine. The first is its OptiFit technology, which allows the golfer to use 8 different loft and lie configurations to get the exact lift they want. Also, the club has a modern, stealthy aesthetic.

It always helps when a club enhances your game, but it is even better when that club can help you and look good at the same time. This model is crafted with an all-black face and crown to make everything come together in a unique way.

There are no distracting logos or stripes here.

A Perfect Club for Distance and Speed

speed with Callaway

The above Callaway XR Driver review shows why this club is so special.

Not only does it look and sound great, but it has every advanced feature you need to increase your swing and distance.

There are many parts to becoming a better golfer, and this club helps with them all.

The 8 Best Golf Clubs in Today’s Market

best golf clubs

The best golf clubs are not only the most used pieces of equipment on the golf course, but they are also one of the most expensive. For that reason, you want to make sure you get one that best advances or complements how you play the game.

Best Golf Clubs​: Comparison Table






Titleist 718 AP3

Titleist 718 AP3

​​An incredible amount of distance control

Mizuno MP-5 Irons

​Mizuno MP-5 Irons

​These clubs are best for single-digit handicappers

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

​The "D" in the Wilson Staff D300 Irons stands for distance

Callaway Epic Irons 2018

Best Golf Club Callaway Epic Iron

​This model helps with distan​​​​ce, but its main focuses are speed and control.

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Irons

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Irons

​These clubs are equipped with a V-shaped sole that allows them to slide smoothly through the turf.

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons

​These clubs generate some of the fastest ball speed on the market

Cobra King F8 Irons

Cobra King F8 Irons

​F8 irons use a three-piece with half hollow design

Cobra King Oversize 

Cobra King Oversize

It has a  strong carbon composite and an internal tungsten weight that work to add more control.

A Review of the Best Golf Clubs: Which Golf Club Suits You Best?

Though there are many too choose from, here we will look at eight that are guaranteed to give you great results.

Titleist 718 AP3

Starting out, we have the Titleist 718 AP3. This club is extremely well constructed, which gives it advantages that other models lack. It is crafted with a hollow body for maximum speed, and it also comes with a unique L-face design.


Another bonus of the Titleist 718 AP3 is that it provides an incredible amount of distance control. That will help improve both your long and short game without sacrificing quality.


Customization such as longer shafts are not available.



Our Rating

​Mizuno MP-5 Irons

Mizuno is one of the most trusted brands in golf, and this MP-5 Irons show why. These clubs are the choice of handicaps. Also these have an impactful sweet spot which helps the ball fly far and true. Their extra forgiveness is useful out on the course as well.


These clubs are best for single-digit handicaps, but their unique channel back design offers great performance for all golfers.


The MP-5’s are not available for a left handed, and are slightly larger than previous Mizuno blade irons models.



Our Rating

Wilson Staff D300 Irons

The "D" in the Wilson Staff D300 Irons stands for distance, which is what these clubs pride themselves on. The model is one of the most reliable on the market because, not only does it give you great improvement on your swing, but it will also greatly improve both accuracy and forgiveness.


The Staff's weighted head produces a crisp sound and creates one of the best balances you can find. These are a great choice for those who want to expand their game across multiple areas.


The only cons we got from customers are about it's aesthetics. Some thinks it too fussy and colorful. 



Our Rating

Best Golf Club Callaway Epic Iron

Number four on our list of best golf clubs are the Callaway Epic Irons. This model helps with distance, but its main focuses are speed and control. Cutting edge technology helps the clubs generate vast amounts of speed, while also providing you with a low center of gravity.


The Callaway Epic Irons also come with improved face cup technology, brilliant display, and a strong outlook. They are also extremely durable, which ensures they will last for years to come.


The Epic Iron is the lowest spinning of the Callaway brand models. 



Our Rating

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Irons

The Cleveland Men's Launcher CBX Irons are a great choice for golfers who want to hit the course with all of the current upgrades and state-of-the-art technology. These irons have more features than most, which gives them a distinct edge over other models.


These clubs are equipped with a V-shaped sole that allows them to slide smoothly through the turf. That then provides you with great balance and control over your shots. In addition, the grooves are the same across all of the clubs, which provides you with consistent spin no matter which one you use.


A customer review stated that these are strong lofts but they drop quite well, so don’t ‘run on’ excessively. 



Our Rating

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons

There are many reasons to choose certain clubs over others, and these are perfect for anyone who simply wants more control over their shots.


Another great Mizuno model, the JPX 900 Forged Irons offer a ton of accuracy in addition to one of the smoothest swings around. These clubs generate some of the fastest ball speed on the market, which creates a large range of distance control. 


Some customers find it less forgiving than previous models. It may not be for players who need maximum forgiveness and are lower launch than some people prefer.



Our Rating

Cobra King F8 Irons

The Cobra King F8 Irons are incredibly well manufactured clubs are a great choice for anyone who wants extra distance on their shots. While past Cobra models employed the four head construction, the F8 irons use a three-piece with half hollow design. That gives them more power and makes them much more forgivable than other clubs.


These clubs utilize carbon feel technology to create some of the most forgiving irons around. That generates both trajectory and controlled ball flight. These clubs, like the Callaway Epic, are also highly durable.


The King F7 Cobra has four head constructions, but that is down to three with the King F8 with the Half Hollow design of the mid-irons making way for the Hollow head to extend from 4-iron down to 7-iron.



Our Rating

Cobra King Oversize

We end our list of the best golf clubs with another Cobra model. The Oversize uses an enlarged clubhead to generate both stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. Both of those are useful features that greatly improve your game.


Generally, larger clubheads lead to a higher center of gravity. To fix that issue, this model's crown comes with a thin, strong carbon composite and an internal tungsten weight that work to add more control.


Some people may want more power on center and off-center hits, and one or two struggle to hit repeatable distances. Others also find the wedges a bit unwieldy, and lack touch around the greens.



Our Rating

Best Golf Clubs: Finding the Best Swing for You

It is not easy to find the best golf clubs on the market. There are so many different styles and so many different features that it can be overwhelming at times. However, the above eight are all great clubs that will vastly improve your game.