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Why Golf Towels Are An Important Part Of Your Equipment (And Some Popular Options)

best golf towel

Why Golf Towels are an Important Part of Your Equipment

Cool golf towels
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When asked to list the most important tools for golf, some people neglect to mention towels. Your best golf towel is a vital piece of your golf toolkit. It serves many purposes, and most golfers would be lost without it. But because they use it so often, they don’t give it much thought. Not having your towel can result in discomfort and poor shots. If you forget your towel, it could even cost you the round.

Purpose of a Golf Towel

However, having your towel will keep you comfortable and help you maintain accurate shots. This article is going to go into detail on the importance of keeping your towel with you at all times. You are going to learn how many towels you should bring with you and the type of towel you should buy. Finally, we are going to go over the different price ranges so you can find the best towel to suit your needs.

What Are Golf Towels Used For, Anyway?

Your golf towel serves the following purposes: keeping your clubs clean, keeping your clubs dry, and weather protection.

Golf towels are for absorbing moisture and drying objects like your hands, clubs, balls, etc. This is especially helpful when the green is wet from rain or a dewy morning. It is important to have a clean, dry golf club when golfing. If you don’t have a clean golf club, your shots will be less accurate and precise. You become accustomed to holding your golf club in a certain way and with a certain grip. This grip becomes a habit over time. After you get accustomed to holding your club in a certain way, anything out of place can throw your swing. If dirt or water get on your club, it will

make it difficult and challenging to maintain your normal grip. Not having a towel means you won’t be able to clean the dirt or dry the water of your golf club. This goes the same with your golf balls. Dirty and wet golf balls can affect their accuracy, spin, and loft resulting to inaccurate shots.

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Having the best golf towel enables you to keep your golf club clean and dry. A clean and dry golf club allows you to maintain the grip you have become accustomed to. This means you will be able to maintain your accuracy and precision. Enhanced precision will give you a better overall score, and it will enhance your odds of winning each match. A clean golf club could make the deciding factor in an otherwise closely matched round. Part of a solid strategy includes putting as many factors as possible in your favor.

Your golf towel can also be used to protect you from the weather. It can be wrapped around your neck to keep you cool on hot days and help protect against sunburn. Towels are also useful during the rain. When it’s raining, they can be placed over your head to keep water out of your eyes.

What’s the Difference Between a Golf Towel and a Hand Towel?

Some people may think that a regular hand/bath towel and a golf towel are the same. Yes, both are used to dry and clean, but their functions and materials are different.

Bath towels are woven pieces of fabric that are either cotton or cotton-polyester that are used to dry and absorb moisture on the body after taking a bath. Bath and hand towels are generally woven with a loop that is soft and absorbent and is thus used to wick the water away from the body.

The best golf towel is made of microfiber that has a towel clip to attach on to your golf bag and a distinctive groove cleaner attached at the bottom of the towel. This towel clip allows the golfer to secure the towel in a convenient spot on the upper portion of the golf bag. It can be conveniently attached and detached it when you need to use it, change it out and wash it.

Other towel clips feature a swivel mount where a golfer attach the towel in the same way as using a standard clip.

One of the main advantages of golf towels is convenience: the player can grab the towel and pull it upwards to use it. Use it to clean the golf balls, wipe off dirt on the golf clubs or dry your hands. Just release, and it drops into position.

Materials Used In Golf Towels

Different materials serve different purposes. Towels that are made from microfiber are great at absorbing water. As a result, they are a popular choice for keeping golf clubs dry. Other materials are not as effective. If you go with a less effective material, you risk not being able to dry your clubs.

Microfiber golf towels might not be the best choice for cleaning dirt off your golf club and other equipment. Microfiber towels are great for absorbing water, but they were not designed to clean mud and dirt. If you try to use microfiber towels to clean dirt, they could break.

For cleaning dirt off of your golf equipment, you want to use Pima cotton. Pima cotton is strong and durable. It will not easily break or rip. This means it will not have to be replaced often. In addition to keeping your equipment clean, knowing which towel to use for each task will save you money.

How to Keep New Golf Clubs Shiny?


  • If you’re trying to break-in your new golf clubs, you need to make them shiny and clean after every use. You should keep your new clubs clean after every round and on an off the golf course. A clean and shiny golf club will not only look better but will allow the golf ball to come off of the club with more accuracy. Frogger amphibian towels will do the job while you're on the golf course. This amphibian towel is one of the best golf accessories any player can have.
  • If you need further cleaning, below are some simple steps in maintaining your new golf clubs:
  • Wipe your clubs with a microfiber quality towel while on the course. Wipe your clubs after every swing because the clubs take up dirt or grass and other loose debris.
  • Use bristled club cleaning tools while on the course to remove debris from the iron face during the round.
  • Use the golf tees in removing fine dirt between grooves off of the course.
  • Once you’re home, fill a bucket with cleaning detergent and use a damp towel to wipe and wash your club with the soapy water.
  • Scrub the club with a soft-bristled brush to remove any remaining dirt or debris.
  • Rinse your clubs with clean water.
  • Dry your club with a superabsorbent dry towel.
  • Scrub with a club cleaning product like  Golf Shine. Wipe clean with a super absorbent microfiber golf towel when finished to add extra shine.
  • Place your clubs back in your bag and cover them to keep them clean.


What Is the Best and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Balls Without Damaging Them?

  • Start by removing any mud or dirt from the golf balls. Wipe the balls with a damp towel or rinse them with a hose.
  • Fill the bucket with warm water.
  • Add about half a cup to a cup of liquid dish soap to the water. Soap level will depend on how many golf balls you are cleaning and how dirty they are.
  • Soak the golf balls for one to two hours.
  • Remove the golf balls from the water and gently brush them to remove any dirt specifically on the dimples. Rinse them using a hose or faucet.
  • Wipe the golf balls with a clean, dry towel and let them air-dry before storing them for your next game.

How many Towels Should You Keep in Your Golf Bag?

You should have at least two or three golf towels in your golf bag at all times. You need one towel for drying your equipment and another towel for cleaning dirt and mud off your golf club. The optional third towel can be used to protect you from the weather. Now, it is

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recommended to keep at least one backup towel with you. You never know what could happen.

You could drop or lose a towel, or your towel could get damaged. If you lose the towel for drying your clubs, you could be in a bad situation. Even a little moisture can throw your swing off. If you don’t have a backup, it could cost you the round. You don’t want to risk losing a round because of something that is easily preventable.

Caring for Your Golf Towel

Caring for your best golf towel is easy. However, it is important to check which material your towel is made from. Some materials can be washed in a washing machine but can’t be put in a dryer. Standard microfiber golf towels can be put in both the washer and dryer. It is important to use the gentle setting when washing your towel.

You can also use a gentle fabric softener on your microfiber towel. Your towel should be washed after every match. Dirty towels are not as effective at cleaning and removing dirt from your equipment. Dirty towels will only move the dirt and mud around without actually removing it from the golf club.

How Often Should You Replace Your Golf Towel?

If you ask ten different people how often you should replace your golf towel, you will get ten different answers. Not everyone agrees on this topic. Many people overthink this topic, so let’s keep it simple. There is not a mathematical formula that dictates how often a towel should be replaced. It is best to

Image Source: amazon.com (Get it here)

use your judgment. If you towel is in good condition and it still does its job, then you can keep it. If your golf towel looks like it is in bad shape and it does not get its job done, then it is time to consider getting a replacement.

Golf Towel Prices and Trends

You can find golf towels at a variety of prices. Some are $5, and others sell for $20 or more. Again, when picking a golf towel, go with one that meets your needs. Pick a quality towel that will last a long time. The Nike 14 x 14 Microfiber towel is currently trending. It is lightweight but durable. Because it is designed to be used by golfers, it will not damage the finish on your clubs. This towel is currently selling for $15.90.

Greenside by G-Towel is also trending. You can currently get a three pack for $15.95. Three towels for the price of one is not a bad deal. This towel also has a snap attachment, so you can easily attach it to your bag or cart.

While you can find discounted towels, some buyers prefer to purchase brands such as Burberry golf towel or Lacoste. Or, you can always go for the popular golf brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, or Titleist.


Golf Towel Accessories

Golf towels accessories are also available. You can get a ring or clip so you can keep it with you on your bag or caddy without having to worry about losing it. Sometimes you can even get matching gloves. You'll see this with the pros or at tournaments (Such as the BMW tournament or Masters) since they get sponsored and branded sports towels and other golf accessories to use

Best Golf Towels Reviews – Cool Golf Towels: Brands, Ideas, and Personalization

Depending on your style, price range, and brand preferences, there are a variety of different cool golf towels you can choose from. We have compiled some of the most popular, unique, and top-rated golf towels currently available. We have grouped them into related categories below. From there, you can decide the right towel choice for you!

Monogrammed Golf Towels

golf towel monogrammed
View other colors on Amazon here

Monogrammed golf towels are popular with women golfers and it would make a great gift for them. The towels can be custom made upon order and are a great of having their own personalized golf towels. And depending on the site, you can find many affordable personalized golf towels at this link Shop Monogrammed Golf Towel's on Amazon

Patterned Golf Towels

camo pattern golf towel
View other colors on Amazon here

These custom golf towels are available in different patterns and not just stick to a plain single color towel sets. These patterned custom golf towels come in camo, argyle and checkered patterns. You can also get embroidered golf towels where you can have your name stitched into the towel for a more personal touch. Check out Shop Patterned Golf Towel's on Amazon

Cooling Golf Towels

Via Alfamo Cooling Towels on Amazon.com (see all colors here)

Major sporting brands like Under Armor, Puma, Wilson, and Adidas make their own cooling towel sets. These cooling towels are more affordable than most popular golfing brands, but still are quality towels and provides the same function. They are classic and sharp looking and can be used on hot days to keep your cool, literally. Shop Cooling Golf Towel's on Amazon

Random / Funny Golf Towels

funny golf towels
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If you love movies like Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore, maybe you should consider getting a golf towel with a funny phrase or quote on your next golf outing. Or it could have something weird and random on it like a frog or a Guinness Beer. Or just a bright,  obnoxious color so you stand out at your next golf outing. Either way, you can get this towel sets that will strike up a conversation. Shop Funny Golf Towel's on Amazon

Sports Team Towels

Shop other NFL sports team golf towels on Amazon here!

You can get customized towels that have your favorite sports team on them. Say you're a Dallas Cowboys fan or Steelers fan you can get logo golf towels to match your passion! But this isn't just for NFL football, it can be for any sport (ex. Liverpool soccer team) and any level (collegiate such as Clemson). You can get whatever logo golf towels you want with this personalized golf accessory! Shop Sports Team Golf Towel's on Amazon


Final Thoughts on The Best Golf Towels

When it comes to golf towels either for equipment or personal use, you have to buy the best golf towel available to you. Sports towels don’t need to be very expensive, but it should be a piece of golfing equipment that can make a big difference in your game without dropping a significant amount of cash. When buying your next players towel, consider the factors discussed:

  • Absorbency
  • Convenience
  • Cleaning ability
  • Size
  • Feel
  • Price


Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

best golf balls

As golf clubs advance rapidly with new developments and technology, advances in golf balls are slower and infrequent. After all, whether a ball is stuffed with rubber or liquid or feathers, golf still remains a game of consistency and accuracy – and not distance, right?

Wrong! Just because a ball flies farther doesn’t mean that it flies straighter.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

A golf ball can significantly affect the precision of your shots. This means that finding the right ball is just as important as finding the right clubs.

While golfers are usually brand loyal to their equipment, there are quite a number of specifications that you need to look out for when choosing the ideal ball for your gameplay. These include the compression, the spin, and the construction. You will also have to consider your skill level.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Golf Balls

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


Higher compression golf balls offer better control and are usually used by golfers with fast swing speeds. Lower compression golf balls, on the other hand, are softer and will compress more when hit, creating more distance.


•High-spin balls: These balls are designed to increase their spin while in the air, hence, providing longer carries.

•Low-spin balls: These balls tend to decrease the side spins of your shots, hence, fly straighter in the air.

•Mid-spin balls: These balls bridge the gap between high spin golf balls and low spin ones. They are designed to incorporate both precision and distance.


This determines how the ball reacts when hit by a club. The most common constructions include:

  • 1-piece golf balls: They are usually made from a single solid piece of Surlyn and have dimples moulded on them. They are the least expensive and are specifically designed for beginners and driving ranges.
  • 2-piece golf balls: The solid core of these balls are made from high-energy resin or acrylate which is covered by a strong, cut-proof Surlyn material. These aspects make the 2-piece golf balls have the most distance.
  • 3-piece golf balls: These balls have liquid or solid rubber cores, a layer of strong rubber, and a moulded cover of either urethane or Surlyn. They are softer, offering you more spin and ball flight control.
  • 4-piece golf balls: Each of the four layers in a 4-piece ball has a specific purpose. Nonetheless, they all work together to give you the softest feel and the farthest distance.
  • 5-piece golf balls: Much like the 4-piece ball, 5-piece balls offer even more spin, distance, and Tour-level performance. They are specifically designed for pro golfers.

Golf Balls Frequently Asked Questions

With the information presented above, beginners and junior golfers may have questions about golf balls that need to be answered. Let’s check them out. 

#1 How Are Golf Balls Made?

In general, cheap golf balls and premium golf balls are mostly made of plastic and rubber materials.  A 1-piece golf ball is made entirely of Surlyn; two-piece golf balls are made with a solid rubber core and a durable thermoplastic cove. The rubber starts out as a hard block. It is then heated and pressed to form a sphere.

Let’s make two-piece golf balls as an example.

  • The center is a molded core, it’s heated, and pressure is applied, and then the 1.5-inch core is formed.

  • Injection molding is used in creating the cover and dimples where the core is centered within a mold cavity using pins. Molten thermoplastic is then injected into the dimpled cavity that surrounds the core. Pressure and heat allow the cover material to flow within the center and form the finished look of the golf ball.

  • The rough spots are removed and polished than 2 coats of paints are applied and dried. The logo is stamped, and the final clear coating is applied for high sheen and scuff resistance.

  • The balls are then loaded into large containers and dried using large dryers. Once dried, the balls are ready to be boxed and shipped.

#2 What Are Golf Balls Made Of?

Golf ball construction has been discussed above, but let’s dig further.

Core. The core is generally made of rubber, and most premium golf balls may have liquid centers. The balls are compressed into three numbers – 80 compressions are golf ball for beginners, juniors, women and senior golfers. 90 compression is average and designed for weekend players.

100 compression consists of a harder and tighter core for advanced or professional golfers.

Balata Covers. It is a rubber-like mixture that provides better ball control and a soft feel. This material is used in premium golf balls for senior golfers, low-handicapped players, and professional golfers.

Surlyn.  It is a hard resin cover for excellent ball control and a soft feel. The blend features hard resin with less feel but provides more durability. It gives the player more distance, but less maneuverability. It is more affordable compared to premium golf balls.

#3 Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

The dimples and the spin rate generated on the ball creates lift to keep the golf ball in the air. The dimples reduce drag that affects the ball speed, ball flight, distance, and direction. Most practice gold balls up to professional golf balls will have 300 to 360 dimples each.

#4 What Do The Numbers On Golf Balls Mean?

•    A single-digit number under the brand name is for identification.

•    A double-digit number, if one appears represents compression.

•    A triple-digit number is the number of dimples the ball has.

#5 How To Clean Golf Balls?

Just like every mountain bike ride, you should clean your bike after every session to prevent premature wear and tear and to maintain its performance. It’s the same with golf balls. You need to clean them after every long or short game, Why? Because all gunk collected on the golf balls will affect its drag and overall performance.

To clean golf balls, you can just put them in a dishwasher or a washing machine. If the golf balls are really dirty, you can do one of each:

  • Soak them in warm water with water-based degreasers or any product containing oxalic acid.

  • Apply undiluted bleach or white vinegar on the ball’s surface using a clean cloth.

  • Soak them in a container with a couple of denture cleaning tablets.

#6 How Long Do Golf Balls Last?

Keeping the golf balls in a cool, dry place will last up to 5 years and a maximum of 7 years.

#7 What To Do With Old Golf Balls?

You can recycle old golf balls as golf balls for beginners, practice balls to practice your swing speed or you can sell them to refurbishers or golf courses. You can donate them to schools with their golf club or to anyone who’s starting out with the sport.

#8 What Is The Best Golf Ball For Max Distance?

When it comes to golf balls, one name comes to mind, and that’s Titleist. The Titleist Velocity is one of the best golf balls for distance because of its dimple design, thinner cover system, and more significant core. The 328 tetrahedral dimple design results in enhanced carry and roll. The LSX core gives faster ball speed under a full swing speed.

#9 What Are The Best Brands Of Golf Balls?

The top golf ball brands in the world today are:

  • Titleist golf balls

  • TaylorMade golf balls

  • Nike golf balls

  • Callaway golf balls

  • Srixon golf balls

  • Bridgestone golf ball

  • Mizuno

Best Golf Balls to Buy 

With those factors in mind, here are some of the best golf balls you’ll come across on the market right now:





Bridgestone E7 

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

Mizuno MP-X 

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

Srixon Z-Star XV 

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

TaylorMade Project (a) 

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

Nike RZN Black 

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

Callaway Chrome Soft 

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

Titleist PRO V1

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now

Best Golf Ball Reviews

Bridgestone E7 

This 3-piece golf ball is designed to offer you more distance and speed. Its dual-dimple feature gives the ball a greater trajectory and velocity.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


  • Speed Enhancing Construction for Increased Distance


  • Do not have all the softness some golfers want for control



Our Rating


Mizuno MP-X 

This 4-layered golf ball is designed with pro golfers in mind. It has a dual-core design for better control and a reduced spin. Its 330 Speed Dimple pattern helps in creating a penetrating flight, while the urethane cover enhances the speed.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


  • Great ball. Better cover performance than the MPS and great playing characteristics. 


  • Expensive but great balls,it takes forever to get them



Our Rating


Srixon Z-Star XV 

This premium golf ball was upgraded from a previous model to offer more spin, more distance, and greater consistency even in windy conditions. The Z-Star XV comes with a super-soft Energetic Gradient Growth and a 338 Speed Dimple pattern that generates higher flights with lower driver spins.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


  • Spin with short irons, great putting feel and a very tough cover
  • Highly durable, long off the tee, and spin enough around the greens


  • They don't spin or feel as soft.



Our Rating


TaylorMade Project (a) 

This golf ball is aimed at giving amateurs tour-level golf ball technology. It has a soft urethane cover with a very hard core to offer higher spins and better control. The Project (a) is also one of the most affordable golf balls used on tours.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


  • They are awesome off the tee.  
  • Wonderful around the greens.
  • Distance is solid, wedges land soft and can spin back, putting feel is smooth.


  • Probably Second Best Balls



Our Rating


Nike RZN Black 

This ball comes with a Nike-exclusive RZN core design and Speedlock Technology that offers more compression between the layers for longer distances, faster speeds, and stable ball flights.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


  • Faster ball speed for longer distance
  • Lower spin for more penetrating flight


  • Balls don't hold up well, durability is terrible



Our Rating


Callaway Chrome Soft 

The Chrome Soft is the only golf ball in the world with a SoftFast core and a urethane cover for an extremely low compression. This ball caters for golfers with slow swing speeds who need a soft feel for better control.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


  • Soft feel and increased greenside control
  • Superior distance off the long clubs and control off the short clubs


  • Red pattern on the ball chips off fairly easily



Our Rating


Titleist PRO V1

This is arguably the most highly-rated and preferred golf ball in the world. Its design is aimed at giving golfers better control, softer feel, and more short game spin.

In the most instances, when a golf ball has a soft feel, it generally loses its distance. But this is not the case with the PRO V1 – it offers a penetrating flight that will give you extra distance with every shot. It’s also one of the most durable golf balls on the market today.

Check Out These 7 Best Golf Balls to Buy Right Now


  • They are the best and I hit much better.


  • Little deceiving thinking they would come in the actual Titleist box when they didn't



Our Rating


Before Buying the Golf Balls…

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Balls To Buy

Analyze your gameplay and be honest with yourself. Don’t overestimate your skill level, practice your swing speed and get the best golf clubs you can buy. Then, figure out what type of swing you have and the type of golf ball you play. After that, consider these 7 best golf balls.

How Many Dimples On a Golf Ball May Affect Your Game

how many dimples on a golf ball

Although they’re often overlooked and underrated, golf balls can dramatically affect your game depending on how many dimples on a golf ball. Unlike the NFL, professional golf doesn’t require players to use a standard golf ball.

In fact, a wide range of modifications can be made to golf balls, which are meant to enhance the design and improve your game. The dimples, cover, compression, size, and core can all be modified.

Most people would be shocked to find out what materials are used to build the cores of golf balls. The dimples on a golf ball are some of the most important features, and the science behind these features and how they can affect your game is quite fascinating.

Why Are There Dimples In Golf Balls?

For many years, scientists have been studying what happens when a club impacts a golf ball. The research into this matter is meant to decipher the ball’s launch conditions. The problem is that the impact lasts for only a tiny fraction of a second but has the power to determine the ball’s entire flight trajectory.

In other words, the impact between the golf club and ball determines the ball’s spin rate, launch angle, and velocity. Once the ball is launched, the trajectory of the ball is steered by aerodynamics and gravity, despite the number of curse words that may leave the player’s mouth.

The major reason why golf balls have dimples is because dimples provide aerodynamic optimization, which is an integral part of golf ball development. When compared with a ball that doesn’t have dimples, a golf ball that does have dimples will travel nearly twice as far. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that being able to drive a golf ball further is a great skill to possess.

What is The Range of Numbers of Dimples from Ball To Ball?

Today, you’ll find that most golf balls have anywhere from 300 to 500 dimples, and the average depth of the dimples is around 0.010 inch. It’s important to understand that the drag and lift forces that interact with a golf ball are determined by the depth of the dimples.

If you were to change the depth of the dimples by 0.001 of an inch, it would cause a dramatic shift in the ball’s aerodynamic behavior. Since they started making golf balls with dimples, the dimples have almost always been spherical.

However, other shapes have been used and optimized for better aerodynamics. A great example is the HX golf ball, which is made by Callaway. This particular ball is made with hexagonal dimples and delivers performance comparable to what you would get from spherical dimples.

What Makes Dimples So Important?

Initially, golf balls are were crafted smooth balls. The whole surface area is a sphere with not an inch of dent or irregularity. Golfers cannot get any decent distance or an accurate flight trajectory out of these smooth balls. But as the balls got used more, the surface began to wear; the golfers noticed that the balls got more distance when they got more nicks and cuts.

By the 1800s, golfers stopped buying new balls and just used the old golf balls because it got more distance and improved their game. Manufacturers took note of this and started making golf balls with different patterns on the outer surface to replicate the flight, initial velocity and spin rate of nicked golf balls.

It was in 1905 that William Taylor introduced the first and modern dimpled-surfaced golf ball.

Although we can’t see it and might even forget it’s there, the air that we breathe is very real. If you need a refresher on the power of air and how it can affect objects moving through it, go outside and watch for a shooting star. It might be invisible, but air exerts a powerful force on objects that move through it.

Do Dimples on a Golf Ball Make It Fly Farther?

There are two main components of an air force. These components are called drag and lift. Drag is used by airplanes to slow down before landing, and it’s the force that directly resists motion. Lift is slightly different and aims to keep your golf ball grounded. In other words, it acts in a way that is perpendicular to the motion.

We’ve all stuck our hands out of a vehicle that is driving down the highway. The strong forces that you’ll feel on your hand are drag and lift at work. You might’ve also noticed that you can change these variables by closing your fingers together and rotating your hand.

Any moving objects will have an area of high-pressure on its front side. After the air impacts the front of the object, it moves towards the back and begins to separate from the object. Objects also leave behind a wake region, which is a space of agitated or fluctuating air. There will always be an area of low pressure behind the wake left behind by a moving object.

The total size of the wake determines the amount of drag the object sustains. A large wake places more drag on an object than a small wake. The dimples that you’ll find on a standard golf ball aim to create a thin layer of air around the ball’s surface.

This boundary layer that is created by the dimples clings to the golf ball and allows smooth airflow to wrap around the ball. The end result is a smaller wake zone, which means the dimples reduce the amount of drag on the ball. Dimples are also important because they affect lift. A smooth golf ball with a backspin acts very similarly to an airplane’s wing.

The ball’s spin is what makes the air pressure on the bottom of the ball greater than the air pressure on the top. The pressure imbalance is what produces an upward force and makes the ball go further. The two main factors that determine a golf ball’s lift are dimples and ball spin. Each of these factors contributes 50 percent to the ball’s total lift.

You also need to understand the difference between turbulent flow and laminar flow. Think of laminar flow is for a smooth surface. Turbulent flow is for a rough surface.

Think of the dimpled golf ball having turbulent flow around its surface area while the smooth ball has laminar flow around it. Traditionally, laminar flow offers less drag, and a smooth surface gives less resistance. However, in laminar flow, there is a ‘separation’ an area at the back of the object where the flow separates. The turbulent boundary layer also has this ‘separation,’ but because of the turbulence, the area is not as large as compared in the laminar flow

For golf balls, the smaller separation at the back in turbulent boundary layer reduces drag as compared to a laminar flow with a significant separation at the rear. So,  this means the dimples on the ball make it fly farther than smooth-surfaced balls.

What Is The Magic Number Of Golf Ball Dimples?how many dimples on a golf ball

Many nongolfers and amateur players usually ask – “how many dimples are on a golf ball?” Although there is no magic number, most modern golf balls have 300 to 450 dimples. Although there is no standard for golf balls, most products fall within this range. Unfortunately, when trying to make the perfect golf ball, there is no magic number of dimples.

It’s natural for some people to think that more dimples translates into better aerodynamics, but the reality is that any number over 450 runs the risk of producing too much drag on the golf ball. It’s also important to understand that the manufacturing process for golf balls can be quite tedious, so manufacturers have trouble keeping tiny golf ball dimples consistent.

It’s also worth noting that the dimples on a golf ball can become filled with grass or dirt. The number of dimples on a ball can be viewed as customization because the dimples determine how the ball moves through the air. While it’s possible to put 500 dimples on a golf ball, this number reduces the amount of potential trajectory customization.

How Many Dimples Are on a PGA Golf Ball?

Any number between 300 and 500 dimples is reasonable, and 336 is a common number.

Are All Golf Ball Dimples The Same Size?

Today, most golf ball manufacturers produce golf balls that have fewer dimples, and the dimples are usually made larger than in the past. Most balls are made this way because advanced players desire golf balls that deliver low spin and high launch.

Oddly, bigger dimples don’t automatically equate to a higher trajectory. The larger dimples on today’s golf balls are shallower than dimples on past designs. The reduced depth of each dimple helps to offset the larger size, and the end result is a much higher trajectory.

Players and golf ball manufacturers say golf is a game of inches, but when it comes to the dimples on the golf ball, it’s a matter of thousandths of an inch. A typical dimple on a golf ball has a depth of about 7/1000th of an inch. In many cases, changing this number by 0.001 of an inch can cause the ball to lose or gain several yards of distance.

Put simply, the dimples on golf balls are not always the same size, and the exact size and depth of the dimples are determined by the company that manufactures the ball. Some balls are made for specific situations and have a number of dimples that is larger or smaller than the standard of 336. If you’ve ever wondered how many dimples on a golf ball is best, it depends on the situation.

How Are The Dimples On Golf Balls Made?

Golf ball manufacturer already has pre-cast metal casing layer mold with small dimples when manufacturing golf balls. The core is set with the Surlyn process on the metal mold and then the urethane casing cover is applied around the core. The Surlyn process ensures that the urethane casing layer with the small dimples adheres to the core.

Most golf balls have a rubber core, and they’re molded into a spherical shape. Once the rubber cores of the ball are mold to exact specifications, a casing layer is applied to the cores. Since the casing layer is a pre-made cast, it’s molded to apply all of the dimples that the ball will have.

You can think of the casing layer as the master plate that a printing press uses to print money. After the casing layer has been applied and ground, the balls are coated with a polyurethane layer, which protects against all types of weather conditions.

Manufacturers even use coronal discharge to make sure the polyurethane coating adheres to the casing properly.

To understand it more thoroughly, these are the common golf ball constructions out in the market today:

  • 1-piece golf balls: Low compression balls and they are usually made from a single solid piece of Surlyn and have dimples molded on them. They are the least expensive and are specifically designed for beginners and driving ranges.
  • 2-piece golf balls: The solid core of these balls are made from high-energy resin or acrylate which is covered by a strong, cut-proof Surlyn material. These aspects make the 2-piece golf balls have the most distance.
  • 3-piece golf balls: These balls have liquid or solid rubber cores, a mantle layer of strong rubber, and a molded cover of either urethane or Surlyn. They have a soft feel, offering you more spin and ball flight control.
  • 4-piece golf balls: Each of the four layers in a 4-piece ball has a specific purpose and generally gives an excellent swing speed. Nonetheless, they all work together to give you the softest feel and the farthest distance.
  • 5-piece golf balls: Much like the 4-piece ball, 5-piece balls offer a soft feel against the golf club even more spin, distance, the best swing speed among the five ball types and Tour-level performance. They are specifically designed for pro golfers.

What Do the Numbers on a Golf Ball Mean?


  • A single-digit number under the brand name is for identification.
  • A double-digit number represents compression.
  • A triple-digit number represents the number of dimples the ball has.

After reading this, you should know how many dimples on a golf ball may affect your game and how the dimples affect the trajectory of every golf ball you hit.


How to Grip a Golf Club – Does Strength Really Matter?

how to hold golf club
How to Grip a Golf Club – Does Strength Really Matter?

The much coveted perfect golf grip is something all golfers strive for but does it really matter? How to hold golf club is certainly one of the most talked about topics when it comes to golf instruction and technique. You'll often hear people make comments about a grip being too strong, too weak or even neutral. The truth is that the grip probably gets a little too much emphasis. There are some good rules of thumb to follow, but ultimately, the technique for holding the club doesn't have to be overly complicated. You could teach a complete neophyte the proper grip in a single day.

It's All About Positioning

The relative strength of your grip owes a lot to the positioning of your left hand. This is known as your control hand, and it affects every aspect of your put. It doesn't require actual strength to hold the golf club, but you do have to have the right amount of control. The perfect golf grip has your wrist aligned directly with the pole of the golf club. A weak grip will have a slight bend in the wrist of the left hand. This can cause the golf club to be held loosely, which will affect your ability to swing. The strongest grip occurs when your left hand actually leans over the club and goes too far down the handle.

When you swing with a weak grip, the club may move around in the palm while swinging, and this can cause a lag in the club head. The result is a swing that is loose and not powerful enough to get an accurate swing. Having a grip that is too strong is typically a sign of an amateur. This can occur as the result of trying to strengthen the right hand to get the thumb placement directly behind the shaft of the club. Since the thumb is a powerful finger, it gives the sense of better control. Take your time when learning how to grip a golf club, and you'll experience a more enjoyable play with less fatigue.

Getting the Right Grip Pressure

When you hold your club, it should feel stable. The handle shouldn't slide around during your swing, and you should have good control over your club. If you notice any tension in your wrists, arms or shoulders, you need to relax and grip less tightly. The tension is typically caused by gripping too hard.

Don't think of your swing as trying to propel the club through the air with as much force as possible. Instead, think of the swing as a pendulum of sorts. It builds speed towards the bottom of the swing in a single fluid motion. The golf head plays a huge role in this. Choose the right golf head for the put, and you'll let the club end up doing most of the work.

Whatever you do, don't try to force the stroke by using your hands. Your hands are simply there to hold the club. The real force comes from a natural and controlled swing that balances the club in your hand. A professional knows that if the stroke uses good form, the right amount of force will be provided. The wrists should always feel loose and free. If you have too tight of a grip, you simply won't get the control or speed you want.

In many ways, you have to give up control to gain control. By trusting that the right grip will help you get a stronger attack, you'll be able to play more effectively. Try to aim for the lightest grip possible while still keeping it securely in your hand. This may feel awkward at first, but you'll understand the genius of it after a few tries.

how to hold golf clubPlaying With Pressure

Try an experiment to find out the right pressure you should be using to hold your club. Hold the club as lightly as possible without dropping it. Now, hold it as tightly as you can and then let it go. Go for somewhere right in between these two pressures, and then reduce that pressure by another 50 percent. This is the right grip pressure that you should use. Your wrists and forearms should be free and loose, and you should still feel like you have control of the club.

If you're gripping too tightly, it's likely because you're trying to gain too much control. If you have any doubts at all, chances are good that you're gripping the club too tightly. At the end of a day on the green, your hands should not feel tight and constricted.

The majority of the pressure on the club should involve the smallest three fingers on your left hand. These fingers are used to hold the golf club. The other fingers should simply rest lightly on the golf club. They act as balancers to hold the club in place while still allowing a good amount of freedom of movement. In fact, you should feel like your little finger is doing most of the work.

Apply Constant Pressure

The heavier the club you use, the more you'll increase your grip. Everyone does this, but it's important to try to resist this urge. Your grip shouldn't change depending on the weight of the club.

Try alternating between very light and heavy clubs. Chances are you'll instinctively hold the heavier club tighter.

Now, instead of going back and forth between your lightest and heaviest, get the right grip on your lightest club and then move up to the next lightest.

Once you've done that and maintained the same grip, go back down to the lighter club. Then, move up to the third lightest club before moving back to the lightest again.

Continue this rotation while continually increasing the weight of the club, but always returning to the lightest club. This will help you get used to using the same light grip on all of your clubs.

Don't Regrip During the Swing

Some students end up regripping between swings when they change their grip. Hit two or three balls in a row and check to see if your club face is re-aligned. If you moved your hand positioning, then chances are you've re-gripped. It's something you'll want to pay attention to and focus on as you improve your swing.

How to Regrip a Golf Club?

A worn out grip will cost you shots especially if its worn out and offers little grip. Golf grips have a lifespan and just like anything that is constantly used, and it needs to be replaced when the time comes.

Regripping golf clubs is easy than many golfers think. There will be variations, but the necessary steps in regripping golf clubs remain the same.

Things you need:

  • New grips
  • Vise and rubber vice clamps
  • Utility knife
  • Two-sided grip tape
  • Grip solvent


Secure the shaft in a vise near the tip of the grip with the rubber vise clamp. Place the club face perpendicular to the floor in the playing position.


Remove the old grip with the utility knife with a hook blade to avoid damaging the shaft Peel off the old grip and grip tape. Clean off the residue using a cloth and as grip solvent.


Hold the new grip parallel to the shaft to know how much it needs to be covered by the tape.


Use 3/4″ or 2″ double-sided grip tape. If 3/4″ tape is used, wrap the shaft in a spiral formation from the top to the point where the bottom of the grip will be on the shaft. Remove the tape backing and cover the end of the shaft with extra tape.


Cover the hole in the butt end with your finger or golf tee, and pour Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent inside the new grip. Close the open end of the grip with your hand and shake to spread the solvent the entire inside of the grip.


Pour out the excess Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent over the entire length of the two-sided tape and apply generously. Use a tray to catch excess grip solvent for use on other clubs.


Place the grip over the shaft butt onto the club by squeezing the open end of the grip. It should be done while the grip tape is still wet with the grip solvent. Push the grip onto the club and be sure the grip butt is against the shaft butt.


Align the grip with the pattern square to the clubface within a minute of applying the grip solvent.


Let the grips dry for 24 hours.

Understanding Proper Placement

When you're holding your club, it's the left hand that supports the majority of the weight. You'll use just the heel pad and the trigger finger on your left hand to hold the club.

Next, place your right hand on the club. Both of your hands should be touching, but don't push them together too much. The ring finger on your right hand should fit right alongside the index finger on your left hand. You can interlock your little finger to make it more secure. Finally, the right thumb should fold right over the left thumb for the most secure grip.

When you have the proper grip, you should feel like your hands have melded together in a comfortable way. The grip should be solid and secure, and you shouldn't have the feeling that the club will slip out of your hands.

On a scale of 1 to 10, use a grip strength of about 3 to ensure that you're not grasping the club too strongly. Feel how loose you can make your wrists and forearms while holding the club in a secure manner. Wiggle the club back and forth a few times, and check to make sure that your grip hasn't moved.

The trick to a good grip is learning how to maintain just the right amount of pressure to avoid losing your positioning on the club's handle. The bony ridge on top of your left wrist should always stay directly over the center of the handle. If it's moving, then you need to apply a bit more pressure to prevent losing your position. But, don't use every finger in both of your hands to do this. You should be able to maintain adequate pressure with the smaller three fingers, and then gently guide the club with your remaining fingers.

How to Hold a Golf Club for Beginners?

The golfer’s grips are the only physical link between the body and the golf club. Having good grips make it easier to move hands and the arms properly through the golf swing and hit the ball with a square clubface. The correct golf grip can also sure a lot of shot issues and help golfers develop a consistent setup.

If you’re a beginner golfer, there are several ways of how to hold golf clubs. The first step is to orient your hands on the golf club.   For right-hand players, the left hand will be placed on top, closer to the butt of the club shaft, with the right hand just below the left hand.

For lefties, do it in reverse. The thumb of the top hand should be extended down the club’s handle. It should not be wrapped around the grip’s underside.

There are different ways of unifying the hands on the golf club. The three most commonly used are interlocking grip, the Verdon/overlocking grip and baseball grip/10 finger grip:

  • Interlocking grip. The pinky finger of the bottom hand is locked between the middle finger and the index of the top hand.
  • Verdon or overlapping grip. This is the most popular grip among PGA Tour professionals. This overlap grip is almost similar to the interlocking grip. Instead of linking the fingers of the top and bottom hand, the left index and the middle finger are placed together, and the right pinky finger is placed on the top gap between them.
  • Baseball grip or 10 finger grip. This mostly common among beginners, juniors, and amateur players.  All ten fingers go onto the club grip. Most golfers using this grips the club precisely like a baseball bat, which wraps the left thumb around the club grip.

How Do You Swing a Golf Club Properly?

The adaptations of the interlocking grip, overlapping grip, and the baseball grip have morphed into having the left hand (lead hand) and the right hand (trail hand) in a weak position, neutral position or a strong position. The USPGA players refer to these as an open-faced grip, a neutral grip as well as a closed face grip

A player’s grip and golf swing will depend on many factors like strength, arm swing versus body swing and body speed while rotating.

Weak Grip For The Left Hand

The weak grip with the left-hand grip is achieved when the player can look down the ball and see less than two knuckles. The V of the left hand will be pointing to the golfer’s chin.

It is achieved by turning the hands in a counter-clockwise motion around the club grip or to the left. It allows the left thumb to be placed on the target side of the golf club. If the hands are turned around more around the club, the clubface and the golf ball will be influenced more on the downswing.

Strong Grip For The Left Hand

The strong grip with the left hand is achieved when the player can look down and see three knuckles or more. With a strong grip, the V of the left hand pointed towards the shoulder.

It is achieved by turning the hands clockwise around the handle or to the right. This allows the left thumb to rest on the right side of the grip. If the hands are turned around more around the club, the clubface and the golf ball will be influenced.

Neutral Grip For The Left Hand

The neutral grip with the left hand is accomplished when the player can look down the golf ball and see two knuckles. This allows the golfer to synchronize an arm and body motion together. The V of the left-hand will point towards the shoulder. The left thumb would be just on the right side of the grip.

These are the proper golf grips for lefties. Let’s discuss the proper golf grips for right-handers.

Weak Grip For The Right Hand

The weak grip with the right hand is achieved when the golfer can look down at the golf ball, and the V between the thumb and the palm is pointing to the chin. This grip is accomplished by turning the right hand counterclockwise around the golf grip.

Strong Grip  The Right Hand

The V of the right hand is pointing towards the right shoulder. This is accomplished by turning the hands clockwise around the golf grip. This allows the left thumb to rest precisely on the right side of the grip.

Neutral Grip For The Right Hand

The neutral grip is accomplished when the golfer can look down at the ball, and the V between the thumb and palm is pointing at the right ear. This allows the player to blend an arm and body motion. The right thumb would be just on the right side of the grip.

Practice Makes Perfect

The most important thing is to not be afraid to make mistakes. Go out and practice. Experiment with finding the right grip, and take your time to ensure that you get the right grip each time. If you have to spend 10 minutes setting up the perfect grip, that's completely okay.

The brain doesn't differentiate between a good and bad grip when you're learning how to grip a golf club. It simply goes with whatever you train it to do. If you train with a bad grip, you will always have a poor grip. If you take your time and get the perfect grip each time, your brain will learn and you'll be able to speed up the time it takes to get the right grip. Practice

5 Tips for Finding the Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

In order to play a great game of golf, you need to be prepared. The best way to be prepared for a day on the green is with the best golf bags.

Whether you’re a novice of a pro, having a well-stocked bag can help to elevate your game.

While you can find plenty of cheap golf bags online, knowing what to look for is the best way to get the most out of your purchase.

Below you will find helpful tips on finding the right bag for your needs and to fit your style.

How to Find the Best Golf Bags

Finding the right golf bag is all about knowing what to look for. Here are five tips to find the best golf bags for your game.

1. The Type of Bag

The first thing you should consider when shopping for a golf bag is what type of bag you’ll need.

Do you travel often? Golf travel bags are perfect for the golfer on the go, and they’re built to help protect your clubs from any damage.

Looking for something a little lighter? Carry bags or Sunday golf bags are perfect for golfers looking for a little flexibility on the course.

2. Bag Organization and Storage

You rely on your golf bag to store all your gear, so ensuring that your potential bag can fit it all is critical. From the top cuff design, which separates your clubs, to the internal storage compartments, be sure to open everything and make sure it works for you.

You should have enough space for your clubs, gloves, extra balls, and something to drink.

3. Lightweight vs. Big Bags

There’s a lot of walking involved in golfing, so having the right bag can make all the difference. If your local club offers carts, then having a cart bag is key for convenience.

If, however, a majority of your day on the course is spent walking, then finding a bag that is lightweight is the way to go.

These bags are designed to still offer plenty of storage space, but they also use lightweight materials and straps to make carrying them a breeze.

4. Choosing Your Brand

While you may not like to admit it, most golfers have brand favoritism. Whether you use Titleist, Callaway, of Nike, choosing your favorite brand is a great way to narrow down your bag search. All major brands offer a diverse roster of golf bags, so you can expect to find the style you’re looking for.

5. Make a Budget

Price is everything when it comes to shopping. If you want to narrow down your golf bag options, and find cheap golf bags that are still quality, setting a budget is the way to go. Golf bag prices range drastically, so setting a dollar amount ahead of time will help to prevent overspending.

Keep these five tips in mind the next time you go shopping for a golf bag. Not only will it make choosing a bag easier, but also it will ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

What Golf Bag Style Options are there to Choose From?

There are a few different golf bag styles on the market, and knowing which to choose is key. The most common options include:

  • Golf Travel Bags: Do you often find yourself on the road? Wish you could take your golf clubs with you on those work trips? With a golf travel bag, that is exactly the point. Designed to cover your clubs completely, you can travel with this carry golf bag have a peace of mind knowing that your gear is safe. This is particularly convenient for travelers who plan on checking their golf equipment at the gate.
  • Carry Bags: Designed to be lightweight, carry bags are perfect for golfers who walk the course. While these bags may be smaller, they still store plenty of gear without causing discomfort. Carry bags come in a few different styles, including Sunday bags, which are generally the lightest bags around.
  • Stand Bags: Combining the flexibility of a carry bag, with the convenience of a stand, these bags are great for solo golfers. All you have to do is set the stand while you hit your shot, and you’re ready to move on.
  • Staff Bags: If you want to look like a pro on the green, the best way to go is with a staff bag. These bags are designed to last, and showcase your brand, which is great around the clubhouse. You can also expect to find generous storage for all your. While they are luxurious, be sure to have a cart or caddy, because they can be heavy.

The best golf bags are the ones that accommodate all your needs. From storage to aesthetics, be sure to find a bag you love before you hit the fairway.


The 5 Best Golf Bags Of 2018

Golf bags are as important as a player’s overall game. Your custom golf bags should be your caddy, and if you keep this in mind, you will surely make the right choices in acquiring the best golf bag you can afford. It can be luxury golf bags or cheap golf bags, as long as it fits the criteria we have presented, then you’re all right.

Shopping for golf bags can be daunting and having the wrong one can be frustrating whenever you’re out on the course and may have a negative impact on your overall game.

By following some of the pointers that we have presented earlier, it will help you narrow down your choices by brands or by golf bag types like a golf carry bag, a riding golf cart bag, a pull cart bag, a stand bag or a hybrid golf bag.

We’re presenting 5 of the best golf bag types of 2018. Let’s begin.


#1 Best Riding Golf Cart Bag – The Bagboy Revolver LTD 14-Way Golf Cart Bag

best golf bags

The beautifully-crafted golf cart bag is made with durable nylon and with a 14-way rotating top with Clip-Lock technology. The bag’s full-length dividers can accommodate different club sizes. It is a big bag, and it comes with eight pockets with two pockets specially made for garments.  

The bag also comes with a removable insulated cooler pocket for water bottles and weigh around 14.6 lbs.

#2 Best Pull Cart Bag – Ping Traverse

best golf bags

The Ping Traverse is sturdy and well-designed pull cart bag with lots of storage space and 14 full-length club dividers. It’s built with a durable handle on the top and a fabric handle at the bottom for easy bag mounting and dismounting.

The Ping Traverse golf push cart bag features ten accessible fleeces- lined pockets, while the ball pocket has enough space for your golf balls. The bag weighs only at 5.5 lbs. The plastic-lined insulated cooler pocket can hold water bottles and other cold beverages, plus, it can stop any leakage into your bag. A nifty drain hole also lets the water out to prevent condensation.

The putter well stores thick putter grips and it has a Velcro pad for your gloves. The downside is the plastic zippers, and the color selection is a bit boring. Still, the Ping Traverse is one functional and classy golf push cart bag.

#3 Best Golf Carry Bag – Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bag

best golf bags

The Wilson NFL golf carry bag is among the top choices or many golfers. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, you will surely appreciate its efficient mounting system, craftsmanship, and its durability.

It’s lightweight, easy to carry and has plenty of pockets to store your other golf equipment. The bag features an expert-recommended golf stand bag rocker system that ensures your bag will stand stable on the ground for as long as you’re hitting the fairways.

The hip pad, 2-in-1 shoulder straps, hip pad, boot handle, and the double-padded strap makes it very comfortable to carry and one of the lightest golf bags today.

#4 Best Golf Stand Bags – TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Golf Bag 5.0

best golf bags

If ample storage is one of your golfing needs, then the TaylorMade golf stand bag is the one you need. The golf stand bag features 5-way organizational dividers that can fit all your golf clubs and six pockets for essential storage, a rain hood to make it water resistant and EVA molded hip pad that is attached to the side to alleviate pressure points and for comfort.

The automatic retractable legs feature anti-slip foot pads for added hold and security. It also has contoured ergonomic dual shoulder straps and air mesh for maximum and easy to carry comfortably.

#5 Best Hybrid Golf Bags – Nike Air Hybrid II Stand Bag

best golf bags

It is good to know and remember that the Nike Air Hybrid is not a lightweight bag, because it’s a hybrid and weighs 7 lbs. It may disappoint when it comes to weight, but it will make up for comfort. The excellent padding system fully absorbs the load. It features three ventilated pads on the lower back for maximum carrying comfort.

There are 14 dividers to keep the golf clubs organized, and the color combinations make it a stand out among other bags. The hybrid bag is water resistant and has a built-in rain hood to ensure rain doesn’t get through the material.

It features ten pockets with eight zippered pockets that are spacious enough for all your golfing valuables.


Final Review of The Best Golf Bags

Finding the right golf bag for you takes time, research and education. Find out what type of bag that works for you because it will be necessary for your overall game.

If you’re truly serious with the game, finding the right bag should be a top priority. Read product reviews, ask friends about the golf bag of their choice find the right features, compare products and narrow down your selection because the right bag will serve you for years of golfing pleasure.