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Some of the Best Golf Grips Around – Wide Range Of Grips

Golf grips are one of the most vital tools in a players’ arsenal.

The choice of grip has a massive bearing on factors such as the accuracy you get, the distance you can drive, and the quality of strokes and putts. Pro golfers all agree that grip is one of the factors you should pay most attention to.

The grip is used to get better quality shots down the green. This is also useful for controlling the ball’s direction – your hand shouldn’t move during the swing.

Best Golf Grips to Choose From

The golfing market has a wide range of grips available. There are plenty of options for the avid golfer to choose from. Before you make your choice, take a look at some of the best golf grips available below. Narrowing down the selection is vital, so we’ve decided to handle that for you! Here are five of our favourites - 

50g/45g – Black – Standard, Midsize, Jumbo and Junior Sizes

The tour velvet is the grip used the most in golfing circles. The majority of its users are tour players. It combines an incredible performance suitable for all types of weather and has a comfortable feel with plenty of traction.

Golf Pride - MCC Plus 4 ALIGN Grips - Standard 60 ALIGN 53g - by Tour...
  • Standard 60 ALIGN 53g
  • MCC Plus4 Hybrid grip with ALIGN Ribbed technology
  • Made form cord and softer rubber

5g/62g – Grey – Standard and Midsize

The newest grip from Golf Pride, it has a raised strip on the back, elevating sensation and helping with hold when playing. Its feel is excellent, and it works brilliantly in all kinds of weather.

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip
  • Larger lower hand diameter uses four extra wraps for reduced taper, encouraging less grip pressure for a more fluid,...
  • Brushed cotton cord in the upper hand wicks away moisture
  • High performance rubber in the lower hand increases feel and responsiveness

46.5g – Five Colours – Standard and Midsize

Used by Rory McTilroy, the Pride MCC combines a brushed cord on the upper hand, with a rubber hand that is noticeably softer on the lower part for brilliant feel and a responsive nature.

Lamkin Utx Cord Golf Grips
  • Made with Tri-Layer Technology to blend together the perfect feel
  • Softer ACE foundation enhances comfort and feel
  • Full cord fabric weave wicks away moisture and increases traction

52g – Five Colours – Standard and Midsize

The Lamkin UTX cord can be found on a wide variety of clubs. They are notable for their mixture of tacky rubber feel, and a light cord layer that gets rid of moisture easily.

Lamkin Z5 Standard Blue/White 13Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  • Bundle contains 13 grips (note: does not include grip tape or grip solvent)
  • Grip size: standard
  • Grip weight: 50 grams

50g – Seven Colours – Standard and Midsize

A new edition in 2017, the Lamkin z5 has different zones and rubber compounds with a great amount of traction, all without doing away with comfort or control. The patterns on the areas of the Lamkin reflect how each hand operates during a swing.

Why Do You Need to Re-Grip?

How long a golf grip lasts depends on how often they are used in play, and much they are cared for. This determines how long any grip will last. Grips used only occasionally with have a much longer life than those used constantly. Even the best golf grips are worn away because of certain factors. Natural oils, dirt, direct sunlight all have an affect on why grips become worn.

When a grip has been worn away, it becomes quite obvious – the grip will lose traction. Traction is much needed for gripping the club tightly, as well as aiding swing mechanics and wrist motion. 

Golf grips that are worn down mean the player has to grasp the club tighter than normal, which in turn causes arm and wrist tension. This makes the game difficult and forced. If you need advice on whether you should change your grip, ask in-store at any golf shop for reliable information.

How Much Should You Re-Grip?

It is normal that golf grips should be restored once a year, but this can differ depending on how much the grip is actually used and will change from one golfer to the next. Making the effort to change golf grips annually is a smart decision. This will help to prevent occurrences such as unnecessary tension in the wrist or arm.

Usually, the grip becomes hard and has a glazed-over appearance. However, even before these noticeable changes, it will lose plenty of its original feel. Even the smallest slip at contact will be emphasized greatly during a swing.

This will equate to a huge difference in yards by the time the ball gets to its target. Many players choose re-grip every spring, as this ensures that the grip doesn’t get out of hand, especially if you’re spending your money on some of the best golf grips around.

The How and Where

Some golfers are proficient at regripping themselves. Depending on how confident you are with this, this may be a viable option. However, if you are not, there are plenty of other ways to do so.

One of the first ports of call would be American golf stores, as staff are trained to re-grip and make sure the everything is in great working order. 

Golfers well equipped to gripping might find doing it themselves the best course of action. In these cases, grip kits can be bought from local retail stores. Assistance in completing gripping can be found on a wide range of websites.

Many stores, asides from gripping for you, can also teach you how to grip adequately. This not only helps the task at hand to be achieved properly, but also enables golfers learn the process for themselves.

Pick Wisely

Choosing what grip to have is down to personal preference, but many grips affect the quality of play in certain ways, so it’s important to pick wisely. Finding the best grip for you does a world of wonder!

Evolution Of Golf Attire Over The Years – Golf Attire Started To Establish

The surviving record of Golf rules dates back the year 1744, which was created by the Golfers of Keith. All other regulations on golfing existed except for the attire. The same cloth was worn for all sports, which was suits and skirts.

In the 1900’s there was the emergence of new attire commonly known as knickers; these were merely shorts and loose pants.

A few decades later, there was a transition to the athletic look that took center stage, and around that, time golf attire started to establish itself in the fashion world.

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1990- 2000

The Millennium

The millennium seemed to play to the 70’s with the introduction of the loudmouth in 2000, with the flamboyant golf pants and a selection of brazen colors and patterns.

At this time, golf clothes were endowed with advanced features. Shirts with stretch panels and fabrics that block sunlight became popular.

Sneaker-like golf shoes have replaced the old saddle shoes. Celebrities like Camilla Villegas wear form-hugging gear in colors that stand out while other champions like Tiger Woods have stuck to dark hues and open armholes to allow for a full swing.

To Date

The evolution of golf attire undoubtedly is ever-progressing. Today golf attire has grown to be more athletic and flexible. Social attitudes and fashion have seen tremendous growth in the kind of apparel that is used by golfers.

More and more companies have emerged to offer a variety of this attire. There is less of an emphasis on conservative wear nowadays, giving investors a smooth run in the industry.

TaylorMade M2 Irons Review – Features And First Impressions

If you’re not the best driver, then the TaylorMade M2 irons will help you out with damage control. They are truly forgiving irons that allow almost any player to improve their game.

When I first received the TaylorMade M2, I was a little skeptical about how good they would be, since I had allegiance to another brand. Surprisingly, I was pleased to see my driving average go up about 5-10 meters.

Normally I only go for dedicated golfing brands and try to stay away from any brand that also makes sneakers (TaylorMade is owned by Adidas), but my love for TaylorMade started when I tested the last M2 model. I decided to take the plunge, as quite a number of my friends had recommended the M2, and when I started to play with them, I realized that they stood out amongst others.

First Impressions

TaylorMade M2 Irons

The first talking point was their appearance – they look great! My previous iron looked good too, but the TaylorMade M2 Irons have a very nice-looking tip; it seems every time they update them they just seem to look even better.

When I made my first swing, I was ecstatic. It was smooth, and the clubs felt great to use with very little vibration. My first shot was an excellent one but I put that down to luck and continued to test the clubs out. I lost counts of the number of times I could have hit better (I’m a little rusty) but using them was thrilling.

With the M2, you tend to have more drives that are always at an optimal distance, even if hit poorly. The TaylorMade M2 also has an added a speed pocket that is three times higher than the previous model, which equates to a significant increase in distance.

Driving distance and forgiveness have been improved thanks to the new TM design method - Geoacoustic Technology. This gives room for the sunken sole to release volume without increasing the center of gravity.


TaylorMade Men's Steel AW 4 PW M2 Iron(Right, Stiff)
  • Dramatic distance from every iron
  • Steel-reax 88Hl
  • Grip-tm speed grey end cap 600

In Summary

I found out after testing the TaylorMade M2 Irons for while that these clubs really improved my game. I was eventually shooting so much better than I ever had before, and even managed so to beat my very experienced friend for the first time!

These clubs will definitely help intermediate or beginner players who strive to improve how they play. I would really recommend them for professionals too, and maybe people who have been playing casually for a while, because they are an excellent choice that really took me by surprise.

8 Of The Best Putters Of 2018 – Know Your Stroke Before You Buy A Putter

Putting is one of the most challenging parts in a game of golf – it can literally make or break your game as it accounts for almost 50% of your overall score. In fact, most of the best golfers in the world are also the best putters.

While you need a lot of practice to be a good putting player, it’s also crucial to have the right putter. However, putter technology is always changing with manufacturers coming up with new and better models each and every year, and this makes it difficult to get the best

8 Best Putters to Buy

​​​​To make things easier for you, here are the best putters on the market right now:
TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Black Putter (Double Bend, Right Hand, 35...
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control
  • Vibration damping PU foam embedded between the body and frame for enhanced sound and feel
  • Spider features a unique "square" shape for better alignment

The Spider OS looks more like a spaceship guiding the golf ball into a black hole. It has a huge head and a high Moment of Inert (MOI) design that widens the sweet spot and stabilizes the backswing.

The deep-milled insert grips the balls to initiate roll as well as improve feel and sound, while the putter’s high contrast sightline makes it easier to aim.


  • enlarged sweetspot 
  • Beautiful and effective vertically milled aluminium 


  • simplified rear side of the OS is a touch too basic 



   Our Rating


At first sight, you can be turned off by the thick look of this mallet putter, especially if you are looking for something that will enhance your straight swings.

However, the TFi 2135 Mezzo is not your ordinary putter. It has a great feel, balance, easy-alignment design, and more importantly, it’s one of the lightest mallet putters you’ll ever come across. Its angular head shape creates a center-shaft design for straighter swings.


  • easy-alignment design
  • lightest mallet putters


  • thick mallet putter



   Our Rating


Milled putters are gorgeous, and the SeeMore Original Series is no exception. This putter nails it when it comes to alignment. It has a unique feel and crisp impact on contact. As you would expect from a milled face, there’s a soft pop and satisfying feel on impact. The combination of these features creates an excellent feedback.


  • easy-alignment design
  • Chrome polished sole ensures smooth transaction with the turf
  • Crisp, consistent feel typical of milled putters, but with excellent feedback


  • They just aren’t pretty. My opinion – take it or leave it!



   Our Rating


Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men's Right Hand)
  • Perfect balance
  • Alignment tool
  • Headcover included

Are you looking for a well-balanced putter, but you are on a budget? The Pinemeadow Golf PGX should be a great choice – it works great on the greens and does cost an arm and leg like other branded putters.

The putter comes with an aerodynamic shape and center-align dots that not only stand out on the greens but also increases the alignment at setup. It is also one of the heavier putters on the market making it a great choice if you are looking for stability.


  • This putter is one of the most aesthetically appealing on the market thanks to the sleek white finish.
  • It is a well-balanced putter that is also easy to swing.
  • This mallet putter also has a ball picker to speed up play and for convenience.
  • The extra weight of the head makes it perfect for the faster greens.


  • Golfers used to lightweight putters and beginners may find it too weighty.
  • White paint on the toe starts peeling off after a few uses.
  • The white head means that it will stain easily.



   Our Rating


[MIZUNO] MP-A3 series golf putter A-302 from japan
  • [MIZUNO] MP-A3 series golf putter A-302 from japan

This Mizuno putter is not only stylish but also offers good value for your money. It also has a very good and consistent roll on the ball. The only shortcoming is its not-so-perfect alignment. Nonetheless, if you are an avid old-schooler when it comes to putter design, the MP A-Series will look awesome in your golf bag.


  • Aesthetically beautiful 
  • Consistent roll on the ball 
  • comfortable soft tacky grip


  • Mizuno have only milled the center sweet spot
  • We found the bevelled top edge a nice looking feature, but ultimately feel it detracts from assisting in alignment



   Our Rating


TaylorMade Golf TP Red/White Ardmore 3 Putter (Right Hand, 34 Inches)
  • Milled 304 stainless steel heads with a new high-contrast, red-white finish to help golfers envision a proper path and...
  • Pure roll insert designed to increase topspin and improve forward roll-helping your ball start and stay on its intended...
  • Adjustable sole weights for head weight personalization

The flagbearer of this high-end putter is the one and only Jason Day, former World Number 1. If a high-profile golfer is using it and winning PGA Tours with it, then it certainly must a good putter.

Undoubtedly, the putter is uniquely designed to suit all golfers regardless of their strokes. It comes in six different head styles and lies in a 70-degree angle for straight swings. Its “Pure Roll” feature also provides an amazing feel as well as a consistent, end-over-end roll.


  • Milled 304 stainless steel 
  • Adjustable sole weights
  • All strokes catered for 


  • Some of the designs appear a bit overly busy when you address the ball
  • expensive



   Our Rating


With every Scotty Cameron product, you can expect top-notch build quality with a multi-material technology that’s perfectly optimized with the weight. The Cameron and Crown putter is no different. It’s available in 4 different models and is designed for golfers with 33-inch putter demands. Each putter has a precise heel-to-toe weighting for beautiful and more consistent strokes.

However, it is one of the most expensive sets on this list. But you’ll be getting value for your money, so this shouldn’t be a big issue. The Cameron and Crown Putter’s major shortcoming is probably the fact it is only available in a left-handed option.


  • The shorter length hasn’t compromised the weight of the putter because of Scotty Cameron adding two 20g weights to each of the heel & toe to total 360g
  • The multi-material technology that has been implemented provides superb feel and consistent weighting throughout each of the four models


  • It’s a fair sum to pay for a putter, but then again that isn’t an authentic con in our opinion – it’s fantastic
  • Only one model head is available in left hand, all four could’ve been offered to left handers giving them a wider choice.



   Our Rating


Odyssey 2017 Versa Putters, #1 Blade, Superstroke Pistol GT Tour Right...
  • New 2017 micro hinge insert technology provides incredible gains in topspin and roll at impact regardless of your stroke
  • The stainless steel micro hinge plate is co-molded into our thermoplastic elastomer feel layer
  • The revolutionary high contrast versa alignment technology allows your eyes to key in on the Linear designs to highlight...

The only headache that Odyssey has with this product is how to fulfill the overwhelming demand. This is because this putter is simply exceptional.

It comes with a micro-hinge face insert that seamlessly balances feedback, feel, and control. This combination yields terrific consistency. Each and every putter exudes pure beauty and class. Ensure you get yours before they run out again.


  • Cutting-edge Microhinge Insert Technology 
  • Great control, soft feel yet still a solid, feedback-providing sound
  • Classy, aesthetically-pleasing designs


  • It doesn't have



   Our Rating


Comparison Table






TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Black Putter (Double Bend, Right Hand, 35...

It has a huge head and a high Moment of Inert (MOI) design that widens the sweet spot and stabilizes the backswing.

Cleveland TFi 2135 Mezzo Putter Steel Right Handed 33 in

It has a great feel, balance, easy-alignment design, and more importantly, it’s one of the lightest mallet putters you’ll ever come across

NEW SeeMore Original Series Si3 Milled 34' Mallet Putter

Crisp, consistent feel typical of milled putters, but with excellent feedback

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men's Right Hand)

This putter is one of the most aesthetically appealing on the market thanks to the sleek white finish.

[MIZUNO] MP-A3 series golf putter A-302 from japan

Aesthetically beautiful – we think the Mizuno MP A -Series is one of the better designed putters available on the market

TaylorMade Golf TP Red/White Ardmore 3 Putter (Right Hand, 34 Inches)

Its “Pure Roll” feature also provides an amazing feel as well as a consistent, end-over-end roll.

Titleist Scotty Cameron and Crown Putter 2017 Right Newport 33

Each putter has a precise heel-to-toe weighting for beautiful and more consistent strokes.

Odyssey 2017 Versa Putters, #1 Blade, Superstroke Pistol GT Tour Right...

Cutting-edge Microhinge Insert Technology is surely the leader of its field to date.

Know Your Stroke Before You Buy a Putter

With the right putter, you can easily find the hole with much fewer shots. But which is the best putter for your short game?

All golfers have different gameplay, hence, different strokes. If you have a straight stroke, you’ll need a mallet putter. If your strokes have arcs, a classic blade putter will work best for you. Once you know your stroke, consider these 8 awesome choices.

Ping G30 Driver Review – The New Technology And Design

It’s never easy upgrading something that’s already almost perfect. But Ping G30 driver defied all odds by improving one of the bestselling drivers on the market.

The Ping G series has been around for over a decade now, and the G30 is the most advanced model yet. The main goal of this line of drivers has always been to offer golfers better forgiveness and maximum distance. This is still the objective, but it is fair to say that the G30 looks nothing like its predecessors.

This new Ping  driver was the 7th incarnation of the G driver series after the great Ping G25. With a combination control, distance, and forgiveness, the Ping G25 created quite a stir and appealed to many golf enthusiasts for quite some time. But it was the G30 that created the most hype.

The Ping G30 driver was officially unveiled at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in 2016 with  .

Here’s the full Ping G30 driver review:

Ping G30 Driver Review 

Technology and Design

One of the biggest visual change of the G30 is at the top of the driver. The original turbulators are expanded and have a crown with a dragonfly-like design. This biomimicry inspiration was not only for visual appeal, but also for performance.

This unique design allowed the manufacturers to remove over 8 grams from the crown and reposition the center of gravity at a lower in the driver. This increased forgiveness and reduced spins. The design also improved the club’s aerodynamics to cut drag and increases the club’s head speed for better distances, making it an ideal choice for a variety of swings.

The turbulators also help in alignment by drawing your eyes to the back of the golf ball. This means that the G30 doesn’t come with a central alignment aid.

With a strong titanium in the face, the designers were able to make the driver thinner and move the saved weight to the head for increased stability. Apart from the saved weight, the thin walls also improved the sound and optimized the center of gravity.

With a lower center of gravity, the motion of inert (MOI) significantly increases and in turn reduces the impact of off-center hits. With less gear effect, more energy is transferred to get the ball, hence, you get more distance and less twists at impact. In addition, you don’t have to play as much loft, so you get more smash factor and speed.

Also, new to the G30 is the T9S Face material. When compared to the materials used by its predecessors, the T9S titanium is lighter and stronger. The driver also uses the latest Trajectory Tuning Plus Technology which makes the hosel adjustable to offer users more flexibility and performance.

The TFC 419D technology on the shaft creates a balance point closer to the grip end of the club. This also contributes to the high MOI and low center of gravity of the club which enhances the forgiveness, low spin, and high launch.

However, some users may prefer a smaller club head. But this is entirely based on preference and an individual’s gameplay.

Ping G30 Driver Right-handed 9 Degree Stiff
  • Ping G30
  • The G30 driver's CG position is the lowest and farthest back of any PING model, ensuring optimal launch conditions and...
  • A new high-strength, lightweight T10.5S titanium face is thinner and hotter to optimize face deflection for faster ball...


  • Versatile
  • Incredible forgiveness
  • Easy distance without much effort


  • Some testers are turned off by the big, offset heads




Ping G30 vs. Ping G25

To know just how advanced the Ping G30 is, it’ll be best if you compare it with its most immediate predecessor – the Ping G25.

  • Flight: Even though the G30 and the G25 are both set at the same degree of loft (10.5), the G30’s flight is much higher offering less spin and more distance.
  • Distance: Thanks to the carry distance and the right setup, the G30 offers more distance than the G25.
  • Forgiveness: This is perhaps the most impressive added feature of the G30. The build quality, unique design, and weighting make it have the best forgiveness compared to all its predecessors.
  • check
    Sound and feel: The G30 is firm and fast off the face and produces a satisfyingly powerful sound. Almost similar to that of G25.
  • check
    Adjustability: The G30 certainly has more adjustability compared to the G25. And even better, you can adjust the driver without increasing the hosel weight or size. From the loft setting, the club head can be moved up or down by 0.6-1.0 degree.
Ping G30 Driver

 The Final Verdict

Ping took a driver that was already top-quality and made it more adjustable, faster, and more forgiving without compromising on the already awesome features. It was an “improvement of an improvement”.

From the fresh new turbulator looks, traditional matte crown and TFC 419D shaft to the neat blue accent, reliable alignment and satisfying sound, the Ping G30 is perfect. In fact, when you think of it, it has no shortcomings. This is a must-have tool if you truly love your game of golf.