Best Nike Golf Pants for Everybody – Men, Women, And Children

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Trying to decide which Nike Golf Pants are right for your game? Choosing the best golf pants for your next golf outing might seem like a daunting task. So, you've already narrowed down the selection to a single brand: Nike. Nike has introduced many of the best dri fit golf apparel for many years now, and this year is no different.

You know they are quality and see the brand in every shop when you're out playing. Still, there is a wide variety to choose from, each with a varying price range. How much is too much? What pants are the best overall investment? Well, worry no more. Continue reading for the essential golf pants for men.

adidas Golf Men's Ultimate Regular Fit Pants, Navy, Size 34/32
  • Stretch waistband for mobility and comfort
  • Silicone adidas printed gripper to keep shirts Tucked in
  • Moisture-wicking stretch fabrication for range of motion

Best Men's Golf Pants For Summer

There's no better overall choice than the Dri-FIT Flat-Front Tech men's golf pant. These pants come highly praised for their durability, comfort, and overall feel. They hold a 4.8 out of 5 rating on the official Nike store after 75 customer reviews. Your average pair of Levi's jeans will cost run you more than a pair of this Nike Flat Front golf pants. It makes these pants a solid choice that won't leave your wallet empty. But saving more is second to comfort and design, two aspects the Dri-FIT Flat-Front Tech Nike golf pants excel at.

The average customer review praises these pants for their excellent overall fashion sensibility and functionality. They come in three different colors, each presenting possible outfits for the course. With such an affordable price tag, it's possible to buy one of each color and switch out for different occasions.

Colors include: dark grey, black, and khaki. The gray remains popular, but all colors mix well with any golfer's wardrobe.

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Flat-Front Tech Reviews

Looking at the reviews on Nike's online store gives a more clear picture as to why the pants are so highly praised. The ratings are listed in four categories: size, fit, comfort, and durability. For the first two, the pants are ranked right in the middle, which means they don't run small, large, loose, or tight. Instead, they fit just right. Comfort and durability are ranked right at the top. They contain side slits and back pockets so they're user-friendly as well. So if you're looking for the best golf pants, you need to try these on for size. They look great, fit perfectly, and will last you for years to come. A good pair of golf pants is like a good club, you want them close at hand whenever you play so you keep your swing just right.

Another good option for the summer is part of their Tiger Woods Collection. The TW Adaptive Fit Men's Golf Pants are meant to keep you cool in warm weather. The golf attire in this collection is available in Standard fit, which is known for comfort and breathability, and also in DRI FIT material.

Nike Winter Golf Pants are the Best Men's Golf Pants For Winter

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Let’s say you play golf in the cold months Or maybe and your love of the game won’t stop you from playing in any kind of weather. That's fine because Nike offers plenty of golf pants for men that come equipped for colder temperatures.

The Nike Weatherized Men's Golf Pants are just the Nike winter golf pants you're looking for. They come as highly praised as the Dri-FIT Flat-Front pants mentioned above. This winter golf attire holds a 4.8 out of five rating from 66 customer reviews. Some customers said the pants ran a little large or loose, but those were only a few. Most of the reviews say the pants fit just right, are highly durable, and extremely comfortable.

adidas Golf Ultimate Regular Fit Pants Mid Grey 44 34
  • Button closure with zip fly
  • Brand embroidery at back-right waist
  • Standard four-pocket design with polyester pocket bags

The pants won't run you much more than the Dri-FIT Flat-Front option and the added weather protection is important for many golfers. In short, these are the perfect winter-ready Nike golf pants for men.

Nike also makes a great pair of Hyper Storm-FIT golf pants. These pants are perfect for elements such as rain or snow. The fully waterproof fabric keeps your legs dry so you can focus on your game.


So, you've read about the top Nike Golf Pants for men in both normal weather and cold temperature conditions. But what about the ladies? Nike makes a fantastic lineup of Women's best golf pants as well. Continue reading for top selections to keep all the female golfers comfortable and stylish on the course.

Women's Summer Golf Pants

Image Source: mortongolfsales.comRemember the Dri-FIT pants mentioned above? Well, there is an alternative for the female golfers! That's right, Nike produces the same quality golf pants for both sexes, albeit with a little modification.

The Nike Women's Dri-FIT Modern Rise Tech Golf Pants are a great option for golfing under normal weather conditions. But because men and women have different needs for clothing, there are differences in style and function.

Women's Dri-FIT Modern Rise Tech Golf Pants – Functional AND Fashionable

The Modern Rise portion of these pants' name indicates a high fashion sense. The cut of the leg is so stunning, you may wear these pants away from the course! The pants are sold in four different colors. Colors include: Black, White, Light Bone White, and Dark Raisin Purple. No matter what your current golf apparel ensemble or design choices are, these pants will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

The Dri-FIT technology keeps your legs free of any perspiration. In fact, the pants absorb the sweat and help it evaporate outside the pants. The legs are also made to contort to your body shape and movement. Overall these women’s golf pants are the perfect pants to keep you driving far and putting with accuracy.

Women Golf Short Pants

But Wait! Many women golfers prefer wearing shorts on the course. This is especially true in warmer weather. As such, Nike accommodates your needs with some of the best golfing shorts on the market

Introducing the Nike Bermuda Tournament Women's Golf Shorts. This golf wear will cost a bit more than the Dri-FIT pants but they are made to give you the full range of motion you really need on the course. These shorts come in three colors: white, black, and khaki.

Winter Nike Golf Pants For Women

For golfing during the winter or colder times of the year, Nike has got you covered and the women's Winter Golf Pants are just what you need. The pants come a little heavier than the Dri-Fit variety, so this means your legs will stay extra warm as you perfect your game. But this doesn't mean your range of motion is affected in any way. Nike designed these pants with ultimate movement in mind. You can find them anywhere from $50 to $100. Shop around for the best women’s golf apparel price as you tell winter it won't stop your game.


And what about for the little ones out there? The future golfers or junior tournament winners who also need the perfect golf pants? Nike's quality pants are also available for the youth.

Top Boys Golf Pants

For the boys, the Nike Tech Boy's Golf Pants are a perfect choice. They are as good as the solid men's choice listed above. The golf attire has a five-star rating on Nike's official shop and comes in black. These are super affordable, which means you won't go broke helping your children become the next Arnold Palmer or Tiger Woods. They fit great and are highly flexible in any golfing situation.

Teenage Boys may also be tempted to use shorts instead of long pants, then the Nike Plaid Boy's Golf Shorts are what your young man needs. They also come in camouflvage or a flat black tone. But the plaid is highly popular because of its design, something kids hold in great importance.

Top Girls Golf Pants

 Nike Flex Woven 14in Golf Skort 2018 Women Black Small

A young girl on the golf course would most likely prefer a skirt over long pants. The Nike Woven Girl's Golf Skirt comes in red or black. The skirt looks great alongside any personal wardrobe selection. Your little girl will be proud of her time spent on the greens, mastering the sport while wearing one of the best women's golf apparel available today. This skirt will run you about $50.

If shorts are more up to your young female golfer's needs, then there's a selection of Nike Girl's Golf Shorts in White, Game Royal Blue, Cosmic Purple, and Light Crimson. This large color selection ensures your little lady looks her best.

But one of the important features is that the flexible shorts give any woman golfer the range of motion to play at her best.

Nike Golf Pant Pricing: Shopping, Deals, and Discounts

Final Thoughts on Nike Golf Pants For Everyone and Every Season

Golf is a delicate game. It requires a precision of movement, concentration, and comfort in order for the golfer to play at their best. As such, you want the best equipment and the best Nike golf apparel to go alongside your teeing off. Looking at the Nike best golf pants, you'll find a great option for men, women, boys, girls, winter, and summer.

For men, the Nike Dri-FIT Flat-Front Tech and Weatherized golf pants are the standouts. For women, Nike's Dri-FIT Modern Rise Tech, Bermuda Tournament Shorts, and Winter Golf Pants will give you what you're looking for. Boys have the Tech golf pants and Plaid golf shorts. Girls can enjoy the Woven golf skirt and girl's golf shorts from Nike. The brand has something for everybody, just like the game of golf. You'll be stylish, and comfortable the next time you step on the green with any of these options! And to complete the look, you can pair your Nike golf pants with Nike golf shoes and Nike polo shirts. And hey…when you make it big and go to the PGA tour and Nike decides to sponsor you, remember who got you started.


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