The 3 Best Golf Shoes: Buyer Guide And Reviews

No matter what sport you’re playing, the equipment that you use can make or break your game.

In fact, when it comes to playing golf, shoes are just as important as the club and the ball itself. There are hundreds of golf shoes that you can choose from in the market today.

It is always important, however, that you pick the one that suits your needs best.

Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

Golfing footwear are specially designed to provide stability, flexibility and comfort. They also offer support and breathability which are paramount in reducing the strain on the golfer’s feet and keeping them sweat-free. There are two basic types of golf shoes that you can choose from.

  • Spiked Golf Shoes – As its name implies, this type of golfing footwear has spiked soles that offer good grip and traction, allowing you to make a stable swing as you strike the ball. However, since they can damage the golf course terrain, a lot of golf courses ban their use. As such, you should check first with your golf course whether they allow their players to use spiked shoes.
  • Spikeless Golf Shoes – This type of golf shoes is typically cheaper than spiked golf shoes. While they do provide comfort and support, they can’t provide as much traction and grip for obvious reason. However, there are some models that have rubber studs instead of regular golf spikes.

The Best Golf Shoes

The Best Overall - Skechers Performance Go Golf Pro 2

The Skechers Performance Go Golf Pro 2 may have a simple design, but they have some great features. They boast a H2GO Shield waterproofing that seals both the leather uppers and its seams for ultimate protection against the rain and other wet conditions.

They also feature a dynamic traction plate outsole with nine spikes, so you can have a stable swing each time.  The spikes can also be replaced once they get worn out.

What really makes the Go Golf Pro 2 shine is the level of comfort that it provides. Featuring 5GEN, a highly responsive cushioning foam and a super soft fabric for maximum comfort, the Sketchers Go Golf are designed to be surprisingly lightweight.

These features, along with its budget-friendly price, make the Go Golf Pro 2 some of the best golf shoes of the year.

The Best Spiked - Adidas Tour360 Boost Spiked Golf Shoes

adidas Mens Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes

If you are able to use spiked shoes where you golf, look no further than the Adidas Tour360 Boost. It has a good combination of style, quality, performance and comfort that will provide ample support to your feet as you play golf.

It features a thick midsole foam, a more natural heel shape and a light and flexible saddle material for ultimate comfort. The same goes for its collar and tongue foam and its torsion tunnel, which can provide you extra flexibility too. It also has 10 spikes that will give you the stability and grip that you need in all types of weather.

Let’s not forget that the Adidas Tour360 Boost is made with waterproof microfiber leather and ethylene vinyl acetate. It even comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty that guarantees dry and cool use during its lifetime.

The Best Spikeless - FootJoy Pro/SL

The FootJoy Pro/SL is a popular choice for golfers who prefer spikeless shoes. In fact, it’s a good investment if you’re looking for a shoe that will provide you with support, grip and comfort.

This golfing footwear features a dual layer of lightweight fine-tuned foam. The first layer will cushion your feet while the second layer has been engineered for support and balance. In fact, it’s so comfortable to use that you won’t even get blisters during your first few uses since it doesn’t require breaking in.

It has a waterproof design as well that is backed by a 2-year warranty. There are also many color variations that you can choose from - you can even design your own.

One of the greatest advantages about the FootJoy Pro/SL is that even though it is spikeless, it has a trick up its sleeve. It may not have your standard spikes, but it has a special design that gives it a firm grip while not being as destructive as regular spiked models.

Final Words

These three models are some of the best golf shoes currently on the market. Consider every factor such as comfort, stability, grip, durability, price and design. Soon, you’ll be wearing golf shoes that will give you the perfect swing each time.​​​


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