The 10 Best Golf Courses in the World You Need to Visit

Golf, like life, is a complicated game. Just as it is difficult to rate people, the same can be said of golf courses. It is difficult to rate golf courses as it is to rate people. But we’ll still try and have some fun evaluating the best golf courses in the world that you need to visit. So which are the ten best golf courses in the world? Let’s take a look, shall we, starting from the bottom and working our way up.

10. Trump Turnberry Resort 


7,489 yards, par 71

Number 10 on our list of the best golf courses in the world is the Trump Turnberry Resort. This golf course has sentimental value to many golfers world over as a beacon of hope. Built from the rubble of an Allied airfield in 1902 and spotting a lighthouse (beacon of hope), it always stirs up positive feelings for those who play on its course. With excellent shot value and a high pedigree, this golf course therefore deserves to make the top 10.


Hainan Island, China

6,894 yards, par 71

This exciting and controversial golf course near the South China Sea was built on land that was previously a World War II Army barracks – complete with stone tunnels. The routing manages to take players around the hilly golf course with the help of some blind shots, two holes around a pond, and a highly unusual finish with two driveable par 4s in the last three holes.

8. Kingston Heath G.C

Heatherton, Australia

7,102 yards, par 72

Des Soutar designed The Kingston Heath Golf Course in 1925 and is one of Australia’s premier golf courses. Kingston Heath has long, gnarly, windswept bunkers that were strategically placed at the suggestion of Alistair Mckenzie, giving the course its strong appeal.

7. Sunningdale G.C 


6,627 yards, par 70

Willie Park Jr. designed Sunningdale in around 1901 and is probably the most advanced course among its peers. Sculpted from a beautiful pine forest but routed (and plays) like links the course has its ninth at the far end of the property and has a sand base beneath the turf. To some, Sunningdale may be reminiscent of Pine Valley or Pinehurst.


Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada

6,765 yards, par 72

If you’re looking for a golf course that has variety, Cabot Cliffs is it. Spotting sand dunes in the southernmost holes, Pebble Beach-type ocean cliffs in the north, and pine-lined Scottish highlands in between, this is one fantastic course to spend your day on.

5. Royal Portrush G.C. (DUNLUCE) 

Northern Ireland

7,317 yards, par 72

Royal Portrush is the only Irish course to have ever hosted The Open, and its glory days are still going to be relived as it will again host The Open in 2019. Renowned for having the best putting surfaces in the world, The Royal Portrush is getting a few touch ups in preparation for 2019 open in the form of new 6th and 7th holes.

4. Muirfield 

7,245 yards, par 71

Muirfield is arranged as two loops of 9 holes (departing from the regular setup), one clockwise and the other one anticlockwise. This makes the playing at Muirfield particularly impressive as the unique structure means every hole on the course has a different apparent wind direction from the tee. At any stage of the game, only a maximum of 3 consecutive holes follows the same path. The beauty of Muirfield is that every shot is visible, except for a blind tee shot on the 11th.

3. The Old Course at St. Andrews 

Fife, Scotland

7,279 yards, par 72

The Old Course at St. Andrews is the oldest in our list of the best golf courses in the world with the game being played on the links from as far back as the 15th.  It is also considered the home of golf by many. Not only is St. Andrews the home of 7 beautiful public courses, but it also hosts a golf academy, three clubhouses, and five shops, one of which is the oldest golf shop in the world – the Tom Morris Shop. As a result, this is one golf course that has a lot of history and character.

2. Royal Dornoch G.C 


6,704 yards, par 70

This championship rated golf course has been called many things by many professional golfers. It is especially relevant that some have described it as the most fun golf course, others describe it as the most natural course, and others still call it home. Therefore whatever it may be called, the Royal Dornoch is a gorgeous golf course that offers players a challenging game as it is built on plateaus that are prone to gusts of wind.

1. Royal County Down G.C.  

Northern Ireland

7,186 yards, par 71

The Royal County Down tops our list of the best golf courses in the world and offers stunning views in tandem with great playing experience. Although originally designed by celebrated architect Tom Morris, it has received many face-lifts and improvements from half a dozen architects over the course of its life. Greens built on a rugged terrain covers this golf course. Although flat with numerous blind shots and bunkers that make for an interesting day on the green.

For some beginners, a more difficult golf course may cause a challenge. In our previous post, we tackle whether a golf course actually affects a player’s game.


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