Accessorise Your Game With a Fashionable Golf Umbrella

Umbrella Hybrid

When a golfer takes the course for an afternoon of fun, one great accessory he or she should never forget is the practical and fashionable golf umbrella. Many people may think that a golf umbrella is only used to keep the hot sun or the chilly rain off a golfer’s head. They can also allow men, women and children the opportunity to express their personal sense of style and also promote favorite brands.

Traditionally, all golf umbrellas were black. These days you can find them in a plethora of colors and styles. However, not everyone thinks brightly colored ones are appropriate for the course. For those people who do not mind a new style, some companies are offering hybrid golf umbrellas as well.

Should Golfers Stick With Basic Black?

Way back in history, all umbrellas manufactured for use by men or particularly to keep off the rain were black. Women had parasols, usually made from fabric and not weather resistant, made of fabric such as silk that had other colors and patterns on it as well. Golf umbrellas also started out with basic black, but were quickly changed to white, a variety of bright colors and, most popularly stripes.

With so many options in golf umbrella styles these states, there is no reason to automatically purchase a black one. In fact, the black fabric could make your afternoon more unpleasant by attracting the sunlight and soaking in the heat and therefore making you hotter as you stand underneath it. Conversely, if you are playing golf on a cool morning or evening, you may want extra warmth that black umbrellas provide. In truth, it probably doesn’t make enough difference to be useful.

Since the game of golf requires concentration, some fans and players have complained that brightly colored golf umbrellas are distracting when hoisted high on the course. Some golf courses or events supply their own umbrellas in the colors that match their corporate logo or the decor in the clubhouse. This leads to a more cohesive look that should be less distracting.

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Umbrellas as Stylish Golf Accessories

If the color of your golf umbrella is not dictated by the course or the particular event you are playing in, it all comes down to your personal sense of style. Many men and women choose options with alternating panels of white and a bright color. This tone could match their outfit for the day or simply be their favorite. There are also patterned options available, although most feature geometrics or plain stripes.

shutterstock_15882043Not only can you get a brightly colored umbrella to cover your head when you play, but you can also find a matching umbrella to cover your clubs. Just slide the long, straight handle into your golf bag and your clubs will stay completely dry. This matching set allows you to express your personal style from the umbrella over your head to the one protecting your clubs from the weather.

Another very popular style of golf umbrella are those with the names, logos or mottoes of major sporting goods companies such as Nike, Adidas and Titleist. Printed promotional ones are also popular for individual golf courses, companies in the area or those who are sponsoring an event or for the events themselves. A golf umbrella can be a commemorative item to keep as memorabilia.

Problems that May Arise with Golf Umbrella Use

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The most commonly experienced problem when using a golf umbrella on the course is excessive wind. Since these protectors are considerably larger than ordinary umbrellas – up to 62 inches – they have the ability to catch a lot of air and suddenly become a flying projectile if you or your caddy’s grip is not tight enough.

Another complaint is when people use golf umbrellas off the course when in every day umbrella would suit better. Because they are very large, they stand a greater risk of hitting other people walking nearby or shedding off rain on to them.

Are Hybrid Golf Umbrellas a Good Option?

One of the best ways to combat the wind problem is to purchase a hybrid golf umbrella. These specially made, high-tech devices have a second layer of fabric that overlaps the first. Between these two are vents that led to the wind through easily but will never let in rain.

If a sudden squall surprises you when you are on the back nine, it may be difficult to fumble with your large golf umbrella, your bag of clubs and still play through. A hybrid golf umbrella can greatly reduce the possibility of object protecting yourself and your clubs from flying away and getting lost or damaged.

The Best Golf Umbrella Options for Everyone in the Family

Men and women who enjoy the game of golf frequently use bright and stylish golf umbrellas for both rain and sun protection. Men may be more apt to purchase black ones or ones with obvious sports logos. Children who play or accompany their parents to the course also need a golf umbrella of their own.

Of course, children should have smaller umbrellas than their parents, and they will most likely have more of a personality. This will help them keep better hold of it in case there is some wind and it also lets them navigate crowds more easily without hitting anybody. If your child is small, opening up a very large golf umbrella may be difficult. An automatic option which opens up with the touch of a button may be a great idea.

Golf umbrellas come in a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, materials and price ranges. There are hybrid options that negate the effects of wind gusts and even ones you can flip upside down and unfold to use as a seat. Whatever variety you end up choosing as your personal favorite, always practice good umbrella etiquette and give other people plenty of room to get around you.

Whether a golfer opts for a new hybrid umbrella style or traditional black, it is important to choose the one that suits your game and fashion sense. The great courses of the world are constantly dotted with large golf umbrellas that have bright colors, bold stripes and logos of popular sporting goods companies. It does not matter if the sun is shining or the rain is falling down. Golf umbrellas have many practical and fashionable uses during the course of a golf game.


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