7 Best Left Handed Golf Clubs for Southpaws



7 Best Left Handed Golf Clubs for Southpaws


There has long been a fascination with left handed people in all areas of life. In particular, there is an interest in left handed athletes since most sports require physical activity that involves using the arms. Golf is a sport in which being left or right handed obviously makes a difference in how an individual will play. The following information discusses golf clubs for left handed people, what makes these clubs different, some of the best clubs for left handed players, and a few of the most famous southpaw golfers.

Are There Special Golf Clubs for Left Handed Players? 

It is estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of the population is left handed. But there is a much lower percentage of golfers who play left handed. One of the reasons may be that left handed individuals play right handed because they are leading with their left side. However, a more likely reason could be that until recently there just weren't many clubs available that were made for left handed players. Today there are several excellent sources where equipment for lefties can be found. Companies such as Global Golf, Callaway Golf, Nike, Wilson, and Dick's Sporting Goods are some of the companies that either make or sell golf clubs for left handed individuals. Not only are there golf clubs made for those who play left handed but there are companies that cater to and produce golf equipment just for southpaws. Even with all this progress, less than 50 percent of all clubs can be made with a left hand option. Many stores don't carry a lot of left handed equipment and what is available often must be specially ordered.

What Makes Left Handed Golf Clubs Different?

Golf clubs are not like tennis rackets or pool cues. The same type can't be used by both left handed and right handed players. In simplest terms, left handed clubs are made so the face of the club is facing in the opposite direction than right handed clubs. Besides putters, the only difference between left handed and right handed golf clubs are in the way the club head is made. Grips and shafts are not built or structured differently for either type of player. Putters, however, may have shafts that are bent and this part can therefore be made for either a left handed or right handed player. Thankfully, golf clubs made for left handed players are not more expensive than those for the right handed.

Who Makes the Best Left Handed Golf Clubs? Which is the best driver for left handed golfer?

Considering overall ratings as well as style of the club, the following are the 7 best left handed golf clubs.

1. Wilson Staff Ci11 – One of the best driver for left handed golfer, this club comes with a black color over most of the face instead of the usual metal finish. This reduces glare. This particular club is also made out of a softer type of stainless steel that gives the golfer a better feel upon impact.

2. Nike VR_S – This club offers NexCor face technology which gives the golfer distance gains. The amount of drag through impact has been reduced through this type of technology. These Nike clubs even offer a left handed golf club set for kids.

3. Cobra Amp Cell – These clubs provide E9 Face Technology. The AMP Cell provides a cellular type of structure that is inside the iron. This creates a balance of strength and weight. Finally, this club comes in multiple colors, which also makes them stylish.

4. Callaway Razr X – This club has been designed for maximum distance as well as precision. They also feature a low center of gravity. They are available as irons and hybrids. One of the great things about the irons is that they're designed for distance, feel, and forgiveness. They're not made primarily for one or two functions, but all three.

5. Callaway Great Big Bertha – This adjustable, advanced driver features incredible technology and an innovative chassis. A golfer can get a faster swing with the multi-material crown. There's more yardage and increased speed with each swing.

6. Ping S55 – The iron has a lower center of gravity due to its larger custom tuning port that is made deeper in the head. There's also great distance control with the vertical bar that's on the back of the club. This helps to stabilize the face.

7. Nike Method Matter B2-01 – This left handed putter features a groove insert that provides a softer feel. It also allows for a faster forward roll. The design, styling, and color of this putter gives it an incredible look as well.

Best driver for left handed golfer

Do Left Handed Players Have an advantage on the Course?

While there are plenty of left handed tennis and baseball players, statistically there are not as many lefties in golf. There is an advantage to being left handed in baseball, but there hasn't been any proven advantage to being a southpaw while playing the game of golf. In fact, there may be some distinct disadvantages.

1. Golf Instructions -Since most golfers are right handed, most golf instructions are written for right handed players. This means that those who are left handed must follow the instructions in reverse. This may in some cases make learning more difficult.

2. Course Design – There is normally more room on the right side. This is because most golfers are right handed and many of them will slice the ball. Where there are bailout areas on holes, right handed players are favored more than those who are left handed. The bailout sections tend to be in the parts where those who are right handed would hit the ball when slicing.

One positive aspect is that left handed players have a national organization just for them. The National Association of Left Handed Golfers features a championship tournament that is held every year.

Who are the Most Famous Left Handed Golfers?

Image Source: golf.clickon.co Bubba Watson

There aren't a high number of left handed golfers who have achieved great success on the golf course. There are a few, however, who have had quite an impact on the game. Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson are two of the most well-known left handed golfers. Bubba has claimed 6 major PGA wins which include winning the 2012 and 2014 Masters Tournament. Phil Mickelson is the top winning southpaw of all time. He can claim 42 PGA tour wins which includes five majors. He even goes by the nickname “Lefty.” Interestingly, Mickelson is actually right handed in everything else he does. Cathryn Bristow from New Zealand is one of the left handed female golfers along with Angela Buzminski of Canada, and Malinda Johnson, a native of Wisconsin. The most famous left handed female player is Bonnie Bryant. She is the only female to win an LPGA event while playing left handed. This was back in 1974.


Image Source: telegraph.co.uk Phil Mickelson
Image Source: telegraph.co.uk Phil Mickelson

While playing golf left handed may have provided distinct drawbacks in years past, thankfully that is continuing to change. Many companies now offer excellent clubs that can be made for left handed as well as right handed players. With golf greats such as Phil Mickelson in the game, equipment and training for southpaws will likely continue to improve.


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