12 Outstanding Golf Periodicals That Will Keep You Out of the Rough

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With the wide variety of golf-related periodicals available, it can be difficult to discern which publications are the most helpful and reliable. When choosing the perfect golf magazine, it is important that you first assess why you have decided to subscribe to a golf periodical in the first place. Are you reading because you want to learn new skills and improve your game? Perhaps you’re reading because you are a casual player who is more interested in staying on top of PGA Tour statistics and standings? Or, maybe you’re looking for a mix of both?

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Regardless of your intentions, publishers around the world are now producing a wide variety of golf magazines, which means there will be no shortage of choices available online or during your next trip to the local newsstand. Many of these publications also have an online component, which makes for an even more interactive reading and learning experience. The prevalence of golf magazines inspired the AtTheTee.com team to research and vet these publications, and in doing so, we have selected 12 outstanding golf periodicals for your reading pleasure that are sure to keep you out of the rough. Enjoy!

LINKS Magazine

Description: LINKS Magazine is the most sophisticated, engaging, and surprising publication in the industry [and] helps readers fuel their passion for the game and enjoy the golf lifestyle in new and stimulating ways.”

Publisher: LINKS Golf Media (South Carolina)

links magazine

Image source: www.linksmagazine.com

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Great Courses”: an international list of LINKS Magazine’s favorite golf courses; their directory features 350 course profiles and counting.
  • “Travel/Resorts”: a nationwide guide and map of courses that offer accommodations.
  • “Pro Shop”: provides articles on clubs, balls, tournaments, etc.
  • “Library”: a directory of articles that are searchable by author, title, or topic.
  • “Real Estate”: access a search engine for “premier” properties in golf course communities; these are searchable by state, price, number of holes, etc. This page is also a great resource for scheduling tours of golf courses and offers “a quick look at the very latest from golf course communities and the real estate market.”
  • “Video”: premier videos of country clubs, courses, golf course community homes, etc.


  • LINKS All-Access Pass package — 2 years (8 issues) of LINKS Magazine and 2 years (16 issues) of HOTLINKS (online) for $12
  • Digital-Only package — 2 years (8 issues) of LINKS Magazine digital tablet edition and 2 years (16 issues) of HOTLINKS (online) for $10

Golf Magazine

Description: “The Sports Illustrated GOLF Group combines the power and scale of Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, and Golf.com in reaching nearly 12 million consumers. With best-in-class golf content via multiple media channels, we enrich consumers’ golf experiences by giving them award-winning news and photography, as well as the tips and tools they need to play better golf and enjoy the game more. Your game is our passion!”

Publisher: Time, Inc. (New York)

golf magazine

Image source: www.golf.com

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Leaderboard”: provides information on PGA, European, LPGA, and Champions tours and features a schedule of upcoming tours and events.
  • “Photos”: has albums such as “Jack Nicklaus: The 76 Greatest Photos,” “Tiger Woods’ Enemies List,” and “Great Moments in Anchored Putting History.”
  • “Videos”: includes titles like “Rory McIlroy Caps Season with Race to Dubai Title,” “Euros Throw Shade at USA’s Ryder Cup Announcement,” and “Cabot Links As You’ve Never Seen it Before.”
  • “News”: check leaderboards, schedules, stats, and newsletters and access the Tiger Tracker or the Rory Tracker.
  • “Equipment”: features recommend clubs and brands and allows you to shop online for new gear.
  • “Instruction”: find information on driving, your short game, handicaps, irons, and putting.
  • “Courses and Travel”: features lists of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 World” courses, a list of premier resorts, and their “Top 100 U.S.” and “Top 100 Public” courses.

Subscribe: 12 issues per year for $10 / 24 issues for two years for $18 / 36 issues for three years for $25 / each subscription also features a digital subscription

Golf Digest

Description: Golf Digest is the #1 most widely-read golf publication in the world, and the authority on how to play, what to play, and where to play. Golf Digest’s aim is to enhance the enjoyment of all facets of the game–making its readers better players, smarter consumers, and more discerning travellers, while also offering the kind of informative and provocative stories that fuel the unending conversation that is golf. Golf Digest’s mantra is ‘Think young, play hard,’ a philosophy that defines both our reader and editorial alike, and is what differentiates Golf Digest from the competition. It’s not just about swing speed–it’s a way of life.”

Publisher: Condé Nast (New York)

golf digest

Image source: www.golfdigest.com

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Equipment”: features yearly “Hot Lists” of the best clubs, balls, bags, shoes, and clubfitters. Additionally, there is a weekly “What’s In My Bag” article that features a different golf player each week and provides insight on their equipment choices. Their featured players have included Geoff Ogilvy, Matt Kuchar, Sergio Garcia, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Ernie Els, and Billy Horschel.
  • “Instruction”: provides helpful guidance on a variety of topics, including driving, putting, short game, and approach shot tips. Additionally, there are a series of articles for beginners and several how-to videos. Some of the most useful features on the “Instruction” page are the step-by-step slideshows of the swing sequences of a variety of different professionals; these players include Keegan Bradley, Charley Hoffman, Francesco Molinari, Rickie Fowler, and Phil Mickelson.
  • “Courses”: features a list of golf destinations and a directory of “America’s 100 Greatest” courses.
  • “My Handicap”: golfers are provided with a “free and easy tool that calculates your handicap based upon your scoring history.”

Subscribe: 12 issues per year (print) for $12 / 12 issues per year (print + tablet) for $17

Golf Tips

Description: Golf Tips Magazine is the foremost authority on golf instruction, equipment, and travel.”

Publisher: Madavor Media (Massachusetts)

golf tips

Image source: www.golftipsmag.com

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Instruction”: offers the opportunity to “master the most difficult shots and learn long drive secrets…our online golf lessons will help you transform your game.”
  • “Video”: features a playlist of 100 different videos, including “Clean Up Your Sand Shots,” “Hit A Fade Off the Tee,” and “Bunker Simplicity.”
  • “Equipment”: read articles about drivers, belts, gear, and balls.
  • “Golf Travel”: divides the United States into regions and provides a wealth of useful information on golf-related travel.
  • “Buyer’s Guides”: features a 2014 Golf Equipment Guide and 2013 Holiday Gift Guide; both include categories on drivers, woods, irons, shafts, wedges, putters, balls, grips, shoes, and accessories.

Subscribe: 5 issues per year for $14.97 / 10 issues for 2 years for $22 / each subscription also features a digital subscription

Great Golf Magazine

Description: “Full of in-depth features covering exotic golf vacations, luxury products, golf property, fabulous wines, and relaxing spa[s]…Great Golf Magazine is the top golf lifestyle guide and well-ahead of the game compared to any other publication. While other golf publications endlessly fill their pages with instruction, Great Golf Magazine puts the joy back into the game.”

Publisher: Unique Magazines (United Kingdom)

great golf

Image source: www.greatgolfmagazine.co.uk

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Articles”: includes features like “Nick Faldo Wines–A Truly Quaffable Collection” and “St. Andrews Property–Home Comforts.”
  • “Golf News”: highlights exciting news in the international golf world.
  • “Competitions”: information on golf-related sweepstakes and competitions.
  • “Golf Properties”: features listings of golf courses and golf course community properties around the world.
  • “Golf Holidays”: links directly to www.greatgolfholidays.net, a booking site for your next golfcation.
  • “Pro Shop”: features accessories, gifts, golf equipment, and both men’s and ladies’ fashion.

Subscribe: 4 issues per year for $24.96 / 8 issues for 2 years for $43.68


Description: “With insider reports, exclusive insights, and the most in-depth information on golf’s biggest stories and hottest headlines, Golfweek tackles the topics no one else does–all while delivering award-winning writing, expert commentary, and timely, comprehensive coverage of all things golf.”

Publisher: USA Today Sports (New York)

golf week 2

Image source: www.golfweek.com

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Newsstand”: includes holiday gift guides, profiles on golfers, college-themed gear for golfers, etc.
  • There are also pages for the PGA, Euro, and LPGA tours, along with leaderboards and scoreboards.
  • There is an equipment page, a college page, and a page with lists of high school, college, and amateur tournaments.
  • There are also pages for rankings, junior players, recruiting, and amateurs; additionally, there is a fantasy golf page and pages dedicated to golf events and photo/video.
  • Finally, there is a page devoted to golf courses and golf-related travel.


  • Print + digital package — 1 year for $44.95
  • Print only — 1 year for $34.95
  • Digital only — $34.95
  • Digital addition for current print-only subscribers — $10

Golf World

Description: “Golf World Magazine is the only title for anyone who takes the game seriously. Featuring exclusive instruction from the best players and coaches in the world, interviews with all the biggest names on tour, profiles of the best places in the world to play golf, definitive course rankings, and tests of the best equipment for you.”

Publisher: Bauer Media (Germany)

golf world

Image source: www.golf-world.co.uk

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter


  • Print edition only: $57.64
  • Digital edition only: $51.57
  • Print + digital: $65.22

Kingdom Magazine

Description: “Arnold Palmer’s Kingdom Magazine features the best editorial and photography from top contributors with all the latest golfing news, celebrity profiles, extensive travel features, and stories on all manner of fine pursuits. The magazine reflects and inspires the interests and lives of the members and guests of Arnold Palmer Design Company courses [and] aims to provide our readers with the best editorial, best design, best quality of print, and the best products and services available in the world.”

Publisher: TMC U.S.A. (New York)


Image source: http://kingdom.golf/

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Features”: has articles on famous golf courses, golf course guides, and a variety of other golf-related resources.
  • “Golf”: features articles like “Six Things Your Pro Hates About You,” “A New Century Strikes,” and “18 First Holes.”
  • “Courses”: features a large list of golf courses from places like Florida, Japan, Nevada, Texas, China, Pennsylvania, Italy, North Carolina, France, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and Connecticut.
  • “Majors”: provides news on each of the major tournaments (the Masters, the U.S. Open, The Open, and the PGA).
  • “Store”: provides a place to purchase a number of different TMC U.S.A. golf publications, including Women’s Golf Journal, Kingdom, and Arnold Palmer’s Guide to the Majors.

Subscribe: 8 issues for 2 years for $88 / individual magazines available for $20 each / Twenty-five percent of all subscription revenue is donated equally between the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. TMC U.S.A. also publishes Women’s Golf Journal, a magazine on all things golf, travel, food, drink, and fashion. Check them out online or @wgjmag on Twitter.

Today’s Golfer

Description: Today’s Golfer is the U.K.’s favorite golf magazine and exists to help you buy better, choose better, and play better golf.”

Publisher: Bauer Media (Germany)

todays golfer

Image source: www.todaysgolfer.co.uk

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Equipment”: provides information on accessories, bags, balls, clothing, clubs, and trolleys, along with insurance information.
  • “Courses & 2-FORE!-1”: explains how you can “play half-price golf at almost 1,000 U.K. courses [and] find an affordable golf course near you [that can be] play[ed] the same day.”
  • “Tips and Tuition”: features “hundreds of video tips and instruction videos [to] improve every aspect of your game–from driving to putting tips, [Today’s Golfer] can help you shave shots off your score…whether you’re a golfer with years of experience or a beginner learning how to play golf, our golf tip videos will help you be a better player.”
  • “News and Events”: includes equipment, general, and tour news.
  • “Golf Breaks”: provides a directory of golf courses and destinations around the world to consider when planning your next golfcation.
  • “Win”: information on different sweepstakes and opportunities to win various golf-related items.
  • “Fantasy Golf”: provides access to Today’s Golfer’s fantasy golf league.


  • Print: 13 issues per year for $48.03 (annual direct debit) or $57.04 (annual credit/debit)
  • Digital: 13 issues per year for $30.02 (six-month credit/debit) or $57.04 (annual credit/debit)
  • Print + digital: 13 issues per year for $96.06

Golf International Magazine

Description: Golf International Magazine [features golf] news and instruction” and is “essential reading from the best in the game [from] the U.K.’s leading premium quality golf magazine.”

Publisher: Sports Publications, Ltd. (United Kingdom)

golf international

Image source: www.golfinternationalmag.com

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Golf News”: features articles on the handicap system, courses around the U.K., new equipment, etc.
  • “Amateur”: loaded with articles on the U.K.’s most promising amateur golfers.
  • “Equipment and Apparel”: articles on clubs, shoes, bags, and many other tools of the trade.

Subscribe: 8 issues per year for $59.62

Women and Golf Magazine

Description: “Established in 1991, [this publication] combines all the core news, features, and tips you would expect from the leading women’s golf title. The magazine and its complementing website are informative, modern, and fun. From beginners through to experienced players, the aim is to help women golfers everywhere get the most out of the game they love.”

Publisher: Warners Group Publications (United Kingdom)

women and golf

Image source: www.womenandgolf.com

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “News”: includes industry, tour, amateur, and club news along with special features.
  • “Fashion”: features what’s new, wet weather gear, shoes, and reviews.
  • “Equipment”: reviews and guides for buying the right gear.
  • “Travel”: golf-related information on traveling around the U.K. and continental Europe.
  • “Lifestyle”: includes tips on getting fit for golf and boosting your game.
  • “Instruction”: learn how to improve your game via quick tips, faults and fixes, and advice for improving your mental game.

Subscribe: 6 issues per year by credit or debit card for $68.96

Golf Monthly

Description: Golf Monthly provides “golf tips and expert instruction, golf club reviews, and the latest golf equipment [along with] PGA tour news, [a] golf forum, and [information on] golf travel and holidays.”

Publisher: Time, Inc. (New York)

golf monthly

Image source: www.golf-monthly.co.uk

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Website Features:

  • “Fantasy”: provides access to Golf Monthly’s fantasy league.
  • “Gear”: features “key information [from] the latest drivers to reviews about technologically-advanced trolley [and] brings you the best coverage about golf’s new technology and equipment. [You can also] find information about various golf equipment from several major golfing brands, as well as reviews from Golf Monthly’s test team.”
  • “Tips”: “packed full of the best advice in the game. From driving it longer and straighter to developing a deft touch around the greens, [they] have every aspect of the game covered. [The “Tips” page] also [has] a library of video tips from the Golf Monthly top 25 coaches to bring you the best possible advice.”
  • “Videos”: gear, tip, tour, course, and event videos.
  • “Tour”: discusses “everything from the four Major Championships–the Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, and the PGA championships. [They] also keep up with the latest information on the Ryder Cup. Remember to check out [the] tour galleries for the best coverage from the world’s prestige golfing tournaments.”
  • “Rules”: Golf Monthly has “produced a series of golf rules videos to help clarify the tricky situations [any golfer will] face from time-to-time. From explaining your dropping options to ensuring you don’t break rules unwittingly, let this be your guide for all things rules-related.”
  • “Forum”: features almost 600 registered users and includes topics such as “Rules of Golf,” “For Sale-Wanted,” “Arrange a Game,” and “Ask the Experts.”
  • “Courses”: lists of “Golf Monthly’s top 100 courses [that helps you] stay up-to-date with everything there is to know about the U.K. and Ireland’s best courses. The overseas page looks at [their] selection of the best international golf courses and what they all have to offer.”
  • “Win”: enter a series of contests to win free golf accessories.


  • Print: 13 issues per year for $90 / 26 issues for 2 years for $180
  • Digital: 13 issues per year for $100


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