10 Best Golf Gadgets Available Now

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10 Best Golf Gadgets Available Now

If you’re looking for gadgets to improve your golf game, this list has some of the best products available now. Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one, there is something on this list for every golfer.

Golf Pad Golf Tags

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Screw these little devices onto the end of your clubs and download the Golf Pad App to see them work. They use Near Field Communication to record putting, club choice and the distance and dispersion of your shot. The sensors also document location, temperature and humidity. The app will then analyze your statistics and provide you with information on distance trends and course strategy to help you improve your game. It works with most smartphones and smartwatches. You can buy a package of 15 tags for $99 at the Golf Pad website or on Amazon.

 Golf Sense

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The Golf Sense device is similar to the Golf Tags but clips on to your glove instead of your club. It is necessary to download the Golf Sense App that is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. This gadget analyzes your swing in real time and offers a side by side comparison of your latest swing with previous swings. You can then analyze your swing and even share it on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Buy it for $129 on the Golf Sense website or on Amazon.com.

 PIQ with Mobitee Golf Accessory

This is another glove sensor but the technology used in this gadget is more advanced. It offers 3D images of your swing, comes in a package of 18 and can be used simultaneously with NFC golf screws to analyze your whole game. The Mobitee App also has a lot of cool features including a virtual coach that offers advice on the right clubs to use and aerial views of courses. The app also turns your camera into a range finder. All of these features do raise the price and this product sells for $265 on the PIQ website. Although it is more expensive than the other sensors, the additional technology makes it worth it.


 Nike TW’15

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Having the right shoes when you are on the green is one of the best things you can do to enhance your game. Some of the benefits of the Nike Tiger Woods ’15 Men’s Golf Shoe are the waterproof, Flyweave upper and the Dynamic Fit technology. The Dynamic Fit combined with the Flywire technology creates an extremely lightweight, stable feel and is sure to improve your performance. The outsole designed by Nike Free offers a natural flexibility that allows you to put more power behind your swing. These shoes are available for purchase for $200.

 OptoSmart Laser Putting Trainer LPT

This devices uses laser beams as a guideline to help you perfectly position your putter. You can place this gadget on either the shaft or the grip of the club. However, it must be mounted on the center of the putter. The package includes the laser module with three LR44 button batteries included, as well as three additional LR44 batteries and reusable mounting tabs. The product is lightweight enough that it will not affect the putter’s swing. This product can be purchased on the OptoSmart website for only $39.95.

Garmin Approach S6

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This GPS golf watch is a useful tool both on and off the green. Some of the swing metric features include SwingTempo, TempoTraining and SwingStrength. The SwingTempo tool measures backswing and downswing and compares it to the optimal swing ration of 3:1. SwingStrength measures the strength of each swing which can be helpful when practicing consistency. It is also touchscreen, glove-friendly and contains a CourseView feature which gives you a map and details for 40,000 courses even if you’ve never played on them. Additionally, this watch can customize distances and keep track of scores and handicaps. You can even wear this watch daily because it is slim and light and also functions as a smartphone watch with email and text alerts. You can purchase this watch for $349.99 on the Garmin website or 299.99 on Amazon.

Twilight Tracer Light Up Golf Ball

This product allows you to play after the sun sets because you don’t have to worry about losing your ball in the dark. The ball contains two LED lights that flash at 7.2 flashes per second. It is still a regulation ball so the circuitry inside will not affect your game. You’ll have plenty of time to find the ball because it stays lit several minutes after you swing at it due to the motion activated technology. You can buy one pack for $13.95, a three pack for $27.95 or a nine pack for $69.95.

TaylorMade R1 Driver

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The TaylorMade R1 Driver is one of the top ranked drivers on the market today. You can independently adjust the loft, face angle and shape of the club. It comes with 10 and 2 gram weight plugs and you can set the face to 4 degrees open or 4 degrees closed. It comes preset at 10 degrees but you have the option to adjust that angle to fit your needs. The ability to independently adjust these features lets you find the perfect setting to improve your game. Although the TaylorMade R1 Driver is one of the more expensive items on this list at $399, it is worth the price.

SkyKap Advisor Golf Caps and Visors

This hat comes with a voice-activated microphone and a GPS with a detailed course map. Just speak into the microphone and ask a question related to the course and the automated voice will provide you with the information. You can also use a USB cable to download course maps onto your computer. Availability and price varies for this product so check the OpticsPlanet website regularly for more information.


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The SwingTIP, another sensor that analyzes your swing and movement, can be clipped on to any club. The sensor automatically monitors your swing and records the information in the downloadable app that is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. This product costs $130.


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